9 Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Hop in on some insane secrets!

Ever found yourself using your favorite perfume only to see the fragrance fading away in just a few hours? Or do you finish perfumes far too quickly than to your liking? Unlike advertisements, you don’t need to spray perfume everywhere to last a day.

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It’s actually all about knowing how to apply, where to apply, the types of perfumes, the quality of your perfume, and where to store them that makes all the difference.

So, scroll below to find some insane tips on how to make your perfume last longer.

1. Spray your hairbrush to make your perfume last longer

This one is a little on the ‘cray cray’ side, but it really works. The trick is to spray your perfume lightly on your hairbrush and gently comb your hair.

Don’t, and we repeat, don’t apply the perfume directly on your hair. It will dry out your hair. However, by using perfume on your hairbrush and thereby on your hair, you will smell amazing all day long. 

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You don’t need to, or instead, you should not rub your wrists together after spraying perfume. That simply doesn’t work.

In fact, the friction caused by rubbing will cause the top notes of your perfume to fade faster! That’s one of the reasons why the fragrance might not last long. 

3. Check out the concentration of your perfume

This is so important; there is a difference between mists, deodorants, Eau de toilettes, and Eau de parfum. The concentration of alcohol in your perfume is different in each of these types of perfume.

The concentration will determine how long the scent will last. Alcohol will diffuse the scent faster. Always ask the salesperson the % of alcohol in the perfume before purchasing. 

4. Apply perfume post your shower

women applying perfume post shower
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You might have heard of this before. Just like how experts recommend doing a skincare routine post-shower, similarly, apply your perfume post-shower.

The moisture will help the scent to hold on to and increase its staying power. This will make your perfume last all day long.

5. Apply perfume after using an unscented body oil or moisturizer

If your skincare routine includes applying body oil or moisturizer, then get an unscented one. If one of those is heavily fragranced, it will clash with the scent of your perfume. It has, in fact, been noted that moisturized skin holds on to the scent better. 

6. Apply perfume to the pulse points

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This one is an age-old trick. If you apply your perfume to pulse points like the insides of the elbow, nape, wrists, and back of the knees, it will last all day long.

This is because the fragrance will react to your body smell and fluctuating body temperature and, in turn, will emit your scent. 

7. Layer matching/similar smelling products 

Ever you ever gone to a store and found a perfume gift set? Usually, it includes a shower gel, body lotion, and perfume. There’s a reason for that.

If you apply the same smelling products and layer them, it will invariably make your scent last longer. 

8. Store it properly 

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This one is an underrated tip. Like skincare products and medicines, perfumes get affected when exposed to extreme heat, cold, and light.

So, ideally, don’t keep your perfumes in bathrooms. Instead, the best place would be your closet, where it’s dark and dry. 

9. Spray perfume on your clothes 

One of our senior writers swears by this tip. She actually just lightly sprays the perfume on her clothes. The fibers hold on to the scents for a really long time, even in summer, and usually last for the day.

She says, “ I tried this trick when I was in grad school, and it just works. I found that perfumes lasted much longer if I am wearing clothes that are made from natural fibers.” 

So, apply these tips and let us know the difference! And just in case you were looking for new perfumes, make sure to check out – 11 Eco-Friendly Perfumes For The Ultimate Fragrance

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