Why Should Ralph Lauren’s Polo Earth Perfume Be Your Next Scent Pick?

Indulge in the goodness of POLO.

Discovering a signature perfume takes a lot of trial and error, just like finding that perfect scent that goes well with your personality. But thankfully, with brands like Ralph Lauren entering the sustainable market, we know it’s time for some eco-conscious luxury. So, if you’ve trusted this well-known luxurious brand for its clothing, it’s time to trust them for their best vegan perfume as well!

Introducing the best vegan perfume;

The Ralph Lauren Polo Earth Perfume

Polo Earth, the best vegan perfume
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo’s super-fresh fragrance is 97% natural and free of parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives, phthalates, and colorants. You’d go gaga over this fragrance; find out how and why!

The best vegan perfume made by 7-sustainable ingredients

This Ralph Lauren perfume is not only the best vegan perfume ever as it is unisex but also because it is composed of seven sustainably-sourced fragrances like;

Green Mandarin

Diva Lavender

Bergamot Heart

Sage Heart,

Turkish Rose

Haitian Vetiver

Bourbon Geranium

About Earth Polo Eau de Toilette

Welcome to the world of perfume with a purpose!

The sparkling citrus of Bergamot Heart and the vibrancy of Green Mandarin are balanced by the herbal richness of Sage Heart and the freshness of Diva Lavender in Polo Earth. The result is a light, yet luxurious scent that is refreshing and easy to wear, sure to turn heads, er, noses.

Polo Earth, designed exclusively by Elise Bénat, is a modern, aromatic blend of notes that includes:

  • The top notes are bergamot Heart and Green Mandarin from Italy and Diva Lavender from France.
  • Rose from Turkey and Sage Heart from France are the mid notes.
  • With Haitian Vetiver, Madagascar Bourbon Geranium as the base notes.

Why do we recommend this natural perfume?

The best vegan perfume

Polo Earth au De Toilette is a consciously designed fragrance for the conscious ‘you’, gracefully combining sheer luxury, nature, and sustainability. We love the fragrance’s innovative packaging as it’s made of 20% post-consumer recycled glass and is 30% lighter than Ralph Lauren Fragrance’s conventional bottle.

The Earth Polo sustainable perfume comes in a refillable bottle with an FSC-certified wood cap and labels to reduce environmental impact. So you don’t have to feel guilty about using perfumes that are bad for you and the environment! Ralph Lauren, one of the best vegan perfume brands on the market today, reduces plastic packaging by eliminating cellophane-wrapped cartons!

About Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Ralph Lauren expanded his lifestyle brand to include fragrances in 1978, launching Lauren for women and Polo for men. Ralph Lauren Fragrances are the best-selling fragrances with a distinct personality and luxuriousness, following the brand’s tradition for over 40 years. Today, the brand’s fragrance portfolio includes Ralph Lauren Collection Fragrances, Woman by Ralph Lauren, Polo Earth, and many more!

Polo Earth marks an important milestone in our ongoing journey towards becoming more sustainable. To reach this level of sustainability in a fragrance, we had to push the boundaries by challenging our partners, our vendors, and most importantly, ourselves. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and it’s just the beginning,” states Alexandre Choueiri, Global President of Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

How is Ralph Lauren Fragrances supporting the environment?

The brand’s sustainable perfumes are invented to support global reforestation, emphasizing the United States, Haiti, China, and Madagascar. This is made possible by collaborating with the Arbor Day Foundation. It is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations dedicated to restoring global balance. This includes forests on a large scale, improving communities, and encouraging individual tree-planting efforts. For every Polo Earth perfume sold and refill purchased in the US, the Arbor Day Foundation plants one tree.

“The work we’re doing in partnership with Ralph Lauren Fragrances will have lasting positive impact on these forests and the communities around them,” said Arbor Day Foundation CEO, Dan Lambe.

What to know before adding Polo Earth Perfume to your collection?

Polo Earth, the best vegan perfume at Sephora

Polo Earth offers 10ml [$30], 40ml [$68], 100ml [$106], and 200ml [$152] sizes. This refillable sustainable perfume is available at select retailers such as Sephora, so get ready to smell the best with the most beautiful you’ve ever felt! The Polo Earth Collection also includes two more 97% natural body care products; a hand and body lotion and a hand and body wash. A Polo Earth scented candle made with Fair for LifeTM certified shea butter will be available to complement the collection.

What makes Polo Earth the one?

Ralph Lauren - Polo Earth best vegan perfume

  • Features 7 sustainable ingredients
  • Created with plant-based alcohol
  • Formulated with no animal-derived ingredients
  • FSC-Certified wood cap, carton, and label
  • 97% natural origin

We aren’t getting enough of this best vegan perfume anytime soon, so perhaps it’s time for you to indulge in this divine scent too!

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