Let’s Clean Up The Wardrobe: Fabrics That Are Bad For You & The Planet

Closet cleanout just got easier!

Imagine opening your closet and only seeing the clothes and accessories you need. These pieces are kept neatly and tidily, making you fall even more in love with them. Now imagine having a closet full of unethically made clothing that you don’t even use. However, as exhausting as it may seem, closet cleanout can be therapeutic, especially when harmful fibers (for the planet and you) are replaced with the sustainable alternatives listed below. Along with some great tips for cleaning out your wardrobe stylishly!

But first, let’s look at why now is the right time to switch from fast to fair-trade fashion. And above all, why wardrobe cleaning is essential to make you feel good about the planet and you.

Why Is Fast Fashion Bad For You & The Planet?

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Every year, the fashion industry consumes 93 billion cubic meters of water, which is enough to meet the needs of five million people. This results in a massive carbon impact. And some high-street stores rotate new clothing several times every week. It is part of the cheap, throwaway lifestyle known as ‘fast fashion.’ And it has a dark side, or perhaps darker!

Let’s start your closet cleanout by replacing four conventional fabrics with some eco-friendly alternatives.

Fabrics To Avoid For An Eco-Friendly Wardrobe:

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While every cloth has pluses and minuses, these four fabrics are harmful to both you and the environment.

1. Polyester

Polyester has managed to find its way into the fashion world. This hazardous fabric is a plastic-like material created from coal, oil, and water widely utilized! It is not breathable since its unnatural ingredients are not designed for continuous human contact. It also releases a significant quantity of trash into the environment, similar to plastic, which is non-biodegradable.

2. Conventional cotton

Stunned to discover that something including the word “cotton” is damaging to you and the environment? Cotton has “earned” the title of being the dirtiest crop on the planet. 2,700 liters of water. Yes, one cotton t-shirt uses this much water. Did you feel your heart sink a little? It ought to. Isn’t it time to switch to organic cotton?

3. Nylon

Nylon production and processing are energy-intensive, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming. In addition, no type of nylon is biodegradable, causing it to sit in a landfill for hundreds of years, which is reason enough to do your closet cleanout today!

4. Rayon

Rayon, commonly known as viscose, is a wood pulp-based semi-synthetic material. Toxic compounds emitted by the dangerous fabric might cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, chest and muscle pain, and insomnia. Furthermore, its manufacture highly pollutes the environment.

Choose sustainable fibers for an eco-friendly wardrobe

Whether you’re a clothes maker or a fashion lover concerned about its environmental impact, adopting sustainable fabrics is one of the first steps toward making our closet an eco-friendly wardrobe!

1. Recycled Cotton

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Nothing beats organic cotton’s claim to sustainability. It contributes to the fight against global warming by producing 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the best tips for cleaning out your wardrobe is shopping from sustainable brands like;

Here are a few more brands to explore if your wardrobe cleaning has inspired you to only shop for sustainable fashion labels. And men, here you go!

2. Organic Hemp

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Hemp, which has been used as a fabric for hundreds of years, is the future fabric for an eco-friendly wardrobe. It requires little water, no pesticides, and naturally fertilizes the soil it grows in. And, with hemp-based sustainable brands taking over the market, now is the perfect time to add it to your wardrobe.

If you’re seeking some wardrobe cleaning tips, we’re sure that these brands’ sustainable hemp apparel will help you.

3. Organic Linen

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Organic linen, like hemp, is derived from a versatile crop: the flax plant. It grows on low-quality soil and requires little water and pesticides. Moreover, every component of the plant is utilized, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

On your next closet cleanout, let’s introduce these brands with organic linen;

4. Piñatex

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Talk about closet cleanout and enters Pinatex. It is the material to look for vegan leather alternatives. Ananas Anam produces this futuristic material out of pineapple leaf fibers. It’s not only a cruelty-free alternative to leather, but it’s also natural and long-lasting.

Look for these brands that feature unique fashion accessories made from Pinatex for an eco-friendly wardrobe cleansing.

5. Tencel

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TENCEL® is a light cellulose fabric made from the dissolving of wood pulp. It is said to be 50% more absorbent than cotton and produced with 50% less energy and water. In addition, the chemicals are controlled in a closed-loop system. So, it’s time to do some closet purging by adding Tencel clothing!

For an eco-friendly wardrobe, these brands will help you with some wardrobe cleaning tips below.

A complete closet cleanout guide with seven wardrobe cleaning tips

We recognize that wardrobe cleaning can be unexpectedly emotional; you may have stuff you know you don’t need or want but feel obligated to keep because of its history. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of seven tried-and-true closet cleaning tips you’d love!

1. Prepare yourself mentally for a closet cleanout

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If you’re already here looking for some tips for cleaning out your wardrobe, you’re already up in the game of wardrobe cleaning. Since a closet cleanout might seem overwhelming, make a plan before you begin. Pick a day off (or take one), turn on some music, and dive in!

2. Take everything out into one giant pile!

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Don’t hate us. However, if you’re serious about a closet cleanout, it’s worth the effort to pull everything out and remove any hanging pieces from their hangers. At first, this may seem to be a waste of time, but it ensures that you get exactly what you want at the end of the wardrobe cleaning process. In addition, if you come across items that you don’t truly need, the fifth tip for cleaning out your wardrobe will come in handy.

3. Give your closet a good scrub

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To turn that space into an eco-friendly wardrobe, you may need to clean its inside as it would have grown tired of holding those unethical pieces and fabrics. So, vacuum, scrape and clean every nook and cranny you can find! Then, allow some air to circulate while arranging your clothes and accessories for a thorough wardrobe cleaning.

4. Ask yourself: “Does this bring me joy?”

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It may sound silly, but give it a shot. This is the most vital step before moving on to the following tips for cleaning out your wardrobe! Pick up that shirt you’ve been keeping because you wore it on your first day of college or your first date. “Does it spark joy?” ask yourself. If not, you can give it away. Don’t feel bad about hanging on to items that no longer serve a function or provide you joy.

5. Divide your clothing into three groups

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It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of closet cleanouts and turn your closet into an eco-friendly wardrobe. Begin by dividing them into three:

  • I need and intend to wear these clothes.
  • Unfortunately, I don’t need these, and they’re in fine condition, so I’m giving them away.
  • These go to the toss piles.

6. Now, donate or sell your clothes

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If you consider this alternative, all you have to do is let go of the past (like those toxic relationships)and give them away. There are over a hundred options to sell your used clothes, from thrift stores to online consignment shops. Find a strategy that works for you and put together a bag of clothes to sell. Many thrift shops can also assist you by helping you feel better about yourself.

What’s a closet cleanout without a mention of thrift stores? So here are some wardrobe cleaning shops where you can sell your used clothes and items.

7. Kudos, now is the time to organize!

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Congrats! You’ve reached the final tip for cleaning out your wardrobe and are one step closer to having the closet of your dreams. First, put all of your donated clothing into a bag. Then, to make your wardrobe look more organized and tidy, you can look for closet organizers that will divide your stuff according to your preferences!

Remember, it’s crucial to organize so that you’ll already be a pro the next time you require wardrobe cleaning tips!

In a nutshell, the best wardrobe cleaning tips are decided by you and your closet cleaning style. Above all, now is the time to swap unethical fabrics with eco-friendly ones. Also, out of the tips mentioned above for cleaning out your wardrobe, tell us which one was the most enjoyable and doable!

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