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Hello Earthlings 🌱

We all love to shop right? Shopping feels good. It feels like we’ve got things in control, makes us feel closer to our dreams, and well, definitely helps get through a pandemic. But with the goodness of online shopping, also comes a tinge of ‘guilt’, a creepy friend that stares at us when we look at our credit card statements or irresponsibly packaged products. 

In 2020, when the world stopped and went indoors, online shopping saw spikes like never before. It is during this time, that a bunch of us, realized that we couldn’t stop shopping but we definitely wanted to shop more sustainably. 

When we turned outwards, the Internet told us that the inherent guilt and a call to save the planet whilst browsing and scrolling endlessly before making a purchase was true for a LOT of people. 

On our quest for sustainability, we realized that the concept was overwhelming to consumers. We have so much to learn, understand and get right. We realized, that there is a lot of noise and a lot less conversation about what sustainability really means. 

We saw a problem that needed to be solved, hence our conscious attempt with GoodGuilt. With GG we aim to turn consumerism into a conscious, aware, and well-informed act. GoodGuilt is the ‘good’ child of a team of 7 people, who bring to you their personal learnings, recommendations and finds from the sustainable world. 

GG is a lush green meadow amidst the Internet for conscious consumers to bask in. Through compassionately curated content, we aim to change the world by discovering brands & products that are helping us save the planet, one conscious footprint at a time. 

Yours Consciously, 

Team GoodGuit 🌱

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