The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Organic Shampoo For Men

Choose the right organic products for your haircare routine.

A healthy hair care routine is one of your top defenses against receding hairlines, thinning hair, male pattern baldness, dandruff, and other undesirable hair conditions. The core of any great hair care routine is the use of a shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo actively removes dirt, debris, and unwanted smell from the hair and scalp. In addition, as the scalp creates oil from the sebaceous glands, shampooing helps to ensure oil production is not too heavy; but it is simultaneously not entirely stripped from the scalp. For this, we recommend a good organic shampoo for you!

Why Organic Shampoo Is Better

Why Choose The Best Organic Shampoo For Men
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The chemical composition of shampoo creates a thick lather when emulsified; but it could also damage the hair and scalp while cleaning it. Most shampoos contain surfactants called SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and its derivatives. SLS has been linked to skin irritation, scalp concerns, hair loss, and the production of nitrate compounds that are known to cause cancer. However, SLS does not come advertised in ingredients lists as SLS. Instead, the compound is listed under other names, including diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), and monoethanolamine (MEA). 

There are many similar compounds to SLS, including Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate. These are made by removing Lauric acid from coconut oil and treating the same with sulfuric acid. Other SLS derivatives include the synthetic production of Lauric acid creating Lauramide MEA, Cocamide DEA, and Cocamide MEA made using Lauric acid and ammonia. 

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SLS is added to shampoos to lower the surface tension within the water. This allows the product to spread through the hair easily and wash out. Consumers believe a rich lather works better than a shampoo that does not lather. And hence SLS becomes an added ingredient. However, prolonged exposure to SLS could cause eye damage, breathing issues, skin irritation, and in extreme cases, death. 

The organic shampoo helps avoid these concerns with a heavily natural ingredient list that includes essential oils, minerals, and herbal extracts to nourish hair follicles and encourage hydration. The lack of harmful chemicals promotes healthy hair growth and helps revitalize damaged hair. In addition, natural organic shampoos are made for sensitive skin; so they can be used with a wide variety of hair textures and types. 

How To Pick Your Organic Shampoo?

How to pick the best organic shampoo for men
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  • Decide whether a brand is really natural or organic. There are minimal regulations by the FDA for the use of the term “natural.” The same can be said for ‘organic’. Companies often use these words as buzz terms to generate interest. Instead, you must read through ingredient lists and look out for complicated chemical compounds.
  • Look for moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil and aloe vera that moisturize the hair follicles and help stimulate hair growth. The objective is to find a formula that not only cleanses but also hydrates.
Organic Shampoo For Men
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  • Look for ingredients that help bring out the hair’s natural luster, including organic shea butter, beta glucan, and tea tree oil. These ingredients work to enhance shine, hair color, soothe irritation, and help balance the scalp. 
  • Check ingredient lists for red flags including alcohol, SLS, Myreth Sulfate, Olefin Sulfonate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. These ingredients tend to extract moisture from the hair leaving it dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. 

Top Choice Of Organic Shampoos For Men

Here are 6 organic shampoos for men for strong hair and a healthy scalp.

1. Dr. Squatch Natural Men’s Shampoo

One of the best organic shampoos for men comes from Dr. Squatch. The formula smells like an ocean breeze while offering a healthy mix of Comfrey leaf and Nettle to keep the hair healthy. The addition of tea tree extract keeps the scalp nourished while providing hydration.

The natural formula contains no harsh chemicals, sulfates, or parabens and should be used two to three times a week. The product is ideal for all hair types. With consistent use, it leaves the hair thicker and fuller overall.

2. Rugged and Dapper Dual Purpose Power Body Wash + Shampoo for Men

We love organic multipurpose products. The Rugged and Dapper Dual Purpose Power Wash is perfect for the man on the go. The shampoo contains several natural and organic plant-based oils that help restore vitamins and minerals to the scalp.

The product offers a masculine scent that is not overwhelming, along with tea tree oil for its disinfectant and antifungal properties. The organic shampoo sits at an economical price tag of under $20 for 16oz of the product.

3. Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo 

This product works wonderfully for men looking to introduce a thick, shiny, and full crown of hair into their lives. The formula is made with a refreshing blend of mint, tea tree, citrus, and melaleuca oil. Tea tree makes consistent appearances in organic formulas for its antifungal properties. The smell may be more potent than what most men are comfortable with. But the results of consistent use make the odor bearable. 

This higher-end hair care product often receives flak for its strong lime citrus smell; although it has received glowing reviews encouraging lush hair growth. However, keep in mind this shampoo will not help fix bald spots; that task is best left to a dermatologist. 

4. Byrd Purifying Shampoo

A gentler formula than the ones listed above, this natural organic shampoo contains vegetable glycerin and aloe vera. These two ingredients are widely known for their restorative properties for both hair and skin, allowing for deep hydration and silky smooth hair. 

The formula also contains sea salt, red algae, and kelp. The minerals in these ingredients help boost hair volume without the stress of unwanted adverse effects from chemical formulas or allergic reactions. In addition, the gentle coconut smell moves away from the generic fresh scent accompanying men’s shampoos. Perfect for a bit of pampering! 

5. Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Argan Oil is a staple ingredient in many high-end and potent hair care products such as the Moroccan Oil range. What makes Art Naturals different is the product is 100% natural. While most co-washes come in the same bottle, the Arts Naturals formula comes in two separate bottles – one for shampoo and one for conditioner. 

The hardworking product is perfect for thinning hair and helps restore the mane back to its former glory. This product is ideal for all hair types. 

6. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is known for stimulating keratin production in the hair that increases the rate of follicle growth. For individuals suffering from intensive hair loss and looking for the best organic shampoo for men, this 100% natural and vegan formula is most likely for you.

The shampoo includes natural ingredients such as aloe barbadensis, raspberry extract, tomato extract, eucalyptus, and a horde of organic ingredients that add vitamins and minerals back to the hair. They can lead to thicker and healthier hair growth with consistent use.

While the availability of these products is based on your area of residence, look to natural handcrafted cosmetics brand Lush for some interesting organic shampoo bar options. The shampoo bars are easy to carry, jam-packed with nourishing ingredients, and use a minimal waste philosophy. In addition, the fun scents and colors are unisex and add a little magic to an otherwise dull shower routine.

It is imperative to use shampoo in any formulation, followed by a rejuvenating and hydrating conditioner. Do your research before investing in any hair care product, organic or not. This helps minimize adverse effects and unnecessary spending that might degrade hair quality instead of improving it. 

If you are looking for amazing products for women, don’t miss out on these organic hair care products to pamper yourself!

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