10 Sustainable Underwears For A Better Period

Your period calls for everything good and comfy.

Butt (pun intended) naturally, a period calls for everything good, comfy, and whatever can help us get through our time of the month!

While we’ve already done our part by being haunted by the horrors of fast fashion, it’s about time to give our butts and vaginas what they deserve – sustainable underwear! Our panties’ day starts with us, and as comfortable and effortlessly sexy as it should be (for all the right reasons), it should also be ethical and sustainable.

Why Choose Sustainable Period Panties?

Tampons and pads are not recyclable since they absorb bodily fluids and can be a little too dangerous for the environment. But period underwear has an absorbent patch to gather menstrual fluid and fits just like regular underwear. In fact, some may contain up to three times the amount of fluid as tampons!

And, when you consider the impact of conventional period products on the environment and yourself – it’s difficult to justify not switching. With some of the options listed below, you can switch to a zero-waste, natural way of managing your period.

Sustainable Underwear Brands For Your Butts

Here are the most well-reviewed and ethical brands of period panties to keep you feeling safe, secure, and sustainable. We’ve covered everything from mid-rise to high-rise, sustainable period underwear brands to everyday comfort wear. Check them out now!


Cora’s sustainable underwear is the only reason you might look forward to your next period. This brand of menstrual underwear will provide you peace of mind during your time of the month. They use certified cotton that is free of azo dyes and toxic chemicals. Why Cora, you ask? Because it’s available at nationwide retailers, including Target and Cora also donates period products to girls’ education causes all across the globe; you can rest assured that your next purchase will do good for both your period and the planet.

This period underwear is the ideal backup for your tampon or cup. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

2. Organic Basics

Organic Basics is a great eco-friendly underwear brand that also offers a wide range of other basics, such as t-shirts and socks. This ethical underwear brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and Tencel for its sustainable underwear and works with accredited factories to ensure responsible production. 

These dusty rose period panties have a ribbed texture and are ultra high-rise briefs made of 100% organic cotton. It is PETA’ Vegan Approved,’ and made ethically in the US.

3. June

These ethical period panties are definitely everything you’ve been looking for, on your next happy period, as it’s made from non-toxic and natural materials. When paired with your June Cup, these beige-colored, incredibly soft mid-rise, ethical undies absorb a light-medium flow and offer backup on heavy flow days. 

There are no azo dyes or PFAs used in this underwear. This menstrual underwear company generously donates menstruation cups to indigenous communities and homeless shelters.

4. Modibodi

A portion of every purchase from Modibodi goes toward donating period underwear to girls in need, all across the world. These period panties are made from bamboo and merino wool and come in compostable packaging. 

This ethical menstrual underwear has got your back (and front) with its iconic Classic Bikini range for moderate to heavy period absorbency. For everyday comfort and leak-proof protection, this is the ideal choice. So it’s time to bid farewell to your toxic, inorganic period undies!

5. Made Trade

Didn’t you just expect Made Trade to be on this list of sustainable underwear brands? Their underwear line includes some of the greatest eco underwear from top sustainable brands, ensuring a pleasant period for you.

These excellent mid-rise ethical undies have soft elastic all around for added comfort, going back to the 1990s with a modern twist. The Billie Bikini is a classic in every sense, with perfect full bum coverage and a natural high cut around the hips for the best fit. Bamboo rayon and 5% elastane are used to make them.

6. Boody

Boody’s full briefs are made from bamboo viscose, which is as great for the environment as it is for your skin. Finding ethical period underwear has never been easier, thanks to these full briefs for the comfy period. Boody is the ultimate sustainable underwear brand, with a wide variety of comfortable and eco-friendly lingerie to choose from.

Though we aren’t huge fans of bamboo, this period underwear brand and its fabric are actually quite nice and super comfy. (Yes, we tried and tested them out for you!)

7. Knickey

This fan-favorite hip-hugging cut has a comfortable rise with a hint of cheek in the back. The fit is easy for everyday comfort, and oh, for your periods too, as there is no elastic on the leg. Knickey is a green underwear company that uses certified organic cotton undies that are free of toxic chemicals, allowing you and your vagina to breathe freely. This ethical underwear brand has our heart, with over 7 color selections and 750+ positive customer reviews!

8. Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear’s antibacterial, durable, breathable, and ecological underwear comes with free US shipping and returns. It’s designed to make you feel secure and supported in all the right areas, with more cheek coverage than your bikini, but still cheeky enough to make you feel sexy. Why Hemp, you might wonder? Hemp cloth has antibacterial and anti-odor qualities. It’s super soft and comfortable and becomes even softer with each wash. It is also organic, eco-friendly, and can help the environment. Hemp is the ideal fabric for your next organic underwear! (D’uh!)

9. Pansy

If Pansy is anything, it is gorgeous, from their ethical lingerie to their website! 

Pansy is a brand of organic cotton undies made ethically in California. They are committed to responsible production and local sourcing. Pansy’s line contains both high and low-rise underwear, as well as a plethora of other lingerie that you should be checking out right now! This very soft, 100% organic underwear is mid-rise on the body, with complete butt-covering, and, yes, it’s compostable too!

10. Patagonia

This low-rise hipster underwear is made of lightweight bioSoft fabric, for additional breathability and comfort. Being Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, this sustainable underwear brand also offers performance underwear for your active lifestyle. So grab these breathable ethical underpants from Patagonia for long-term pleasantness during your time of the month.

When we say we want nothing but the best for you, we literally mean it. Say goodbye to worries when on your periods, and hey, to the best sustainable panties ever!

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