10 Ways To Practice Self Care, Sustainably

Caring for yourself, and the environment, should go hand in hand!

The last few years have been hard, especially for those who lost their near and dear ones. We learned to lose, let go, and amidst all the chaos, we are still learning our way to self-love and finding balance. Most of us are trying hard to take care of ourselves and live consciously. But, caring for the environment and yourself can go hand-in-hand.

That’s why we are here with ten ways to start your journey to self-care, sustainably. We have lovingly curated ways and products that will soothe you and help you feel better, right from the start of this new year.

1. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep can work wonders on your health. If you’re having trouble sleeping early or maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, then try an unwind routine before you go to bed with Loftie’s alarm clock. Prepare yourself for a good eight-hour sleep by drinking some chamomile tea or treating yourself with sleeping sets that will help you rest your way to wellbeing. A warm, eco-friendly sleep mask or a pair of soft socks can help, as well. Try these organic sateen eye masksEllis bamboo cabin socks, and eye masks.

2. Pamper Yourself

Including self-care habits in your routine isn’t enough. Self-care is also about taking time out of your busy schedule and pampering yourself. Spoil yourself with a gentle skincare routine or draw a refreshing bath to have a detox-kinda day. You can start with Ethique’s eco-friendly solid bath melts, and The Detox Box by Detox Market, along with the refreshing, aromatic blend of Malin and Goetz’s bergamot candle.

3. Practice Mindfulness With Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness. Pause whatever you are doing, close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus on a single point, repeat a single word or mantra. Here is the good thing about meditation: “it can be practiced anywhere and without any equipment.” You can also take mindful breaks with apps like Calm and Headspace.

4. Practice Yoga

There is a secret to living healthy, longer, relaxing, and focusing – Yoga. Including yoga in your daily routine (or at least 4 times a week) can benefit your body and mind. We love starting our mornings on a mindful note with Adriene’s 30-day yoga journey. All you need is some consistency and this eco-friendly yoga mat (or a hand-me-down yoga mat) by EKO. It is biodegradable and made from sustainably harvested rubber trees.

5. Grab A Cup Of Happiness

What can be more rejuvenating for your mind and refreshing for your body, than a hot cup of coffee or tea? Unfortunately, it is possible to miss out on the enjoyment of sipping a hot drink while grabbing a cuppa, and returning to your desk to carry on with your work. Slow down and take time to enjoy your warm drink. Give your mind a little bit of time while sipping your hot beverage before getting back to work again. We lovingly recommend Peet’s coffee espresso or the Numi organic tea, as your hot beverage options.

6. Start Journaling

Whatever’s been bugging you, it’s time to write it down in your journal and let it go. Journaling is the best way to diffuse your negative thoughts, reflect, or keep track of your daily chores or emotions. You can create a safe space without any limitations or judgment. All you need is paper and a pen. If you’re a newbie to the journalling world, we suggest you pick up an unused notebook or explore journals like Cheersville eco-friendly journal and pen set to start on a sustainable note.

7. Take A Walk In Nature

According to Better Health, “Walking for 30 minutes a day or more on most days of the week is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health.” A nature walk is a combo of adventure and exercise. A nature visit a week can keep your body and mind happy and wealthy. Go out, jog through the greenery, meet cute little animals, and embrace the beauty of nature around you. Make your nature sesh more sustainable with vegan shoes. We recommend Brooks’s Addiction walker suede shoes for women, and men can try Addiction Walker 2.

8. S

If you’re reading this, here’s a gentle reminder: Drink some water! Hydration is the most loving nudge you can give yourself. A study on mass.gov shows that drinking water can improve your mood. Ditch the plastic water bottles, and invest in a reusable, smart water bottle that will remind you to stay hydrated all day. With smart water bottles like the LARQ Bottle, you never have to worry about bacteria inside or embarrassing odors.

9. Eat Healthy

Good food puts you in a good mood. So avoid junk food and eat your greens. If cooking isn’t really your vibe, then there are tons of healthy meal delivery subscriptions available in the sustainable food market. Try plant-based meals by Purple Carrot. Fresh N’ Lean delivers ready-to-eat meals at your doorstep. Sunset Basket sends ethically sourced ingredients weekly, based on your dietary requirements or meal plans.

10. Do What You Love

Sway your body, sing your favorite song, create art, read your favorite book, or go shopping sustainably (buy second-hand clothes, buy ethical jewelry, or clothes made of ethical fibers). You can buy second-hand books from BookScouter and Half Price Books. Love and care for yourself by doing something you love. Now isn’t that what self-care is all about?

Doing what you love is now easy, with this guide on sustainable self-care!

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.

 ~Dr. Edward O. Wilson

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