9 Best Thrift Stores In NY You’ve Gotta Check Out!

Thrifting is so therapeutic that we couldn't help but share the best thrift stores in NY.

Thrifting in New York isn’t thrifting if you’re actually buying stuff for a price you’ll regret, as that shouldn’t be the case when your bucks are going towards ethical fashion. Unlike the city’s privately owned boutiques, New York’s thrift stores donate directly to their affiliated charity! 

As fascinated as we are with finding the “best thrift stores near me,” the pleasure of the hunt for the best pieces at the best prices is what keeps these thrift stores at the top of their game. Also, when going thrifting, the most important thing is to plan ahead of time.

With thrifting becoming widely popular in New York, let’s see what they have to offer you!

1. Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange - thrift store in NY

If you knew Buffalo Exchange would be listed when looking at the best thrift stores in NY, you are, of course, not new to the thrifting game! This thrift store is a consignment chain that buys, sells, and trades designer and vintage shoes, clothing, and accessories directly. (the kind you don’t want to miss out on). They are much less cheap than the original retail price. For instance, you can find a Burberry men’s wool coat with resin toggle closures for only $135! 

There are over five Buffalo Exchange secondhand stores in New York, so don’t miss out on the brand’s annual $1 sale on Earth Day. Yes, a buck apiece. Woah!

Visit Buffalo Exchange 

2. AuH20 Thriftique

AuH20 Thriftique

This cute little funky thrift store in New York is one you should definitely visit this shopping season. Located in the East Village, you can find a curated collection of thrift and vintage apparel ranging from $5 to $25 at AuH20 Thriftique! And the accessories in this store are nothing short of dreamy, plus affordable, ranging from $3 to $30! Don’t forget to carry a sizeable recyclable bag to the store as you’ll be going bonkers as most of the products are under $30 and are completely on-trend, including a lot of 80s and 90s pieces.

Visit AuH20 Thriftique

3. Beacon’s Closet

Beacon's closet

Being huge fans of this goldmine of modern and antique items, we’re thrilled that Beacon’s Closet, which has outlets in Williamsburg and Park Slope, now also has a store in Manhattan. Expect to see a mix of high-end labels like Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior, as well as a bit of H&M. Sifting through the many racks of sheer beauty and luxury of gently used clothing in this one of the best thrift stores in New York, takes a lot of patience. Still, it’s well worth it when you’ll be paying the least $ during your bill.

Visit Beacon’s Closet

4. L Train Vintage

L Train Vintage

L Train Vintage is undoubtedly one of the best thrift stores in New York, as it is a treasure chest of hidden gems. You’d probably find some great items for $6 to $15 if you are fortunate enough! 

You spend a fraction of what you would otherwise on Levi Jeans, Hawaiian shirts, and gorgeous vintage sweatshirts. So, are you still looking for the ‘best secondhand stores near me’, darling? Here it is. The ultimate thrift store for men and women, both! And, even if you find nothing through digging, you’d find some right fits to fit in that Brooklynite crowd!

Visit L Train Vintage

5. Chelsea Flea

Chelsea Flea

Thrift stores like this one, located on 75 9th Ave, NY, have made thrifting in New York a lot more fun. The Chelsea Flea Market is open all year, including weekends, and is a true haven for all your secondhand shoppers! Do you want to hear some good news? You aren’t limited to finding the best item you want from that one store; here, you can tour the entire market while having the best shopping spree of your life. The flea market is home to the best secondhand stores, which sell everything from jewelry to antiques, as well as delicious food for the foodie in you. And, indeed, the most unusual vintage clothing in the entire city of New York!

Visit Chelsea Flea

6. Goodwill


Goodwill is a thrift store in NY that offers everything from quirky finds to vintage accessories, household products, clothing, shoes, and even well-organized, well-labeled racks. Have an event come up? They’ve got you covered for it too. Goodwill is a thrift store in New York that deals in everything from prom gowns to designer tops and bags to blazers. Did we also mention you can also get some high-quality products that you and your kitchen will treasure for a lifetime? 

Also, before you head out, pick up the Backstreet Boys’ “We’ve Got It Going On” CD single for only $4!

Visit Goodwill

7. Housing Works

Housing Works

This shelter-run charity thrift store in New York is definitely one of the best in the city. They have outlets all around the city, including the Upper East Side, where they sell a variety of secondhand treasures. A literal haven for vintage shoppers and thrifters in the neighborhood. From shoes to furniture to clothing, Housing Works has it all! This ‘thrift store near me’ is where you should go if you’re in New York, as it also supports the homeless and those living with HIV and AIDS.

Although the prices aren’t the cheapest, you can rest assured that the products are of the highest quality. It’s a little more hit-or-miss than some of the other places on this list, but you never know what you’ll find.

Visit Housing Works

8. Cure Thrift Shop

Cure Thrift store- thrift stores in New York

This thrift store on 3rd Avenue in New York is one of those best thrift stores in New York with a cause: proceeds benefit diabetes research. Everything from apparel to furniture to household items you can find in this one-stop-shop for secondhand shoppers. You may have to make do with the prices, but you can always try your luck and ask the staff about any hidden gems you may have missed. Cure Thrift Shop has made thrifting in New York a lot more fun (and ethical.)

Visit Cure Thrift Shop

9. Grand Street Local

Grand Street Local -thrift stores in New York

This adorable little shop in 154 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY, is a neighborhood where you may find the most vintage and thrift stores all in one place. When visiting Brooklyn, one of the most recommended places in Williamsburg is Grand Street Local, where you can find the best-preloved items. This New York thrift store specializes in vintage and used streetwear such as t-shirts and sneakers, and it’s a haven for streetwear collectors hunting for one-of-a-kind items.

Visit Grand Street Local

You won’t have to blow your budget if you shop at these thrift stores in New York, seeking a few amazing finds. The NY neighborhood should absolutely be on everyone’s shopping bucket list this season!

Thrifting is so therapeutic (even for us) that we couldn’t help but share the ultimate guide for thrifting clothes with you!

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