5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas To Plan A Perfect Day For Mum & You

A pinch of thought, a dash of effort & lots of love for mum. 💖

Mother’s Day is, of course, special because it celebrates the most important person in our lives – our mothers. And a big ‘YES’ to the fact that moms deserve to be pampered all year round (and not just one day a year.) However, this occasion is the perfect opportunity to spoil your mum and spend quality time with her. This Mother’s Day, show your mum how much she means to you with treats and surprises all day. Here’re our top 5 Mother’s Day pampering ideas to surprise & pamper mom all day long!

1. Bring mum breakfast in bed, for a delicious start to her day 🌅

Mother's Day ideas - Breakfast in bed
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Pamper mom with a relaxing morning by making her a wholesome breakfast in bed. Set up the table with some delicious treats, get beautiful dried flowers for mum, and a special Mother’s Day card. (Don’t worry, she can even plant this card and get some fresh herbs!) It is the perfect way to start Mother’s Day – surprise her once she wakes up and bring a smile to her face as she begins her day.

If you’re not culinary inclined, there’s no need to set up an elaborate spread. Instead, whip up an omelet or make some pancakes with a cup of coffee or tea on the side. You can even gift her this Best Mom Ever Mother’s Day Mug – we’re sure she’ll cherish it!

Here are some more Mother’s day gift ideas you can surprise her with at breakfast:
🎁 Eco-friendly Happy Mother’s Day Card
🎁 Coffee Lover Mom Gift Box
🎁 Breakfast In Bed Mother’s Day Gift Box
🎁 Personalized Mama Coffee Mug
🎁 Tea Gift Box For Mum

2. Introduce mum to some amazing clean beauty products 💚

Mother's Day ideas- Clean Beauty Products
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This is one of our favorite Mother’s Day pampering ideas to learn more about mum and her beauty secrets. Encourage mum to try some clean beauty products over the conventional ones. Spend some time with her sampling various products; and of course, learn all you can about the home remedies and skincare routine she follows for that glowing skin. (And yes, share the fun hacks with her that you learned on Tik Tok!) With all her daily hustle at home and at work, she can definitely use some products with clean formulas that are not harming her in any way.

So, here are some great clean beauty products to pamper mom that make the perfect sustainable gifts to add to her vanity:
🎁 Eclipse Sheer Mineral Sunscreen
🎁 SPF 15 Cheek & Lip Tint
🎁 Elate Cosmetics Multi-Use Makeup Brush
🎁 Essentially Yours Makeup Kit – Lips + Eyes
🎁 Personalized Handmade Makeup Bag

For more recommendations of clean beauty brands & products, check out our Beauty & Wellness section!

3. Spend some quality time with mom by planning a trip together 🛣

Mother's Day ideas - Adventure Trip
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The best Mother’s Day gift to pamper mom is to give her your time and attention. Spend quality time together by planning a trip with her. With this Mother’s day idea tune in to your inner travel planner. You can either take her to a place she loves or plan to go to an eco-destination she has never visited before. Plan it all well in advance, so you can surprise her with tickets and getaway bookings when Mother’s Day arrives!

In addition, if your mum loves adventure, why not go on a hike or try an adventure sport. You don’t have to be super-fit or well-equipped for this; just a casual hike or an assisted sport like paragliding is enough to make it worthwhile. Plus, it’s also great exercise!

Here are some sustainable travel tips that will help you pamper mom and have loads of fun in a planet-friendly way.

4. Arrange an at-home spa date to help mom relax & unwind 💖

Mother's Day  ideas - At Home Spa Date
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Create a relaxing at-home spa experience with this cute Vegan Pamper Hamper Spa Gift Set and some creativity. First, clear out any clutter from the room, so it feels like a peaceful place to relax. Put on some calming music and light some scented soy candles. (Because, of course, your mum is ‘soy special!’)

Aromatherapy is an essential part of any good spa experience. Many essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus have healing properties that can support wellness and relaxation. You can get an essential oil set and use one of them to give her an at-home facial or a soothing massage, which will help her unwind and relax. Lastly, try out some natural bath products like soothing bath salts and bath bombs to elevate the entire spa experience.

Here are some more selfcare gift sets to include for your at-home spa experience:
🎁 Healing Crystals & Herbs Soy Candle
🎁 Blooming Bath Gift Box
🎁 Sending You Sunshine Gift Box For Mum
🎁 Stress Fighter Shower Steamers
🎁 UnBoxMe Sending Hugs Gift Box

5. Surprise mum with thoughtful gifts this Mother’s Day, that she will absolutely love 🎁

Mother's Day Ideas Thoughful Gift
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When you choose gifts thoughtfully, they become more personal and intimate, making the whole experience of gifting and receiving even more special. So, when selecting a Mother’s Day gift to pamper mom, consider your mother’s likes and dislikes. You can also make it more memorable by getting your sustainable gifts customized, especially for her.

Check out a few thoughtful Mother’s day gifts below:
🎁 Custom Engraved Preserved Rose Gift
🎁 Succulent & Cacti Crate Set
🎁 Working Mom Gift Set
🎁 Minimal Jewellery Storage
🎁 Mandala Hemp Yoga Mat

Here are a few more personalized and handmade Mother’s Day gifts that you can check out!

We hope you liked these Mother’s Day pampering ideas and have a great time with your mum. Ultimately, the best way to show your mum you care is to take the initiative and just do something nice for her. It’s the little things that really mean the most. So, pull out all of the stops this Mother’s Day; after all, she deserves the very best.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💚

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