5 Earth Hour Activities To Enjoy When The World Switches Off The Lights

An hour in the dark today for a brighter future tomorrow! 💚

Most of us switch off the lights at home to save money. But how about we do this to save our planet? Well, it is possible! And we’re glad to say that the whole world does it by participating in the global event called ‘Earth Hour.’ Did we mention Lionel Messi and Mark Ruffalo also support the movement?

While on the topic, let’s learn more about what Earth Hour is, the difference it makes, and things to do during Earth Hour 2022.

What Is Earth Hour And Why Is It Celebrated?

Every year, the world celebrates Earth Hour on the last Saturday of March by switching off the non-essential lights for an hour (at 08:30 PM local time) to support the fight against climate change and make a commitment towards a brighter future. Even the iconic Effiel Tower, Big Ben, London Eye, and Opera House go dark for the hour.

Earth Hour Celebration
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It first began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, led by the World Wildlife Fund or WWF. Soon, it became the world’s largest grassroots movement for climate change and inspired people everywhere to start taking action. Just an hour might not seem like a huge step, but this small contribution by many resulted in a profound change. For example, Bangkok recorded a 1,699-megawatt reduction during Earth Hour 2013, eliminating roughly 1,073 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Now, this event is supported by 190 countries worldwide, including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, and Europe, to bring people and governments together to work towards a sustainable future.

Why Is Earth Hour So Important?

The answer is simple – the initiative is forging change, it’s working, and we can see it. So here are a few more milestones that Earth Hour has crossed over the years.

  • 2012 – Earth Hour ignited the first people-powered law in Russia. With the WWF conservation challenge “I Will If You Will,” over 120,000 signatures were generated, resulting in the passing of a new law to better protect the country’s seas from oil pollution.
Earth Hour Importance
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  • 2013 – The first-ever Earth Hour forest was established on the 2,700 hectares of land secured by the WWF-Uganda. The event also led to the creation of Argentina’s largest marine protected area, the 3.4 million hectare Burdwood Bank, which tripled the size of protected waters in the country.
  • 2015 – From reducing energy use in Brunei Darussalam, to a 10-year freeze on new oil projects by Russia in the Arctic, as well as a more vital climate change legislation in Scotland and Switzerland – the movement successfully drove legislative changes for local issues in various geographies.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more this global movement has accomplished in the last few years. And the best thing is that anyone and everyone can be a part of it, no matter who or where they are.

How To Participate In Earth Hour?

Earth Hour Activities Participation

Start with switching off lights at your home, and the next best thing to do is to SPREAD THE WORD! Create awareness among your friends, family, colleagues, and your community about Earth Hour 2022. Don’t just motivate them to participate in various Earth Hour activities. You need to also make them aware of the environmental impact; how small and mindful choices they make in their lives can bring a huge positive change.

Earth Hour 2022: 5 Activities To Enjoy In The Dark

Here is a list of 5 fun Earth Hour activities that you can enjoy as the world switches off for an hour, to ensure a brighter future.

1. Participate In Online Earth Hour 2022 Events

Earth Hour Participate in Virtual Events

Every year the official website for Earth Hour provides details about various events and Earth Hour activities happening worldwide, on the day. Just head over to their website and check out the ‘Browse Earth Hour Events‘ section. Choose your country or the region you live in and find events you can join. You can also ask your family, friends, or community members to join these events with you. After all, it is an incredible opportunity for everyone to come together and take action for the planet.

2. Go Star Gazing

Earth Hour Activities - Stargazing
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An hour in the dark is the best time to go out and look at the stars in the night sky. It is one of our favorite things to do, during Earth Hour. You can have a romantic date under the stars exploring constellations with your partner. You can also take your kids out for an informative session about the cosmos. Just find a dark open spot around your home, or you can even try your rooftop!

3. Enjoy A Game Night With Family Or Friends

Earth Hour Activities - Game Night with Family
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Who doesn’t love games? It is our favorite way to have fun times with your family and friends when there’s no electricity. Just find a board game like Monopoly or Ludo or go for any of your favorites like Charades and let the fun begin, as you play these games by candlelight. Here’s a tip: you can even decide on chores for the one who loses the game, like cleaning the dishes or making the bed!

4. Have Some Fun By Candlelight

Earth Hour Activities - Candlelit Workout
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Enjoy a nice candlelight workout session with your friends or family. Sweat it out with them, burn some calories and get your heart rate pumping! If you are not fond of an energetic workout session, then try meditating for an hour. Just light some candles, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Later, enjoy a delicious candlelight dinner with your loved ones!

5. Go For A Night Walk In The City

Earth Hour Go For Night Walk In City

If you’re looking for things to do during Earth Hour while you are alone, this will be the perfect activity. You will be surprised by how different the city looks when most of the lights are switched off. Take a walk to enjoy the spring breeze, or take your bike along if you want. You will actually see your city in a whole new light! (pun intended)

Earth Hour is not only about saving energy; it’s also about bridging different cultures, coming together, and celebrating our environment. If the lights-out movement has taught us anything so far, it takes a shared vision to change the way we live.

So, don’t spend the hour in darkness. Instead, go out and enjoy quality time with your friends, family, and neighbors! Encourage everyone to turn off their lights for an hour and get them to join you for a night of fun. The more people who are out together, the better! Remind each other to try new things and have fun enjoying these Earth Hour activities.

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