Microsoft Bing Introduces Its Ethical Shopping Experience To The USA

Ethical shopping made easy!

The digital world has made everything super-easy. Especially shopping is more convenient now than ever, where you can sit on your couch, and get things delivered to your doorstep with just one click. But, everything has a drawback. With so many options on one small screen, it might be difficult to know which materials were used or how the raw materials were sourced while making a certain product.

ethical shopping site

Microsoft Bing now aims to change all that for us, allowing us to shop with a positive impact. Last year, Microsoft Bing released a new smart feature in the UK that allowed consumers to shop ethically. Bing’s Ethical Shopping hub allows consumers to search for products under categories like:

  • eco-friendly
  • upcycled, or
  • fair trade fashion, among others

It was announced on Bing’s blog that “Shoppers can also select to browse by ethical fashion brands or products, trending, and featured items, or even grab the latest headlines about informed fashion choices and other planet-friendly news topics, all on one convenient page. We’re looking into expanding beyond fashion into other types of products soon.”

ethical shopping site

Ethical Shopping Experience Is Now In The USA

Recently, on Earth Day, Bing announced again that they are bringing several updates to the ethical shopping experience, and they have expanded to the US and Canada. Yay! They announced that “We’ve also updated the design of the listings on the Shopping results page, in light of research that underscored users’ need for increased visibility into sustainability claims. For example, hover over a listing, and you’ll see not only the overall brand rating for the brand, but the eco-friendly criteria it performs well on. This allows you to easily shop in alignment with your values – if a product being vegan is most important to you, for example, or if its not being recycled is a deal-breaker.”

Overall, Bing’s Ethical Shopping hub is great news for conscious shoppers and those who want to make an ethical impact to help the planet. The hub makes being environmentally conscious easier, as it allows you to voice your concerns without having to do much research while shopping ethically.

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