11 Best Places To Donate Pre-Loved Books

Because every book needs someone who can value it.

Can’t seem to get rid of your books? We understand.
Love the sight of your collection, but pitiful of them as they’re of no use? We understand.
Don’t know where to donate books but want to give them to someone in need? We’re here to assist you.

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Let’s face it, as a book lover, you sometimes just know it’s time to say goodbye to them. No, we aren’t answering Marie Kondo’s question: Just how many books should you keep? And is it better to give them away? We’re simply advising you on how to manage your book collection by donating books that no longer serve you. It’s time for those who are underprivileged, thirsty for knowledge, or bibliophiles to enjoy these books that you once loved. Because those babies deserve to have a new home. So…

Where to Donate Books?

The following are the best places to donate books, ranging from your own neighborhood to national organizations. Let’s get started.

1. Your Local Library

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Since charity begins from home, we took it to our hearts. So, if you know that the quantity and quality of books you have to deserve to be owned by another book lover, consider donating them to local libraries. But before you take those books out to donate, check book donations near me, visit the local libraries’ websites, or visit to check if they specifically need what you have to donate.

Where to donate books? It just got a whole lot easier with a Little Free Library. It is a nationwide network of small drop boxes set up for people like us who are always welcome to take or donate their books. Unfortunately, they do not accept old manuals, reference books, or college textbooks. So, look for books at thrift stores near you for them.

2. Freecycle

Freecycle is one of the most dedicated places to donate books. It is a loose network that operates regularly to promote sensible reuse and free exchange. Your book donation is of perennial interest to Freecycle network members as they’re often inexpensive with ample supply. To figure out where to donate books, simply look for an active Freecycle community that accepts used books.

3. Local Theaters & Museums

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If you tried, tested, and loved the idea of donating books to your local library, we’re sure theatres will appreciate them. Local theatres typically utilize used, new, or simply worn-down books as props during plays and performances. For example, museums and theaters use historical nature books for plays set in a different era or torn books for a creepy backdrop. They are, without a doubt, one of the best places to donate books!

4. Kids Need to Read

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When it comes to local museums, libraries, and theaters, are one of the United States’ best places to donate books. Yes, we’re talking about donating books to Kids Need To Read. They work to instill a love of reading in children by supplying inspiring books to libraries, underfunded schools, and literacy programs across the country. However, they will only accept children’s books in good condition and have not been scribbled on or visibly damaged.

5. A School Or Community Fundraisers

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If you’re a parent or reside near a school, these school groups and community organizations are great places to donate books. In addition, such fundraisers frequently sponsor book drives, including the collection, the donation of books, and the raising of funds to continue the same.

6. Reader to Reader, Inc.

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Reader to Reader, Inc. can assist you if your only concern as a bibliophile is where to donate books. With your book donation to this nonprofit organization, you can help to expand literacy programs. It works to improve learning opportunities in some of its most underserved communities. It is one of the best places to donate books, as your loving pieces will go to the under-resourced public and school libraries across the country, from inner-city schools to rural towns to Native American reservations.

7. Reputable Charities And Nonprofit Organizations

Apart from schools, community organizations, and thrift stores, several reputable nonprofit organizations accept book donations.

1. Children’s Book Bank

The Children’s Book Bank, based in Portland, Oregon, organizes book drives to provide reading materials to low-income families. It is one of the best places to donate books as it allows you to pass on your prized possessions without feeling guilty or sad.

2. Goodwill

Goodwill is one of the country’s largest and most well-known nonprofit thrift store chains. It has an expansive and lenient book donation policy. This nonprofit organization is often conveniently located, and there are chances you can find a drop-off location just around the corner.

3. Habitat for Humanity ReStores

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If you’re a big book reader or have been donating books for a long time, you’ve probably heard of Habitat for Humanity ReStores. This nonprofit organization contributes significantly to the building and restoration of homes worldwide. However, most people are unaware that the organization that sells new and used building materials also includes your favorite old books.

4. Vietnam Veterans of America

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Donating books isn’t limited to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill. Vietnam Veterans of America is another nonprofit that helps veterans across the country by accepting donations of shoes, tools, clothing, toys, and used books too. Since the organization receives no government funding, your contribution can help fund veteran services. If you’re having a busy day or week, they can also arrange to have your donations picked up at your home.

8. Prison Libraries & Literacy Programs

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Want to know where to donate books while also making a difference in the life of another book lover? Consider donating to the Prison Book Program. Not only will this make you feel better about yourself, but a good book can change a prisoner’s life. The programs usually list the essential materials, such as dictionaries, history books, textbooks, study guides, and drug and alcohol recovery books. Keep in mind that since most prisons do not allow hardcover books, the programs will only accept paperback books.

9. Your Neighborhood Thrift Store

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Are you already on the path to sustainability and doing your bit by shopping sustainably? Kudos because there are several thrift book stores across the United States. A few simple searches can help you find your favorite book in thrift stores across the country. So, head on to Savers, one of the largest US thrift store chains that will lovingly accept your pre-loved books.

10. Armed Forces Charities — Operation Paperback & Books for Soldiers

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Operation Paperback collects gently used books to send to American soldiers serving overseas. Similarly, if you join Books for Soldiers, you will be able to make care packages with your used books and send them to troops stationed overseas. In addition, you can browse the soldiers’ book requests after you sign up as a volunteer with them.

11. Retirement Homes

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It is often said that books can change your life. And we couldn’t agree more. You can make book donations at retirement homes or assisted living facilities since most people there enjoy reading. In addition, certain retirement homes are constantly in need of books, so checking with the facilities in your area is a great idea!

Donating books is an ‘angel in disguise.’ It will make you feel good to look at your decluttered wardrobe, and it may also help at least one other person with that book. Book donations can also help to reduce the donor’s carbon footprint and overflowing landfills. So along with shopping from sustainable clothing brands, switching to vegan leather, and zero-waste skincare products, it’s time to do another little bit for the environment — DONATING BOOKS!

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