6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For Your Sustainable Home

To a green cleaning routine!

With the spring season already blooming, we’re all looking forward to spring cleaning. However, when it comes to cleaning our homes, we often opt for cleaning products full of harmful chemicals. So today, let’s talk about eco-friendly alternatives for the same. And while on the topic of eco-friendly cleaning products for the home, just to state for the record: No, they are not that expensive!

So, if you’re looking to make a conscious switch to a more sustainable home cleaning routine, here’s a list of 6 eco-friendly cleaning products for the home that are good for you and the planet.

1. Dropps Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Dropps

Looking to save the environment but keep your home clean at the same time? Dropps Dishwasher Detergent Pods are here for you! The eco-friendly cleaning product is water-soluble and helps kill harmful bacteria and yeast. Say goodbye to all the toxic chemicals and plastic packaging that comes with the conventional dishwashing products with these pods. Dropps, as an eco-friendly cleaning brand, is known for its dishwashing and laundry detergent that do not contain harmful chemicals.

2. Grove Collaborative Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Grove Co
Grove Collective

The Grove Collaborative Multi-Purpose Cleaner concentrate is the perfect option for your floor, kitchen counters, etc. Just mix a few drops in water, shake well, spray/pour over the surface and wipe it off! The brand has basically rethought what it means to have a clean home with natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. They are based on a subscription mechanism where they offer multiple household cleaning products, from stain removers to multi-use surface cleaners. We give Grove Collaborative brownie points for their carbon-neutral shipping process. In addition, these eco-friendly cleaning products for the home come in reusable packaging as well. That’s a winner for us, right there!

3. Ecos Laundry Detergent

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Ecos
Ecoscleans / Instagram

When it comes to laundry detergent, Ecos is one of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning products. You ask why? Here’s everything you need to know that makes this brand our absolute favorite! ECOS is definitely the one-stop shop whether you are looking for a natural pet cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner. The brand promises you eco-friendly cleaning products made with a carbon-neutral process and with the use of 100% renewable energy. The family-owned business has been doing good for the environment for the last 50 years, and they’ve also paved their way into charity with Green for Good. In addition, it is super affordable too. So, of course, it tops the list of our favorites!

4. Eco-Me Dish Detergent

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Ecome
Ecomenatural / Instagram

The Eco-Me Dish Detergent assures you clean dishes without causing any harm to your health or the environment. All eco-friendly cleaning products, including the dish detergent by the brand, are made out of plant-based ingredients. In addition, the brand also has products ranging from kids-friendly carpet cleaners to chemical-free wood polish. Eco-me is one of the best eco-friendly cleaning product lines in the market that stands for BPA-free products and recycling of post-consumer plastic. Now isn’t that amazing?

5. Blueland Clean Suite Kit

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Blueland

Another one of our favorite sets of eco-friendly cleaning products for the home that we are obsessed with is the Blueland Clean Suite Kit. The kit includes hand soap, laundry detergent, multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, bathroom cleaner, and glass+mirror cleaner. The green formulated cleaning products by the brand are low on waste and come in refillable packaging. So, the guilt of buying multiple products with similar usage goes out of the window.

6. Common Good Clean Kitchen Set

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products - Common Goods
Common Goods

Who knew green home-cleaning products could be so affordable and handy? Responsible for making eco-friendly cleaning products since 2010, Common Good is best known for its refillable products. Our favorite one in their collection is the Clean Kitchen Set. The best thing about all of the brand’s products including this one is that once it empties you can get a refill at any of their branches worldwide. In addition, the cleaning products leave a soothing scent after the cleaning job is done and that’s something we absolutely love about them.

If you’re wondering: “Are my home cleaning products eco-friendly?” the answer is probably ‘No!’ There’s a reason why most eco-friendly cleaning products are so popular; they are what consumers want, and they work well. If you’re looking for safe green alternatives to use around your family that are also effective, there’s no better time than now.

All of these eco-friendly cleaning products are available both online and offline, at marketplaces like Target, Amazon, EarthHero, etc. If you still don’t find them, you can also try making your own cleaning products with a few ingredients available in your very own kitchen – check this blog out too!

Happy Cleaning!

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