Here’s A Hassle-Free Back-To-School Skincare Routine For Busy Students

Skin-savers for your new school year 💚🌟

There’s no better way to start your new school year than with self-confidence and a hint of glam! The right back-to-school skincare routine is the key to getting both of them.  

The first day of school is just around the corner. With that, it’s time to bring back the natural glow of your skin.  

Whether a high school senior or a college freshman, this back-to-school skincare routine will make you feel funky and fresh. Get ready to kickstart this school year with your skincare routine on point. 

1. Start with a facial cleanser

Vitória Santos/ Pexels

We totally get it! Juggling studies and social life is not easy, let alone your skincare routine. Trust us when we say that not cleansing your face twice is a bad habit. This skincare step hardly takes 2 minutes. While you wash your face, make sure you use an effective, gentle facial cleanser. 

Our pick: 

Skincare enthusiasts all over Instagram are showering much love on Kinship Naked Papaya gentle enzyme cleanser. If your skin needs a moisture boost and a gentle cleanse with a milky feel, then Naked Papaya is for you. 


This facial cleanser has a smoothie-like texture. It can remove makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells. Your skin will feel clear and hydrated, thanks to its natural brightening enzymes and nutrient-rich vitamins. Kinbiome, Kinship’s plant-based probiotic, supports a strong skin barrier, to give you that no-filter selfie-worthy skin.  

Whether you’re going minimal or wearing your fav makeup, this papaya-based gentle facial cleanser will keep your face fresh and glowing. Oh! You’re going to love the vibrant color of the packaging, too.

2. Tone after cleansing

Anna Nekrashevich/ Pexels

Toners don’t just help your skin get rid of any remaining dirt on your face. They also give your skin a boost of hydration.

Our pick:

Get a fresh complexion for the new school year with Indie Lee’s Co Q10 toner. 
The chamomile in this toner will keep your skin refreshed all day long. In addition, the antioxidant coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, and soothing cucumber extracts hydrate and rebalance your skin’s pH levels.


This toner is alcohol-free and enriched with the goodness of aloe vera. This non-drying skin spritzer will prime and protect your skin from environmental pollutants.  

Indie Lee’s toner is perfect for you if your school schedule includes outdoor activities and sun exposure. 

3. Moisturize and hydrate every day 

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With the onset of fall, your skin will crave more moisture. If you usually sit near the air-con in your classroom, then retaining your skin’s moisture is needed. Moreover, moisturizing daily will hydrate your skin, making it supple. 

Our pick:

We love Alpyn Beauty’s star-seller moisturizer – PlantGenius melt moisturizer. It is packed with revitalizing wild plants and ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalene. This moisturizer can give you the dewy skin you desire. Say buh-bye to dry skin!

alpynbeauty/ Instagram

It has Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative, that will heal moderate acne, and acne spots. It also decreases inflammatory lesions. Finally, a blessing for acne-prone skin! 

The vitamin C in this moisturizer brightens your skin, leaving it velvety and soft to touch. Now, that’s the type of love your skin deserves!

4. Use face serum to get a dewy finish

Alina Blumberg/ Pexels

Adjusting to a new school year can increase stress levels, leading to severe breakouts, uneven tone, and dehydrated skin. But you can beat this! How you wonder. By using a facial serum that evens skin tone and removes excess oil.  

Our pick:

ILIA Beauty’s super serum skin tint is what we call the art of ‘Skinimalism.’ This serum is a fusion of skincare, makeup, and sun protection. It’s like a cherry on top of the cake!

Available in 30 shades, this best-selling, light-coverage formula gives your skin a fresh, dewy finish that gets better with time. Get the glow of the golden hour with just a few drops of serum!


Let’s take a closer look at this serum tint.

The non-nano zinc oxide with SPF 40 shields your skin from UV rays and pollution. Niacinamide visibly refines skin tone and texture. The hyaluronic acid draws deep hydration. The plant-based squalene quenches skin with plumping moisture (get ready for baby-soft skin!)  
Have you found your shade yet? 

5. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Mikhail Nilov/Pexels 

The last and most important step of your daily skincare regimen is applying sunscreen. Whether it is raining, snowing, or shining, wear sun protection; it is a non-negotiable step of your back-to-school skincare routine. 

Our pick:

Give it up for the brand’s very first SPF! Indie Lee’s mineral sunscreen has a rich, luxe texture. Its strong moisturizing ingredients include squalene, shea butter, and aloe.


This sunscreen dries clean when thoroughly rubbed on, without leaving any white spots. It has 20% uncoated zinc oxide for broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. Perfect for all your outdoor adventures! 

Apply 15 minutes before you head out for an excursion or that all-day football tournament. Then, kick back, relax, and reapply every 2 hours for maximum sun protection. 

No matter your skin type, these back-to-school skincare essentials can keep your skin healthy and balanced this fall, and in the school year ahead.  

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