Our Good Guide To A Fall Skincare Routine 

Hello fall!

It’s sweater weather! There’s a lot to get excited about in the autumn months, from cozy sweaters and hot chocolate to pumpkins at Halloween and feasts for Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, there is a downside to the fall – dry skin. As the seasons change, our skin changes as well. So, it’s time to change your skincare routine for the fall. 

Why should you change your skincare routine according to the season? 

The climate has a lot to do with the health of your skin.  

Hot and humid weather during the summer makes your skin oily with excess moisture. The humidity helps to maintain a protective barrier on your skin. Whereas cooler months have the opposite effect. 


During the fall, the air gets drier. This chilly and dry weather makes your skin parched and dehydrated. Your skin loses its protective barrier, causing sensitivity and irritation. 

With these changes in your surroundings, you need to incorporate changes to help your skin adapt to these new set of climatic conditions. This guide helps make things a lot easier with useful tips and simple ideas for your fall skincare routine.

6 Easy steps for a healthier fall skincare routine 

With the season of autumn here, it’s time to say hello to your fall skincare routine. You do not have to change your entire beauty regimen to keep up with the change in season. All you need to do is choose the right fall skincare essentials that work better in this weather. 

1. Switch to a hydrating cleanser 

With the onset of fall, your skin needs to be prepared to deal with the harsher climate. Your skin needs more moisture and hydration.  

A hydrating cleanser will keep your skin supple throughout the chillier months.  

Our pick: 
Bloomeffects Tulip Nectar Cleansing Cream


Meet your SOS skin support from the clean skincare brand BloomEffects. This tulip nectar cleansing cream feels just like velvet on your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.  

Tulip nectar cleanser is powered by a restorative fermented beta-glucan trio, protective ceramides, and the brand’s nourishing proprietary Dutch tulip complex. It is formulated to heal, protect, and restore your skin from the inside out.  

From dry to reactive skin, this hydrating cleanser is suitable for all skin types.  

2. Tone to soothe the skin 

Toning in fall is as important as it is in summer. Unfortunately, many of us skip this step in the colder months, fearing it drying out the skin. Toning is essential as it helps shrink pores.

Pro-Tip: It’s best to use an alcohol-free toner.  

Our pick: 
SOS (Save Our Skin) Daily Rescue Facial Spray 


SOS is a happy solution for flaky, inflamed skin.  

The star ingredient of this toner – hypochlorous acid (HOCI), is naturally found in our white blood cells. It helps to defend the body from harmful bacteria and inflammation.  

HOCI, when applied to the skin, triggers an immune boost to repair and heal irritated skin.  

SOS is a pH-balanced facial spray but can be used all over your body. 

3. Invest in a thicker moisturizer 

Fall is the time to become BFFs with thicker moisturizers. As your skin produces less oil, this is the perfect time to help it by locking in your skin’s hydration. 

Our pick: 
Night Nutrition Protein Night Cream 

bybibeauty/ Instagram

Protein night cream is a night-time facial cream that nourishes and moisturizes your skin while you get some shut-eye. It is a thick, nutrient-rich cream that renews and strengthens your skin. The cream is powered by superfood proteins, antioxidants, and vitamin-rich ingredients. 

Broccoli seed oil, high in vitamin A, helps soften and protect your skin. The raspberry seed oil contains vitamins A, E, and C, which help repair your skin during the night-time cycle.  

Night nutrition has over 70% upcycled ingredients, including clementine water, a by-product of the juicing industry.  

4. Don’t skip on the SPF 

You need SPF, even if it’s raining or snowing, because the sunlight penetrates your skin, in spite of a cloudy sky. So, you need sunscreen even in the fall.  
Make sure to reapply SPF for protection, every two hours! 

Our pick: 
Kinship Self Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32 


This 100% mineral sunscreen blends into the skin seamlessly and leaves you with a moisturized, glowy finish. Self reflect sunscreen has a blurring effect, to give you an iconic flawless filter. This SPF works as a makeup primer too.  

The reef-safe, non-nano zinc oxide formula gently provides skin UVA/ UVB protection and blue light protection. This brand’s plant-based probiotic – Kinbiome, supports a strong skin barrier.  

5. Ease up on exfoliation 

Exfoliation is the key to clear, smooth skin. In fall, you can easily over-exfoliate your skin. Your skin is exposed to harsher weather in autumn, which makes your skin lose its protective barrier. Over-exfoliation can speed up that process. 

When you exfoliate, use a soothing product or a good sheet mask.  

Our pick: 
GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator 

fall skincare routine

This is a dual-action microdermabrasion facial exfoliator that works on all skin types. Especially on dry and sensitive skin.  

The formula is packed with a blend of four glow-inducing microexfoliation minerals like quartz, garnet, alumina, and silica. Along with glycolic acid, this exfoliator sweeps away dry, dead skin cells and refines the appearance of pores on the skin.  

In a clinical study, 92% of the women users agreed that this product helped strengthen their skin’s barriers. 

6. Add vitamins to your skincare 

Vitamin C is a great ingredient to combat dullness and brighten your skin. Retinol (Vitamin A derivative) can help to renew and resurface your skin.  

Put these two ingredients together, and you have a wonderful cocktail. 

Our pick: 
Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol + C Booster 

fall skincare routine
evolve organic beauty

This is an oil-based booster that you can use on its own or add to your favorite moisturizer. The star ingredients, vitamins A, C, E, and F, blend in a gentle base of rosehip oil to penetrate deep into your skin and deliver hydration.  

Vitamins A and C aid in increasing collagen production and hydration while boosting radiance and skin luminosity. While vitamin E, with its antioxidant properties, heals the skin, vitamin F deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin.  

So, there you go! A routine switch doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank. With a few changes in your beauty routine, your skin can continue glowing throughout the fall and upcoming winter. This guide will help save your skin from becoming dry in the fall. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does your skin change in the fall? 

With drier air and humidity drops, your skin loses its moisture and becomes irritated and sensitive in the fall.  

2. Is hyaluronic acid better in summer or winter? 

You should use hyaluronic acid both in summer and winter. Hyaluronic acid smoothens and provides hydration to the skin. So, it is most essential in winter. Hyaluronic acid also maintains skin water balance.  

3. What are the 5 basic steps of skincare? 

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and sunscreen are the 5 basic skincare steps. 

4. What is the fastest way to rehydrate skin? 

You can fix dehydrated skin by drinking more water throughout the day, limiting the shower time to 5 to 10 mins in lukewarm water, use a gentle cleanser and thick moisturizer. 

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