Sustainable Fall Fashion Guide: 7 Outfit Inspos You Can’t Go Wrong With This Season

Get autumn-ready with these chic ensembles.

All right, so the leaves are falling, and autumn is calling! That time of the year when happiness is a warm cup of chocolate on a cold day. Now that it’s time to let go (quite literally!) of your summer essentials, dig out your cardigans and jumpers from the back of your wardrobes. This mix of fall staples will make your autumn outfits as versatile as the fashion season is every year. 

Here we come to channel the flannel, inspired by October’s very own collection of everyday basics, the sustainable edition.

7 outfit ideas that are perfect for the fall season 

From warm scarves to snug sweater dresses, we’ve put together your go-to autumn outfits, for the upcoming season.

1. Bring on the layers for the quintessential, everyday casual autumn days 

sustainable fall fashion outfit ideas

It’s officially time to layer up, so bring on your fun and fancy jackets. A good flannel or an oversized shirt can spruce up a casual shirt-meets–jean or rock-your-leggings day, or even pajamas. Whatever you choose, make every outfit count, wink wink! 

Our Good Picks:

MWL (Re) Sourced Sweater Fleece Shirt-Jacket — The MWL resourced sweater fleece shirt jacket is made from eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester.

Superwide-Leg Jeans — Fresh from the 90s, high-waist jeans come with an old-school vibe and tons of eco-friendly stretch.

Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers — We love this brand’s best-selling sneakers that are made with resourced recycled canvas and a super-cushy fit!

Create an ultimate Instagrammable fall outfit this season, all available at Madewell — a sustainable fashion brand we love!

2. Pair an ethical sweater and sweatpants for a sustainable fashion outfit

sustainable fall outfit ideas

Crew neck sweaters are the best bet for autumn that you can get your hands on. 

Our Good Picks:

Fine Knit Crew Neck Sweater — The ethical sweater from KOTN comes in three colors: clay, black, and pumice stone. It is a sustainable fall fashion piece that is finely crafted with breathable and soft recycled cotton.

Essential Sweatpants — You can make this outfit work for fall when paired with a pair of KOTN’s sweatpants. Designed for lounging, yoga, or everything in between, these fall-favorite sweats are the coziest! Made with 100% cotton fleece, they have a subtle retro feel that can be best teamed with a black sweater to create a fall monochrome look.

3. Never let go of them T-shirts

beanie, scarf and tee - outfit ideas for fall
KOTN / Krochet Kids / LSG Crafts

Tees are meant to stay. It’s time to gather all your basics in black, gray, brown, maroon, mustard yellow, and olive green. Style them up with a pair of leggings & a flannel or beanies or scarves! 

Our Good Picks:

Leisure V-Neck — The V-neck t-shirt, also available in white and clay, is made from KOTN’s lush Egyptian cotton jersey.

The Andie Scarf — For an extra pop of fashion this fall, don’t forget to layer the clothing with a scarf from Krochet Kids. It offers some cool accessories, including this thick striped scarf, which is hand-signed by the designer.

Cable Knit Hat — To top it off, make sure to style this ethical fashion outfit with LSG Craft’s incredibly detailed grey beanie.

4. Feel bright with these must-have mustards

mustard outfit ideas, sustainable fall fashion

You just can’t go wrong with white bottoms this season, when combined with a mustard shirt.

When autumn hits, make sure all those mustards and pumpkin colors take center stage in your closets. These colors are warm and Halloween-friendly, giving cute vibes when topped with accessories like hair clips and a boho bag. 

Our Good Picks:

Dawn Linen Hi Low TunicThe hi-low tunic, which is available in blue, white, black, and yellow, is perfectly breathable and perfect for layering.

Juniper Linen Easy Pull-On Shorts —The super-cool shirt can be best paired with these dreamy shorts. They’re so versatile that you’ll pull them on all autumn long.

These super must-have sustainable fall fashion outfit inspos are from Universal Standard – our choice of an ethical fashion brand. The label includes everything chic, from base layers and loungewear to tunics you can’t miss!

5. Dress up a little with a sweater dress and some cool accessories

sustainable fall fashion ideas
Madewell / Nisolo

A warm sweater dress with some handmade jewelry is definitely a trend you can’t go wrong with, even after fall is long gone!

Our Good Picks: 

Sleeveless Midi Sweater Dress — This timeless, sleeveless sweater dress from Madewell is a fall-perfect outfit. The cozy and cute dress is available in shades of pink and brown. It is made from Lenzing™ with an eco-friendly production process. You can wear it now with some funky accessories or layer it with a casual pullover as the seasons change.

Tiny Brass Bead Bracelet — To complement this sustainable fall fashion outfit, throw on some delicate accessories from Nisolo. We’re presently obsessed with this brass bead handmade bracelet, made with upcycled materials.

6. Invest in matching combos and sandals to stand out

autumn fashion outfit ideas
TAMGA Designs / Nomadic State Of Mind

Floral matching combos that set the perfect seasonal tone are our kind of outfit ideas. To match the mood, TAMGA Designs offers ethical fall fashion collections, including dresses, tops, and cute combos. It is a vegan fashion label that offers boho-luxe (all-season-friendly) ultra-chic outfits. 

Our Good Picks:

Ebele Blouse & Lorraine Shorts — We’re currently going gaga over this chic matching set from TAMGA, that can withstand all trends and seasons. You can tuck this blouse into your favorite denim pieces or wear it unbuttoned with a tank.

Anesis Camel —The statement combo can be best teamed with Nomadic’s comfortable slip-on. A thing we love about this beautiful footwear is the cool vibe it can easily add to your fall outfit.

7. Team your turtleneck with a warm denim jacket

sustainable fall fashion outfit inspos
Amour Vert / Outerknown

With minimal impact on the planet and a positive impact on people who see your outfit, Amour Vert and Outerknown are brands you must have! Their sustainable fall fashion outfits are so cute and snuggly that you’d want to keep adding more to your cart.

Our Good Picks:

Lux Paris Rib Turtleneck — We’re in awe of this long-sleeve turtleneck from Amour, which has a fitted silhouette and can go great with a denim jacket.

Women’s Peacenik Denim Trucker — The denim trucker jacket is so versatile that having it in your closet will become your new favorite thing, this autumn. It is made from a fine blend of recycled and organic cotton with ethical practices by Outerknown.

We hope with this list of sustainable fall fashion outfit inspos, the fashionista in you is as excited for the season as we are! Don’t forget to tag us when you make a style statement in these fall-ready outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is sustainability a fashion trend? 

Yes, ethical and sustainable practices have taken over fast fashion for the good of the planet. Sustainable fashion brands focus on the entire supply chain that doesn’t cost the environment (or the people). It focuses on minimalism, sustainable fabrics, and affordable pieces for people who value sustainability. 

2. Which are the most sustainable fashion labels? 

The best sustainable fashion labels that are leading the change as ethical brands are; Girlfriend Collective, Stella McCartney, Outerknown, Nisolo, Madewell, and Patagonia. 

3. What fabric is best for the environment? 

Fabrics like organic cotton, Tencel, and linen are the best materials for your sustainable clothing. These organic fabrics are more sustainable than synthetic ones like polyester and nylon, which are bad for the planet.

4. What is eco-fashion made from? 

‘Eco-fashion’ is any fashion brand attempting to minimize its environmental impact. It refers to sustainable alternatives to clothing made with sustainable or renewable resources. It is the exact opposite of fast fashion, which focuses only on what’s trending at the moment.

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