8 Tencel Clothing Brands Everyone Should Know About

Feel the luxury of super-soft clothing.

Tencel has become a very popular fabric in the sustainable fashion industry; and how! It has a luxuriously soft feel and an ultra-fine texture, making it a much-loved material for clothing. Even when it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite Tencel dress or top, we know this kinder-to-the-skin fabric is completely biodegradable. 

If you’ve been curious about Tencel or are on the lookout for Tencel clothing brands, read on to find out more. 

What is Tencel?

what is tencel

Tencel is a man-made fabric developed by the pioneering Austrian company Lenzing.

This fabric is good news for planet lovers everywhere; it is sustainably made and is great for fashion. Tencel is loved by brands, designers, and customers for its — luxurious feel, long-lasting softness, breathability, and sustainability, of course! 

Is Tencel a sustainable fiber?

is tencel sustainable

Absolutely, it is! Tencel is a sustainable fabric made from eco-friendly processes. This trendy material is at the top of its game as it recycles water and (non-harmful) chemicals used during its manufacture. Today, you can find this beloved sustainable material literally everywhere – stylish clothing, luxurious beddings, and even shoes. 

Speaking of chic clothing, we’ve listed some of the best Tencel clothing brands below that are a rage among eco-conscious shoppers today. Let’s go! 

Sustainable fashion brands that are using Tencel 

From Allbirds, Toad & Co. to LA Relaxed, this list has got all your favorite Tencel brands in one place. 

1. TAMGA Designs: Exclusive fair-trade fashion

TAMGA Designs, a classy Tencel clothing brand, believes sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. The brand has an entire collection of clothing made from Tencel and Lenzing Modal fabrics. Their stylish clothes are a visual treat to the eyes, that you must add to your shopping list.

TAMGA Designs, a tencel clothing brand

With a number of dresses, skirts, and kimonos to choose from, we loved this chic tube skirt the most! Made from 100% Tencel, it is a very pretty, luxuriously soft skirt. You can easily pair it with a floral blouse and a tote for an effortless bohemian look.

2. Allbirds: Carbon-zero Tencel

Having been a pioneer in amazing ethical shoes, Allbirds is on this list today, for its super-soft Tencel clothing. From leggings and activewear to underwear, you name it; this sustainable brand has it!

Allbirds, one of the best Tencel clothing brands

This racerback fit bralette comes with adjustable straps and can easily absorb sweat. The pad-free bralette is so soft on the skin that you’d want to buy all four colors available. You can wear it for a casual look, in the gym, while lounging, or every day in between.

3. Toad & Co.: Commitment to sustainable fashion

Toad & Co. is one of those Tencel clothing brands that offers some seriously stunning dresses, skirts, and loungewear. It is a bold claim, but the brand sticks by it — every woman looks pretty in a wrap dress.

Toad&Co., tencel clothing brands

This Tencel dress comes in five pretty prints and naturally wicks moisture, thanks to its organic cotton material. It is the perfect go-to travel dress, with hand pockets and the ideal length. Get your hands on this spray-printed dress right now!  

On your way out, don’t forget to check out Toad’s beautiful collection, made entirely of eco-friendly fabrics.

4. Tradlands: Responsibly sourced sustainable fabrics

Thoughtfully designed, Tradlands is an eco-friendly fashion brand that is effortlessly stylish. From cute sweaters to earthy-colored shorts, they offer some of the best clothing for women.

Tradlands is a Tencel clothing brand

Our hot favorite are these Tencel shorts, which are great for summer, fall, and virtually every season. Some pieces may cost a bit more; but one thing’s for sure, you will look like a million bucks from every angle.

5. Groceries Apparel: Best natural eucalyptus fibe

If clothing made from sustainable materials is what turns you on, check out Groceries Apparel’s unique collection. The brand uses luxurious and soft eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell for its chic garments.

Groceries Apparel brand
Groceries Apparel

If you’re into flattering and flowy kimono cardigans, this is the one for you. It is made in LA from Tencel and can be easily teamed with a tank for a casual look. Perfect for date night!

6. Paneros: Luxurious sustainable clothing

Committed to 100% Tencel clothing, Paneros is a sustainable clothing brand that is a must-know label! Add this brand to your shopping checklist today for their ultra-soft fashion pieces.

Paneros, Tencel clothing brands
Paneros Clothing

The Tencel clothing brand has a slew of pretty-hued tops, including this handmade crop top that gives your waist a warm hug.
They also have some cute dresses, bottoms, and cardigans made from luxurious natural fabrics.

7. LA Relaxed: Sustainable future with Tencel Lyocell

We’re just gonna say it; LA Relaxed has always been our go-to sustainable clothing brand for its sweats and tees. With its dream clothing, this Tencel clothing brand has surely created a name for itself in the fashion scene.

LA Relaxed, Tencel clothing brands
LA Relaxed

The conscious brand has some of the best wardrobe essentials, like this basic white tee.  

The top is made from 95% Tencel with the perfect neckline. This makes it a great outfit for brunch, a weekend getaway, or a smart casual look. We’d pair it with a denim jacket. What about you?

8. SiiZU: Positive environmental impact

SiiZU is one of those stylish Tencel clothing brands that have some really trendy tops, dresses, and outerwear.  
Brownie points to this eco-friendly clothing company for using only sustainable fabrics for their apparel.


The one piece of clothing that stood out for us is this tunic dress made from 100% Tencel. It is a classic wardrobe staple that can easily stand out at a formal event, a business lunch, or even a night out on the town.  

The best part? Their beautiful ethical fashion pieces, like this one, come at a really affordable price range.

Tencel is surely a fabric that all the eco-conscious shoppers (and Team GoodGuilt) are rooting for! It is one of the best eco-friendly materials ruling the sustainable fashion industry, for all the right reasons! 

If you liked these Tencel clothing brands, we’re sure you’d want to know more about Tencel and why it is the new face of sustainable fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are TENCEL Modal fibers? 

Tencel™ Modal is a fabric made from wood pulp. The fibers are exceptionally soft and luxurious. In other words, it is an advanced form of rayon, another sustainable material. 

2. Can Tencel fabric be washed? 

Yes, this eco-friendly material can be washed, keeping in mind the individual care labels. Ensure you wash the Tencel garments at a low temperature with an eco-friendly detergent. Handwashing is the safest method. Don’t forget to turn your pieces inside out for further protection. 

3. What is the difference between Lyocell and Tencel? 

Virtually nothing! Both Tencel and Lyocell have the same appearance, texture, and fit. They go through the same manufacturing process and are created from the same raw materials. Tencel and Lyocell are both made from natural cellulosic fibers like eucalyptus wood pulp. 

4. Is Tencel good for clothing? 

Yes, absolutely. Tencel fabric is good for clothing as it majorly stands out for its softness. It rules the green fashion industry as it’s made with sustainable practices and feels incredible on the skin. Its high quality makes it a popular choice for sustainable designers and Tencel clothing brands.

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