13 Best Lip Products To Get Ultra Luscious & Hydrated Lips

Time to make your pout sexier (and ethical)

Shopping for that red lipstick you’ve been eyeing for the longest time may seem quite easy! What’s tricky is the lipstick packaging. Conventional lip products often have several ingredients and chemicals that your delicate, beautiful lips do not really deserve.

Thanks to many non-toxic lipstick brands, your clean lipsticks can finally go vegan, too, along with your other makeup products. The next time you’re out shopping for the best lip products, go the clean route by understanding if one cute bottle of lipstick or lip balm could really affect the environment (and your pout). If the answer is yes, look at the list below to find the best lip products that will give you ultra-luscious and hydrated lips!

Clean beauty products to keep your lips looking their best

Up your clean beauty game and get ready to make your pout sexier (and ethical) with the best lip products, from lip stains, vegan lipsticks, and organic lip balm, to lip balms.

1. Multi-Stick Cream Blush + Lip Tint – ILIA

ILIA beauy, one of the best cruelty-free makeup brands, is, as usual, on top of its best lip products game with its tint. It is a clean beauty brand; it avoids fragrances at all levels to give your skin the TLC it deserves. Although it is fragrance-free, it still has a smell of raw and natural botanicals such as beeswax, which typically dissipates after more use!

 best lip products
IliaBeauty / Instagram

Ready to dive into sheer luxury and pure bliss with this cheek and lip color?

The blush + lip tint multi-stack is a multiuse product of this clean beauty brand. It beautifully melts with the warmth of your skin. Get ready to answer several questions thrown at you about this foolproof, fresh tint that just can’t go unnoticed.

This lip product has the goodness of shea butter, avocado oil, and orange peel wax. The shea butter is sure to nourish your lips and create a creamy texture your lips would love you for. The infusion of avocado oil will soften and replenish your lip skin, while the orange peel wax helps protect and condition them.

With over 12 shades to choose from, carry your glow and beauty in your pocket with just a smooth twist-up of this natural organic lipstick.

2. Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm – Beneath Your Mask

After Dana Jackson, the founder of Beneath your Mask, was diagnosed with lupus, she looked for beauty products to help repair the damage to her skin and hair. Unable to find the best effective products, she created products for herself that were safe for the environment and skin. Today, the brand offers Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé (their best-seller) along with this super good conditioning lip balm.

 best lip products

Your search for the best organic lip balms is officially over. One of the brand’s best-sellers, the lip conditioner, glides on like a balm, penetrates like a moisturizer, and repairs lips overnight.

This mask lip balm has superpower ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, moringa, cacay, and ximenia. All of them are organic, wild-harvested, and sourced from non-GMO plants.

Bid adieu to your regular lip balm and introduce this little bundle of beauty to your lips for the treatment and nourishment they need. This unisex balm comes in a sleek aluminum tube, making it one of the best lip products!

3. Gloss & Glow Glossy Balm – Burt’s Bees

How can we talk about the best lip products without mentioning one of our favorite cruelty-free, natural lipstick brands, Burt’s Bees?

 best lip products
BurtsBees / Instagram

Take your beauty game a notch higher with Burt’s glossy balm, which comes with mango butter for the ultimate glossy finish. This hydrating lip balm stick has awesome color payoff and longevity to keep your pout feeling its best-moisturized self! We’re in love with all four shades it comes in — pink, chai, wine, and cherry!

We love the fact that this premium tube contains 17% post-consumer plastic and is cruelty-free, making it one of the best clean beauty products you’d ever own! And four of the best lip products for $28? Now, that’s what we call a fab deal!

Wear this cute, easily buildable lip balm with your favorite dress on your next brunch, dinner date, or even a getaway!

4. Liquid Lipstick – Honest

Honestly, Honest is one of those best natural lipstick brands that your lips have been craving for the longest time! Their award-winning lip products are so good that we’ve added a few to our carts while suggesting some to you.

 best lip products

Indulge in the goodness of a velvety matte smooth, vegan, clean lipstick with this liquid lip product.

Indulge in the goodness of a velvety matte clean lipstick with Honest. This gorgeous, award-winning vegan lipstick will make you want to drench your lips in the eight velvety colors it’s offered at.

No more sacrificing care with these non-toxic lipsticks, which are infused with avocado oil to help nourish and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. They’re so comfortable, non-drying, and good lipsticks that you’d want to grab one (or eight) of them right away. Thanks to this ultra-pigmented liquid natural lipstick, your pout will finally get the perfect power suit.

Jessica Alba even commented, “This formula is amazing because it’s matte and hydrates.” 

Fan of the reds? Check out their cult favorite organic red lipstick you can find under the shade LOVE.

5. Tinted Balms – Olio E Osso

Welcome to the world of beautiful nourishing balms, locally sourced in Oregon. Made with ingredients your lips would cherish — olive oils, shea oils, and natural beeswax, these beauties are made in small batches by hand. Being one of the safest lipstick brands, brownie points to it for also being your face, body, and hair’s best friend!

 best lip products

Offered in around ten pretty shades like french berry, crimson, and berry, you can’t go wrong with this tinted organic lip balm by Olio.

Curated to nourish your delicate lips, this soothing lip product is a modern twist on your regular menthol balm. It is made with a fine blend of olive, and shea oils bound together with natural beeswax. Our favorite ingredient is the grapefruit essential oil, which ensures your lips never feel dry or chapped.

The incredibly versatile balm makes it to this list of the best beauty product, as it can also be used on your body, face, and hair. Even better, it is great for all skin types including dry, mature, and blemish-prone.

6. ShineOn Lip Jelly – Tower 28

If your Instagram #slowbeauty game is pretty high, you’ve probably heard of Tower 28. Their clean beauty products are designed for sensitive skin and for those who want nourishment, tint, and care. By now, you would probably know you’re in for a treat as this shine-on lip jelly is about to be the best lip product you’ve used!

 best lip products
Tower28Beauty / Instagram

This lip jelly comes in two options — high shine and shimmer.

Made with premium ingredients like rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil, and raspberry seed oil, this lip product is a sheer treat to your pout.

It is the brand’s best-seller with the soothing comfort of a balm and shine of a gloss, with a pop of color others around you can’t ignore! The best part? It is vegan, hydrating, clean, and high in shine!

Choose from over 10 color options at this clean lipstick brand — from milky rose brown, and orange, to peachy pink.

So, if you’re looking for a new clear (and clean) gloss, your lips are about to be grateful to you for giving this a shot right away.

7. Clear Sculpted Lip Oil – Ogee

With a commitment to using only premium quality ingredients for certified organic beauty, Ogee is our favorite brand! The sustainable beauty brand is so dedicated to making you feel beautiful that it goes the extra mile for its ethical sourcing, packaging, and each step in between.

 best lip products
Ogee / Instagram

Allure reviewed this lip oil as, “making its way into the hearts of skincare fanatics.” While many customers swear by its hydration and conditioning.

It is gluten-free, GMO-free, all-natural, and not tested on animals, making this a best-seller at this natural organic lipstick brand. The clear oil can be used throughout the day, at night, and every time in between, as it is very smooth and made with a refreshing infusion of organic peppermint oil. With a price of $24, it is worth adding to your beauty products carts RN!

Get your lips on this cutting-edge formula that melts silk oil onto your beautiful lips and creates the ideal priming base for your vegan lipsticks.

8. Color Block High Impact Lipstick – ILIA

ILIA Beauty is a brand that is the perfect epitome of how beauty, elegance, and care can be combined.

Weren’t you expecting to find ILIA beauty again on this list of the best lip products? We’re so in love with this brand that we couldn’t help but talk about its deliciously healthy lipstick too.

 best lip products

The good news for all lovers of handmade, high-impact lipsticks is here! This beauty product is clean, gluten-free, vegan, and above all, long-lasting!

The vegan beauty line is so dedicated to providing you with your favorite color options that even this lip tint comes with eight shades. it is available in classic shades, including soft nudes, bold reds, and vibrant berries. We also love that these non-toxic lipsticks are gluten-free!

This lipstick provides intense color and maximum hydration with the right formula of oils and mango seed butter. Undoubtedly, some of the best non-toxic lipsticks we’ve come across.

9. Citrus Cardamom Moisture Balm – SPARITUAL

The premium ingredients in SPARITUAL’s formulas provide great purposeful benefits for healthy skin. Beauty products by the brand are used, trusted, and loved by the most adept professional experts from around the world.

 best lip products

Our total daytime fave is here! This chubby tube of beauty is the pinnacle of scent and elegance combined.

It is infused with a beautiful combination of hydrating moisture balm and rosehip oil, rosemary leaf oil, avocado seed oil, and carnauba wax!

The organic lip balm’s citrus cardamom-scented balm can be used all over your body, but for us, it’s only reserved for lips! Protects the skin and prevents moisture loss. Aids in cell regeneration of the skin. Basically, the answer to all your lip concerns.

Worried about sun damage? Not anymore with this lip balm treatment that can provide you the ultimate benefit of protecting your skin from the sun. It creates a protective barrier for your beautiful pout that deserves only TLC.

10. Sea Jelly Glaze Anytime Lip Mask – Tarte

 best lip products

Lip masks are a blessing in disguise, and we couldn’t agree more. This adorable pink tube that does it all (really) is a great cure for chapped lips and on-the-go hydration.

In addition, the all-day, everyday smoothing vegan and organic lip balm has a sheer, flattering tint for softer and healthier-looking lips that you simply won’t resist looking at. This rich, non-sticky jelly texture feels as good as it looks by locking 12-hr hydration for a healthier pout.

It comes in 3 shades (toasted coconut, grapefruit, and strawberry), and each shade smells like its name. Finally, with the vegan squalane, we can say that it is one of the best lip products on this list.

11. Fit Glow Beauty Night Lip Serum

 best lip products

With pomegranate plant sterols, beet extract, and vegan collagen, get ready to dive into the world of the best lip products by Fit Glow Beauty – night lip serum.

The brand’s clean beauty products, including this lip serum, will become your bedside table staple as it softens, hydrates, and transforms lips. The brand’s unique plant ceramides formula restores lip moisture barrier while protecting from water loss. Its above mentioned star ingredients improve lip cell structure and lip volume.

In addition to it, it improves the signs of aging. Great for daytime and good for daytime hint of vanilla serum will transform your lip game like no other.

12. Better Balm – Elate Beauty

Elate beauty is one of those cruelty-free makeup brands that is entirely vegan. Their lip products, including some great all-natural lipsticks, are so good that we got a few of them too.

 best lip products

The better balm is one of our favorite picks as it is better in more ways than one. It rehydrates and regenerates dry skin while protecting your pout, from environmental pollutants.

This beauty producct is beautifully curated with carrot root oil and rosehip seed oil to give your lips a sheer shine. Even better, you can use this on your cheeks for a date night or that dewy makeup look you’d been wanting to have.

The clean lip balm is also cruelty-free, ethical, and carbon-neutral, and we don’t think there could be a more versatile and cool beauty product than this.

13. Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask – Alpyn Beauty

Featured on Vogue, Goop, Allure, and Forbes, you can’t miss adding this brand to your beauty carts this season. they’re the only skincare brand to sustainably harvest wildcrafted ingredients straight from the mountains of Wyoming.


Willow & sweet agave lip mask contains nourishing ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins to deeply condition and improve the health of your lips.

⁠This silky hydrating lip mask contains hyaluronic acid and sweet agave extract that binds moisture for increased hydration. Whereas white willow bark softens the lips, wild chokecherry and vitamin E provide a layer of antioxidant protection. Hello, soft, cushiony lips.

Let us know which of these hydrating and super-good lip products worked the best for you. Don’t forget to tag us when you use these beauties.

If you’re a diehard-conscious makeup lover, we’d also love for you to check out these vegan lip balms and ethical eye-care products.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All products featured on GoodGuilt are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn a commission on the sale. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

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