12 Zero Waste Skincare Products That Will Do Wonders For You

Because your skin deserves it. ❤️

With #zerowastebeauty trending at the top of our social media feeds, we know it’s time to give our skin what it deserves. The skin you’ve always wanted: radiant, supple, and glowy! So, we’ve compiled a list of twelve of our favorite zero-waste skincare products that every skin type deserves! But, before we get there, let’s first understand more about zero waste beauty.

What Is Zero Waste Beauty?

zero waste skincare products

Zero-waste beauty includes products that have as least environmental impact as possible. Examples are plastic-free items, waterless formulae, recyclable packaging, and biodegradable solutions. “Zero waste means making sure nothing ends up in a landfill,” according to Tiila Abbitt, the CEO and founder of Athr Beauty. This sustainable makeup brand created the industry’s first zero-waste eye shadow pallet! “That can mean a few things: One is that a product is reusable, another is that it can actually be recycled. So look for lesser waste products, package-free, or fully recyclable,” she added.

The Best Zero Waste Skincare Products!

We found the best zero waste skincare products that are eco-friendly, created responsibly, and include high-quality natural ingredients. So read on to fall in love with your skin with these bundles of joy.

1. Argan Pro-Retinol Eye Cream

josie maran, zero waste skincare product
Josie Maran

Talk about zero waste skincare products, and we think of Josie Maran with its eye cream!

The argan pro-retinol eye cream is infused with everything zero waste skincare products have! It contains sustainably derived pink algae, a natural vitamin A source. This energizes your skin by plumping fine lines and smoothing wrinkles back to their supple bounce. So, get your zero waste beauty skincare game on with this eye cream’s 100% pure argan oil!

2. Nostalgia Organic Oil Serum

zero waste skincare products

A reusable and recyclable amber glass bottle with a plastic dropper for an eco-conscious you!

With nostalgia organic oil serum, an ethical skincare product curated with love, get a headstart on your anti-aging routine. The antioxidant-rich, highly concentrated serum absorbs quickly into the skin, smoothing wrinkles and providing deep hydration. In addition, LLYOGI’s oil serum is made for all skin types. This zero-waste skincare product uses only the finest quality ingredients that do right by you and the planet.

3. Tinted Lip Therapy Ruby Red Grapefruit

zero waste skincare products

Tinted lip therapy is the perfect zero-waste beauty product for your lips! It’s creamy and naturally long-lasting. Get a naturally tinted ruby sheen to your lips with a moisturizing blend of herbal oils and beeswax. The red hue comes from Alkanet root-infused castor oil, while shea and cocoa butter nourish and smooth your lips. It won’t melt in your pocket, is home biodegradable, and is made from 100% PCW recycled paper.

Did we hear you say, “One of the best zero waste skincare products my lips need!

4. Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap

meow meow tweet- cleansing soap bar,zero waste skincare product
MeowMeowTweet / Instagram

Watch out, you’re going to love this!

Meow Meow Tweet’s tea tree charcoal facial soap is a go-to for breakouts and congested skin. This zero-waste skincare baby detoxifies your beautiful skin with powerful essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus, yet, it is gentle enough for daily use. Handcrafted in small batches using only vegan and organic ingredients, this little skincare bundle will be a treat to your skin!

5. Botanical Cleansing Oil

activist, zero waste skincare product
ActivistSkincare / Instagram

Enjoy cleansing your face with botanical cleansing oil by Activist, one of the best skin care products out there! This luxe cleanser is best suited for oily and breakout-prone skin. Thanks to all ingredients sourced from eco-conscious suppliers and packaged in gorgeous glass bottles, it gently eliminates excess oil without over-drying your face or disrupting your lipid barrier.

Prepare for a spa-like experience at home?

6. Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 30+

zero waste skincare products
RawElementsUSA / Instagram

With this reef-safe & plastic-free tinted facial moisturizer with SPF 30+, add a touch of zero waste beauty to your skincare routine. It has ultra-moisturizing properties and a slight medium-toned tint, making this tinted moisturizer feel like one of the best skin care products you own. Infused with the right blend of extracts and vitamins, you’d wish you had come across this Raw Element’s moisturizer earlier.

Get ready to look your best!

7. Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream

herbivore botanicals, zero waste skincare product

Herbivore Botanicals, an organic, vegan skincare line, uses only glass packaging that can be reused, upcycled, or recycled. The Pink Cloud soft moisture cream features healthy skin barriers, giving you the skin you’ll want to keep touching all day! In addition, this deeply nourishing face moisturizer is designed to give your skin a natural no-makeup makeup, dewy look.

We absolutely love the vegan squalane in it, which softens skin while maintaining its natural plump and fluff!

8. Vegan 3-in-1 Tinted Lip Balm

tinted lip balm, zero waste skincare products
SustainYourselfShop / Instagram

With most people preferring to use the same tint for their cheeks and lips, this one is a steal! The tinted lip balm’s little cardboard tube does not disappoint. And the formula is incredibly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Perfect for everyday wear, get natural rosy cheeks with only one stroke of this OG coconut oil-free tinted lip balm!

Time to replace disposable lipsticks with your soon-to-be-favorite zero-waste skincare product!

9. Hyaluronic Sea Serum

osea, zero waste skincare product
OseaMalibu / Instagram

You’re about to feel a layer of hydration on your skin, thanks to one of the key ingredients, snow mushroom, which seals in the right amount of moisture. In addition, the concentrated oils in the fast-absorbing hyaluronic sea serum ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you feel more confident than ever!

Take your zero waste beauty game to the next level with this hyaluronic acid and seaweed serum.

10. Rosehip Facial Cream

eco roots, zero waste skincare products
EcoRoots / Instagram

Get a healthy, radiant glow all day long!

The rosehip extract zero waste face moisturizer is a deeply moisturizing, fast-absorbing face cream to nourish and brighten your skin. With just a natural scent from the rosehip seed oil and aloe vera, this sheer beauty is for all those looking for fragrance-free zero waste skincare products.

11. SuperStar!™ – Solid Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover

zero waste skincare products

This little zero waste gem is precisely what the name suggests: a SuperStar! The multi-tasking zero-waste bar is ready to do you good by serving as a face cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer for all skin types. A smooth blend of kokum butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and cleansing castor oil leaves a pleasant layer of moisture without being slick or greasy.

Ready to be engulfed in a cloud of sweet fragrance?

12. Nourish Coconut Milk & Chamomile Pink Clay Mask

zero waste skincare products
KleiBeauty / Instagram

One of the most effective zero-waste skincare products ever! Don’t believe it? Check out the Klei Beauty reviews.

The coconut milk and chamomile pink clay mask, blended with ultimate skin pampering, is a must-have zero-waste skincare product in your regimen! The gentle mask softens and balances the skin, giving you a radiant glow. And the French rose clay softly cleanses the face and clears build-up in pores without stripping the skin barrier; one of the features we loved most about this ethical skincare product.

With many skincare brands attempting to reduce waste in this wasteful industry, we’d love to know whether you’ve tried any of these zero waste skincare products mentioned above.

Also, if you’re seeking vegan scrubs or organic moisturizers, we’re always happy to share our favorites with you.

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