5 Sustainable Fall Decor Ideas To Bring Home The Holiday Spirit

We also got DIY decor ideas loaded with fun!

Decor lovers, unite!

Fall is a fantastic time to get our homes cozy and ready for the festivities. Redecorating is a beautiful way to bring home the holiday spirit. 

Unfortunately, most of us buy single-use decor items filled with plastic, which sooner or later end up in landfills. 

According to studyfinds.org, “Six in 10 Americans waste more during the holiday season than any other time of the year.” 

This year, let’s shake things up a bit!

sustainable fall decor ideas - living room decor
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Instead of plastic, let’s opt for natural materials like jute, hemp, etc. Sustainable materials like organic cotton and soy wax are also better for our homes.  

To minimize waste, we should choose recycled materials such as fabric scraps and post-consumer paper. 

There are many eco-friendly ways to decorate our homes, like – shopping second-hand, opting for ethical stores, or getting creative with personalized home decor DIYs.

Sustainable fall decor ideas to bring the holiday magic indoors

Setting up a comfortable nook by the window? Or planning to bring some natural fall colors indoors? Let us make our homes just as beautiful as those Pinterest pins. 

Here is our list of pocket-friendly and sustainable fall decor ideas to match the festive vibe at home. We have included some fun DIY decor hacks too! 

1. Nature makes for great decor

Fall leaves, branches, and pinecones make great decor around the home. Dried leaves are great decor pieces for the living room and porch.  

Garlands look amazing by the window or on the mantle. Wreaths look beautiful on the front door and inside frames. They spread that autumn feels all around the house.

  • To make garlands and wreaths, collect leaves from the yard (preferably in different colors, shapes, and sizes). Press these within the pages of a book for a few days and dry them out. Now, easily turn them into natural ornaments for the house. These dried leaves can also be preserved inside an old photo frame. 

    Pro-tip: Adding a layer of Mod Podge (non-toxic glue) to the leaves will prevent them from rotting and give them a glossy finish. 
  • If you come across pinecones on your evening walk in the park, bring some home. Soak the pinecones in a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar to clean them. This will also keep the insects away. 

    Once dry, pinecones look beautiful in garlands, wreaths, and even as centerpieces in vases, on the dining table. 
DIY maple leaves fall snow globe

  • Collect small branches with leaves and turn them into maple leaf fall snow globe. Take an empty mason jar and stick a branch on the back of the lid. Fill in some water, glycerin, and biodegradable confetti. This is an adorable fall DIY decor idea.  

    Trust us when we say; this falling leaves globe in the fall looks just as magical as any snow globe during winters. 

    The next time you head out for a walk, pick up some colorful leaves. Make DIY confetti free of plastics by cutting various shapes out of these dried leaves. Choose a variety of colors to make it look more magical. 
  • Fresh harvests, including real pumpkins, squash, and gourds, make excellent sustainable fall decor accessories. This is probably why fall is known as the decorative gourd season! 
    Arrange the gourds by the window, as a centerpiece, or even by the home entrance. A combination of assorted sizes, from mini pumpkins to large ones, work really well to create a spooky Halloween vibe.
Pumpkins as sustainable fall decor on the entrance of our home
mscraftberrybush / Instagram

  • However, make sure to use up these veggies after the Halloween season is over. There are many easy and delicious recipes for pumpkin puree, pies, and snacks. Pumpkins also work great as skincare remedies. The bigger ones make beautiful planters, bird baths, and bird feeders. 

    Here are some ideas to use the leftover pumpkin post Halloween in 3 cool ways.

2. Fall-themed candles are soy-special 

Wow! The autumn air already smells like pumpkin spice and cinnamon.  

Studies state that different smells can actually change our mood, depending on the experiences we link them with. It is a known fact that 75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell.  

Scent affects mood, concentration, memory recall, and emotion. Research also shows, there is a 40% improvement in one’s mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.  

And we just love how candles look and smell, irrespective of the season. 

Hello Pumpkin mug soy wax candle- sustainable fall decor items
sweetwaterdecor / Etsy

  • The lack of color on gloomy autumn days can be a mood-killer. In such situations, scented candles help to lighten up the mood, calm the nerves and make us feel at peace. There are a lot of candles available today, including some fall favorites like cinnamon and apple orchard candles. 
    The regular candles we use contain paraffin and artificial fragrances that release toxins like formaldehyde as they burn. This can induce headaches and cause breathing issues, making the result the opposite of what we desired. 
    To avoid such health problems, we recommend non-toxic candles. These are made with plant-based wax and use essential oils or natural fragrances. 
  • Our top picks include a popular one – Limited-Edition Hello Pumpkin Mug Candle. It comes with a cute fall-themed coffee mug which is infinitely reusable after the pumpkin-scented candle burns out. 
handmade dough bowl candles as sustainable fall decor
RedBarnCandlesCo / Etsy

  • Our next pick is the Dough Bowl Candle which comes in a handcrafted dough bowl. Once the candle is used up, it makes a beautiful decor piece with little effort (after scraping off the leftover wax).  
    Plus, it comes with a variety of fragrances to choose from, including gingerbread, pumpkin spice, apple cider, mulled cider, etc.
  • We also have some sweet-smelling candle DIYs that work just as great for decor pieces. Here’s how to make a DIY non-toxic candle.  
    Fill an old mason jar with some melted soy wax. Then, shape cotton into a wick by rolling it between the palms. Place the wick in the jar and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it. Let it set. 
    Tadaa! Your DIY non-toxic candle is ready. Get some soy wax beads here
DIY cinnamon stick candle

  • Here is another DIY fall decor idea that we absolutely love; it’s fairly simple too. All we do is wrap cinnamon sticks with twine around a candle that you already have. Make sure to choose a non-toxic one.

    That’s it for this beautiful sustainable fall decor idea. Light up a few of these cinnamon candles and transport yourself to a whole new world. Easy as pie!

3. Pillowcases and throws bring in the autumn colors

The leaves are changing colors from bright greens to shades of crimson and earthy tones. It feels amazing to witness the beautiful fall foliage.

These shades can easily be incorporated into your cozy home space. Our favorite thing is to mix and match different elements to create seasonal decor indoors.

It is also the perfect time to bring out some throw pillows and blankets. Let’s get the transformation started with some fantastic pillowcases and throw sets!

Crewel Silk Pillow Covers & Throw Set by West Elm
West Elm

  • We love this Crewel Silk Pillow Covers & Throw Set by West Elm. It really elevates the home space with its modern design – a perfect pairing of abstract shapes with embroidery and silk. It’s a great boho decor set for good vibes in the living room. 

    The set includes – 1 corded grid pillow cover, 1 silk mono stripe pillow over, 1 crewel outlined shapes pillow cover, and 1 chunky cotton knit throw. 
Trick Or Treat Pillow Cover Set West Elm
West Elm

  • For those who love holiday-themed decor, this Trick Or Treat Pillow Cover Set is a wonderful pick. The relaxing style is a cozy combination of holiday design and nostalgic fabrics. It is a must-try sustainable decor set, this Halloween. 

    The set includes: 1 cozy weave pillow cover, 1 trick or treat pillow cover, 1 corduroy pumpkin pillow, and 1 faux mohair throw. 
Fallen Leaves Floor Pillows
Gulnara Kydyrmyshova / Uncommon Goods

  • We also adore unique statement pieces that will last a lifetime. Here’s one such cute set of Fallen Leaves Floor Pillows. Get the orange maple, green oak, or yellow maple varieties made with sheep’s wool felt.  

    Place them on the bed, couch, or use them as floor pillows. This handcrafted set is a great idea to invite the magic of the fall season indoors. Oh, and yes, these pillows can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth. How great is that! 

4. Pumpkin decor without a trip to pumpkin patches 

Whether it’s wonderful DIY decor ideas or statement decor pieces, there is so much to do with decorative pumpkin art this fall. All of it, without even visiting a pumpkin patch.  

From cute fabric pumpkins to beautiful fairy light pumpkins, we cannot get enough of them. Here are some of our favorite pumpkin decor ideas.

diy wine cork pumpkin
Rachel LeBlanc / Craftymorning.com

  • Let’s make little pumpkins with wine corks that have been hoarded for so long. Simply stack these corks together with the help of a hot glue gun and top it up with some felt or preserved leaves. Cute little pumpkins are ready for the mantle. 
  • We found these really amazing Handmade Fabric Pumpkins online. They fit nicely in a tiered tray or in bowls as table decoration. And they look just as adorable on shelves or on windowsills. 
  • We recommend investing in quality and statement decor pieces that can be used all year round. Ceramic pumpkins are totally trending this season.  
    We couldn’t choose between these Beautiful Live Pumpkin Planters that look so good near the window or these spooky jack-o-lantern tea lights. Even the oh-so-classic Ceramic Pumpkin-shaped Storage Jars are best for the trick-or-treat season.
Pumpkin decor - sustainable fall decor ideas
Goodguilt / Canva

  • Another one of our favorite sustainable fall decor items includes these chic-looking light-up pumpkins. It gives a classy vibe, and it can be used all year round. A win-win for all!

5. Vintage vibes are totally in this season

Secondhand shops like the Facebook marketplace, eBay, and local thrift stores are treasure troves when it comes to vintage decor.  

Just dig in the right place, and it’s surprising how many timeless, pocket-friendly pieces you can find. They are must-try spots when there’s shopping involved.

vintage fall decor
margaretsdaughter_ / Instagram

  • From old candlesticks to table decorations and mantle decor products, there’s everything we need. Do not skip the thrift shops and secondhand stores if looking for antique decor pieces with the add-on of rustic charm.  

    Most items found here will be in great shape or with slight wear and tear, which can be easily mended or just used as is (for those vintage feels!)

You can do a lot with these sustainable fall decor ideas, without spending too much money or generating too much waste. All of these DIY decor ideas and fall-themed ethical decor products will definitely give your home a cozy autumn vibe. (#positivevibeonly!

Get started and watch the magic of fall unfold. 

Happy fall 🍁 

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