Our Go-To Green & Good Guide To Removing Halloween Makeup This Year

Makeup removal made easy!

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Spooky décor on the door. Pumpkins on the porch. Kids in quirky costumes, running around with cute candy buckets, waiting to be filled with all sorts of goodies (hopefully vegan) as they scream, “TRICK OR TREAT!?!” 

Yes, it’s that exciting time of the year again – Halloween! And it’s not just a holiday for the little ones. You should have fun too, with some witch’s brew and Hollywood-grade special-effect makeup at a boo-frickin-tastic party with your friends. 

Halloween pumpkin
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After a late night of partying, the thought of getting all that Halloween makeup off your skin might sound just as terrifying as the ghouls out there. You might be tempted to hit the hay and save your 5-step skincare routine for the next morning; please do not do that!

Remember, your skin needs to repair during the night while you’re asleep. But if it is covered in paint, glitter, and adhesive or is dehydrated from slurping down too many cocktails, you’re setting yourself up for an even bigger scare, the following morning.  

how to get halloween makeup off
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If removing your Halloween makeup has got you all freaked out, GoodGuilt has your back. We have listed 5 easy tips to remove Halloween makeup, along with 5 ingredients you can find in your kitchen (or even at your favorite beauty store). 

How to get Halloween makeup off, safely

Here’s a step-by-step guide to thoroughly remove the Halloween makeup from your skin, safely. 

1. Take off the embellishments first 

If you have any rhinestones, sequins, glitter, or anything that needs to be glued on, then they should be tackled first. Why? Your makeup cleanser won’t go through these embellishments. So, scrapping off sparkly gems or pearls is mandatory. 

how to get halloween makeup off
Victoria Strelka_ph/ Pexels

For this, you should use a Q-tip and baby oil around the base of those embellishments. Let the oil sit to loosen the adhesive for a while. Whatever you do, do not dig into them using your fingernails. It could scratch your skin. 

2. Lift off your makeup using an oil-based balm 

Surely you want your Halloween makeup to last longer for the festivities. So, it’s natural to use makeup that has various oils, waxes, pigments, or silicones. 

Unfortunately, a regular cleanser might not be of much help in dissolving long-lasting makeup. That’s where an oil-based balm comes into play.  

It will lift off your makeup so that you can easily wash it off. Use your balm and massage it over your eyes, lips, and all over your face. 

how to get halloween makeup off
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Pro tip: Go easy on the eyes.  

If you still have mascara or other stubborn makeup on your eyes, then saturate a soft cotton pad with any makeup remover or cleansing balm. Hold it on your eyes for 5 seconds, and then gently wipe.

3. Use an oil-based cleanser to wash your face 

Now it’s time to wash off the lifted makeup using an oil-based cleanser. Lather the cleanser on your face, massage it for a few seconds, and then wash it off.  

Then, rinse and repeat. 

4. Use fashion tape to take off any remaining glitter 

If you opted for glitter this Halloween, then here’s how you can get it off. Use fashion tape, and dab it gently wherever you see a shiny speck.

glitter makeup
Yan Krukov/ Pexels

Why a fashion tape over an office tape? Fashion tape is used to keep daring outfits from revealing too much. That means it’s effective and skin-friendly too.

5. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize 

Once you are done with the above steps of removing Halloween makeup, apply a moisturizer to leave your skin soft.

There you go; these ingredients that are available in your pantry will make the Halloween makeup removal process easy, effective, and safe for you!  

How to get Halloween makeup off with things in your pantry

Removing Halloween makeup doesn’t have to break the bank. You can use natural ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.  

1. Coconut oil 

When it comes to removing makeup with natural ingredients, coconut oil is a lifesaver. It not only helps remove stubborn makeup but also adds moisture to your skin.

coconut oil
Towfiqu barbhuiya/ Pexels

Take a few drops of coconut oil on a cotton pad (remember to use a reusable one). And swipe it all over your face to remove Halloween makeup. 

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is brimming with numerous skin benefits, like protecting your skin from UV rays and lifting off makeup from your skin. 

olive oil
Pixabay/ Pexels

Follow the same procedure as coconut oil. And then wash your face with a cleanser

3. Milk

A milk bath is a luxurious way of cleansing. Milk removes makeup while retaining your skin’s moisture.

4. Honey

Honey acts as a healing agent on your skin. Apply honey with a cotton pad on your face. Blend it using warm water. Then wash off your Halloween makeup. 

Valeria Boltneva/ Pexels

Water and honey together are effective cleaning solutions. Not only does honey remove tough products, but also reduces the chances of acne breakouts. 

5. Cucumber

Lo/ Pexels

Cucumber not only removes stress marks but also heals your skin, and removes blemishes, dark circles, and much more.  There’s a reason cucumber is known as a natural skin refresher. Its cooling effect is perfect for oily skin.

At the end of the day, Halloween is all about having fun, and these makeup removal tips for Halloween are absolutely ideal for making sure that you are having fun without harming your skin. No matter what you wear for Halloween, you can be sure that these tips will help you clean it all off in a way that is safe, effective, and easy for you!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Vaseline remove face paint? 

Yes, Vaseline can remove face paint quite effectively.  

2. How do you remove Halloween adhesive? 

Use an oil-based makeup remover to take off Halloween adhesive  

3. How do you remove latex makeup from Halloween? 

 Use soap to remove the latex makeup that you have applied during Halloween. 


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