50 Simple Ways To Begin A Sustainable Lifestyle, Starting Today

Here's some inspiration to go green.

Sustainable living is not a matter of having the right intentions. It’s a matter of taking small steps that result in big changes to help the planet. That’s why we’ve put together this list of simple ways to start a sustainable lifestyle and make things better for you and the world around you.

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

So, what is a sustainable lifestyle? A lot of people say that it’s a way of life that allows you to do more with less. But, for simplicity’s sake, let’s break down this term further: it’s an environmentally friendly lifestyle that might also save you money over time.

A sustainable lifestyle is more than just a way of life. It’s about putting your words into action by trying to do what is good for our planet, and each other as well. Sustainable living is not easy because it means that you have to make conscious efforts to protect our planet and the animals around us from being harmed or exploited.

How to live a sustainable lifestyle?

The first step to taking on a sustainable lifestyle is to start with yourself. Environmentally-friendly living starts from within, by reducing your own impact on this planet. You can do many things every day that will have an impact on the environment and have a big effect on your life. And don’t forget to take care of yourself first! Here are a few simple tips on starting a sustainable lifestyle.

Ways to start a sustainable lifestyle in your house

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You can live a sustainable lifestyle in your home, no matter its size or layout. The key is planning and knowing what works best for you. We’ve put together some easy-to-do and great tips on living a sustainable lifestyle in your house.

1. Turn off your lights when not in use.

2. Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting. Incandescent lighting lasts longer, so you save both energy and money.

3. Switch to natural light whenever possible. Just open up your blinds and let the sunshine in.

4. Air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer.

5. Invest in a shower clock and save water by timing your shower.

6. Also, invest in a water-saving shower head.

7. Grow your own produce if possible. Veggies like peas, radishes, and carrots are easy to grow at home.

8. And while you are growing herbs and veggies at home, use organic fertilizers only.

9. Compost food waste at home.

10. Switch to solar energy.

Ways to go sustainable in your kitchen

Did you know that everything used in your kitchen could be sustainable? That’s right! And there’s a lot you can do to go green with your cooking. However, when we get started in the kitchen and feel overwhelmed by all that’s available, it seems like an impossible task to find a new way of cooking without running into more costs. This section of our article hopes to give you some tips on ways to go sustainable in your kitchen.

1. Don’t throw away your food waste. Instead, turn them into something delicious.

2. Another way to cut down on your food waste is to plan your meals properly.

3. Swap kitchen utensils for reusable kitchen utensils.

4. Shop veggies from your local shop.

5. And while you shop locally, pick your veggies without any packaging.

6. Ditch single-use plastic.

7. Instead of handwashing dishes, use a dishwasher.

8. Save some energy in your kitchen by investing in a pressure cooker.

9. Use reusable kitchen cloths, washable metal straws, and glass jars instead of disposables.

10. Switch to non-toxic cookware.

Ways to be sustainable in fashion

Whether you’re in the fashion industry or just a passionate consumer of clothing, it’s important to know how to be sustainable. A lot of people do not think about it, but the clothes we choose to wear every day have an impact on our environment. It is important to look at how your clothing impacts the environment when you make purchases. Here are some tips on ways that you can be sustainable in fashion.

1. Thrift clothes whenever possible.

2. Shop for clothes made of sustainable fabric. They will last longer while doing no harm to the planet.

3. Repurpose and donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away.

4. Shop from sustainable fashion brands only.

5. Do your laundry sustainably. Sniff test your clothes before washing them. Use sustainable detergent. Know how many times to wear particular clothes before washing them and how often should you wash them.

6. Go minimal with your wardrobe. Learn here how to make a capsule wardrobe from scratch.

7. Repurpose your old clothes into new things.

8. Learn how to sew. Increase the usability of your clothes by mending them.

9. Save some money and rent clothes (if you know you will not wear that outfit again).

10. Support ethical and sustainable clothing brands.

Ways to go sustainable in beauty

Sustainable beauty is a huge topic but can be summed up in a few words: be kind to the Earth. We all spend too much time thinking of our beauty needs and then forgetting the planet. Sustainable beauty helps you feel good about yourself while helping the environment as well.

1. Use clean beauty products.

2. If possible, make DIY scrubs and cleansers.

3. Switch from liquid shampoos to shampoo bars.

4. Use a reusable cotton pad for removing makeup and a reusable razor for shaving.

5. Also, for menstruating, try using reusable period pants or menstrual cups.

6. Buy from beauty brands that let you refill their products.

7. Repurpose your old beauty products.

8. Donate unused or unwanted products to places like Project Beauty Share.

9. Choose vegan and cruelty-free beauty.

10. Buy fewer and bigger bottles of your beauty products over buying many, smaller bottles.

Other ways to be sustainable

1. Commute sustainably by opting for shorter flights, climate-friendly airlines, and traveling by train or road.

2. Use public transport more often or carpool to work.

3. Have vegan meals once a week.

4. Pay all your bills online.

5. Use rechargeable batteries more often.

6. Borrow, exchange, and donate books. Or buy second-hand books than purchasing a brand new one.

7. While giving gifts, give sustainable gifts, save gift wrappers and bags for future use, and try gifting experiences more.

8. Plant trees, or buy things from brands that plant trees for every purchase.

9. Give back to your community while supporting local artisans and small businesses.

10. Have home-cooked meals more often, rather than eating outside food.

And most importantly, learn, and spread awareness about sustainable living. We hope this list provides you with some inspiration and ideas to start a sustainable lifestyle. The great thing about implementing these changes is that they’re not very expensive nor difficult to do.

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