8 Best Apps To Buy, Sell, Or Swap Your Clothes

Fashionistas & planet lovers, this one's for you!

Up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste and about 2,150 pieces of clothing are discarded annually in the US.
With numbers like that, it’s fair to say that the fast fashion industry has pushed the envelope too far. But, there is a fine line between cleaning out your closet and completely tossing what you no longer need, as you may add to undeserving landfills. This is exactly where these super cool mobile-friendly apps to trade, buy, and sell come into play. So, with that said, get ready to swap, buy, or sell secondhand clothes that deserve to have a new home.

Best mobile-friendly apps to sell clothes

These buy, swap, sell apps, like ThredUp, The RealReal, and eBay, are exactly what any fashion and environmental enthusiast needs (and we believe that’s you!) So, declutter your closet and let your no-more-disliked clothes go to somebody who will cherish them and get you the most bang for your buck.

1. Poshmark

poshmark is an app to swap, buy and sell secondhand clothes

Welcome to the dream world of Poshmark—a fashionista’s dream for those looking to sell secondhand, vintage, or even new clothes! By adding product images with a cute description and then choosing a price of your choice, this side hustle app, (or even a full-time job for some), allows you to sell or buy clothes instantly. So come and join the thousands of individuals that gather three times per day, seven days per week, to participate in their themed virtual Posh Parties. In addition, you can request a shipping label to drop it off at a USPS drop box to sell your favorites.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store.

2. ThredUp

thredup is an app to buy, sell and swap clothes
ThredUp / Instagram

Order a Clean Out Kit from ThredUp, one of the best apps to sell clothes. When you receive your kit, fill it up with your clothes and drop it off at a FedEx or UPS location. From your own (or your little one’s) clothes to shoes and accessories, ThredUp is one of those stores that buys clothes too, but only those in great condition. The site offers more than 35,000 brands, ‘from Gap to Gucci.’ In addition, ThredUp lets you choose between cashing out and shopping credit when you sell secondhand clothing.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store.

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3. Etsy

sell secondhand clothes at etsy
Etsy / Instagram

Anyone who loves artisanal accessories and fashionable clothing knows about this heavenly one-stop shop. Etsy, a community of artisans, accepts and lets you buy vintage and handmade clothing. In addition, you can sell secondhand clothes on Etsy, which costs a 3.5% transaction fee and a 3% payment processing fee. However, it is one of those stores that buy clothes by charging only 20 cents to list an item. Etsy has always been our favorite to buy clothes, but it is an even better app to sell clothes.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store.

4. eBay

ebay, sell secondhand clothes online

Okay, we all admit that this app to swap clothes or even purchase or sell them is no secret. Folks, you can get some designer items for pretty cheap on eBay, which has paved the way for every kind of vendor. It is one of the best apps to sell secondhand clothes, since you can practically start a bidding war if it’s a designer piece. In addition, it is one of those apps to buy clothes with no shortage of dreamy, trendy, and chic collections.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store.

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5. The RealReal

the realreal, online thrift app
TheRealReal / Instagram

Are you ready to swap clothes with the best in the business—The RealReal? Use the app’s White Glove service for at-home pick-up when you want to sell ten or more items from luxury brands, suitable for consignment. If you have fewer than ten sustainable clothing items, you can get a prepaid FedEx shipping label to ship them. Why we recommend you use the White Glove service to sell secondhand clothes is because you can get an in-person valuation at a store near you. And, if the clothes you’ve listed are authentic, you’ll only be paid once they sell.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store

6. Depop

depop, online consignment store
Depop / Instagram

A one-stop shop for sustainable clothing, Depop is one of those online stores that buy clothes with the tap of a phone. It is the ideal online consignment store for people who prefer smartphones and tablets over PCs, as it allows users to swap clothes as well as buy or sell them. Moreover, it is a user-friendly app that lets you buy clothes and ship them to people in person. In simpler words, Depop is the best app to sell pre-loved and vintage clothes at your choice of price.

Download the app: Google Play & App Store

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7. Swap.com

swap.com to sell secondhand clothes
Swap_com / Instagram

Swap.com is a buy, swap, sell app that claims to be the largest online consignment and thrift store. From children’s clothing to stylish women’s sustainable clothing, you can basically find anything here. The app will also tell you how much it is willing to pay for products sent through an inbound box. It is really easy; once you get this box, you will get a pre-paid shipping label that you can use to submit your items for review, and Swap.com will list everything you need!

Download the app: Google Play & App Store.

8. ASOS Marketplace

sell secondhand clothes at asos marketplace
AsosMarketplace / Instagram

Having trouble parting with several vintage clothes that you want to offer to someone who deserves them, instead of throwing them away? Look no further than the ASOS Marketplace to sell them all. However, be ready to pay ASOS a 10% commission on the sales price. What we like about this app that buys clothes is that it features really cool edgy and retro fashion instead of designer ones. In this very own thrift-store-like place, you can pretty much find anything and everything!

Download the app: Google Play & App Store

We hope this collection of mobile apps to buy, swap, or sell apparel, clothing, and much more was helpful in getting you started on your zero-waste or capsule wardrobe. And if you enjoy thrifting, check out why it’s the new social media trend.

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