10 Best Vegan Sneakers To Up Your Styling Game!

A (or ten) good pair of sneakers can always do wonders! 👟

High heels, edgy stilettoes, and knee-high boots are all lovely until the real king steps in, SNEAKERS! Nothing beats the versatility of a (or ten) pair of sneakers. Sneakers can take it all — whether it’s a day at the beach, a day of window shopping at the mall, or a night out with your mates. There’s nothing a decent pair of sneakers can’t fix, even if you’re in the midst of a wardrobe crisis! But, hey, we know it can be challenging to find vegan sneakers that aren’t made using terrible materials like leather and plastic.

Head To The World Of Vegan Sneakers!

Today, with brands going vegan with their footwear, there’s no reason to wear shoes made of animal skin. So, take your shoe game to another level by placing these 10 vegan shoes on your radar that would suit every mood or occasion! 👟


Introducing the ever-stylish LØCI NINE, one of the most sustainable sneakers made by this newest luxury vegan sneakers brand in the shoe game. (which is definitely here to stay.) They’re a definite must-have in every shoe-obsessed closet! Not just these, but even the others by LØCI Wear are effortlessly trendy, vegan, and minimalist that you’d love to wear basically every day! It’s rare to come across a brand with such attractive vegan sneakers produced of recycled ocean plastic taken from Africa’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. So get ready to bounce with these sustainable sneakers made of 100% recyclable materials that will revamp your shoe game like no other!

2. Maia Vegan Espadrille Sneakers

Welcome to Matt & Nat’s paradise, where everything is vegan, cruelty-free, recyclable, and, of course, fashionable! You can say that it is one of the most pioneering vegan sneakers brands, as it has dominated the vegan shoes’ world since its debut. So, we couldn’t help but recommend the Maia Vegan Espadrille Sneakers for your next outfit, as these lace-ups with small micro wedges could be all you’ve ever wanted. This footwear’s rugged, handcrafted style makes it a must-have for every shoe hoarder!

3. Women’s Court

Bye-bye blisters, and hello, comfy AF vegan shoes that can be donned sockless! Thousand Fell is a NY-based brand that uses exclusively recycled rubber, bottles, and natural materials to enhance your game. Women’s Court’s new silhouette and color palette expand the vegan sneakers’ reach to new customers while also drawing their existing shoe loyal back for something new. This collection by one of the best sneaker brands, based on zero-waste innovation, gets us one step closer to the ideal shoe rack, free of sneaker waste. Quite impressive, we must say!

4. Alex Sneakers

Get your vegan footwear game up with TOMSAlex Sneakers. These sneakers are stylish and athletic, with a removable molded insole and bespoke outsole. But, hey, these aren’t your typical running shoes; in fact, pairing them with a dress would be pretty bold. These pink batik dyed vegan shoes are (sorry, not sorry) the most impressive vegan shoes here, made for the everyday grind. We’re also big fans of TOMS as for every pair you buy; the brand donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need around the world.

5. Stone Black Knit

These unisex lace-up sneakers from CARIUMA, based in Rio de Janeiro, blend comfort and style effortlessly. The brand’s quality-over-quantity ethos extends to this easy-to-wear design made of bamboo, cork, recycled PET, plastic bottles, and sugarcane. These Stone Black Knit vegan sneakers are made with recycled plastic from heel to toe, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be lighter on your feet and the planet. BRB, on our way to try these beauties!

6. Infinity Glide Light Grey and Peach Sneakers

With the fan-favorite Infinity Glide Shoes in Light Grey and Peach from this Women-owned brand, take on the day with confidence and energy. These vegan have a stretch knit material with a sleek slip-on design for ultimate comfort and on-the-go style. The vegan sneakers from the Southern California-based brand are perfect for walking, hitting the gym, or impromptu basketball games! In addition, these shoes are so durable that one user said, “It is so versatile and goes with any outfit!”

7. The Ramos Ad-Rock

A fan of Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz? Guess what we’ve got in store for you. The Keep x Ad-Rock Ramos is a fresh spin on the classic vegan mid-top. Inspired to make a sneaker that kept his feet toasty, these vegan shoes feature a water-resistant, nylon Cordura body lined with synthetic shearling. In addition, these vegan sneakers have a D-ring and bungee lace structure that makes them easy to slip on and off! And, of course, as one of the best sneaker brands in the business, Keep’s all footwear is cruelty-free.

8. Roma Sneaker

Soludos, a celebrity-favorite brand, believes that every step counts, which is why it has released its first vegan leather sneaker made with recycled rubber and cork. The Yebo is available in four classic colors, including these vegan beauties in White/Red. Inspired by the Eternal City, The Roma was designed to be dressed up or down for easy everyday adventures and delivers big on both elegance and comfort. They’re an on-trend staple with a gold-rated leather upper, Ortholite® molded insoles for cushion and a built-up algae-based outsole that gives every outfit a kick of it-girl edge.

9. V-12 B-Mesh Tent White

After visiting a fast-fashion factory in China, founders Francois-Ghislain Morillion and Sebastien Kopp knew they wanted to create a social responsibility, fair trade, and sustainability brand. Enter VEJA, the wildly popular and celebrity-favorite French label. Add a splash of color and style to your basic outfit with these semi-formal Mesh Tent White vegan shoes created from Amazonian rubber, rice waste, and recycled plastic bottles. We’re completely smitten with this vegan sneakers brand, especially these shoes? They’re spectacular, to say the least!

10. Yaya Lavender Roamer

Well, well.. talk about great things and not mention the Aquaman and Games Of Thrones actor Jason Momoa? So iLL collaborated with him to make these vividly colored vegan shoes. With these 100% organic cotton sneakers, get set to plan your next outfit for a lovely ladies’ day out or a brunch! The Yaya Lavender Roamer has an organic cotton upper, a rubber outsole, and a BLOOM Foam insole, a company turning toxic algal blooms into sustainable materials. If this isn’t enough to convince you to buy these gems, we don’t know what is.

So, we hope with this pioneering list of vegan shoes; you can take a stand for Mother Earth and all living animals living on her land, beginning from today.

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