10 Ethical Footwear Brands To Shop ASAP For A Stylish Summer

Sandals that will stand out this sunny season.

You know it’s summer when sipping on some healthy sodas or stocking up on beachwear, towels, or sunscreen is a ‘must!’ However, the season must-haves also include some stylish and breathable summer sandals to keep your summer OOTD strong. So, believing that summers are incomplete without breathable and ethical footwear, just like those summer travel essentials, here’s our edit to make your season a little more stylish and a lot more sustainable!

Best Sustainable Sandals You’d Love This Summer

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We know that finding a pair of sandals that are cute, breathable, and have a better impact on the planet and your feet can be tricky. So, to ensure you are comfy and well-equipped for the summer, here are the best ethical footwear brands we like, and summer sandals in particular, for a stylish yet sustainable summer ahead.

Happy summer shopping!

1. 505-Black


From the beach to the streets, these new super-stylish black beauties are the perfect blend of comfort and stability. These soft, lightweight rope summer sandals by Nomadic State Of Mind are the ideal ethical footwear for your closet as they are made entirely of natural materials. The brand works with Nicaraguan artisans to handcraft each pair of sustainable shoes and sandals. However, the 505-Black is our new summer favorite.

What we like best about these vegan, ethical sandals is that they don’t come in a shoebox; instead, the sandals are tied together with a single string in a USPS mailbag!

2. Ankle Strap Crossover in Agave Sheepskin & Alabaster

summer sandals

Well, talk about better-colored prettier summer sandals than the ankle strap sustainable shoes; we’ll wait.

When you purchase a pair of Sseko Designs’ fair trade sandals, you invest in women from Uganda, supporting hundreds of women and their families. And it’s no coincidence that this ethical footwear brand also makes incredibly beautiful, comfortable, and modestly priced shoes, including our favorite crossover slides. With the perfect combination of durability and sass, these summer sandals will find their way into every spring outfit.

3. Hideaway Platform Sandal

summer sandals
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Matisse is one of those ethical footwear brands that, with their sustainable shoes and sandals, give us the right vintage and contemporary vibes all at once. So, if these luxe platform summer sandals don’t make you fall in love with the season, we’re not sure what will. They’re the best sustainable sandals with exotic prints finished with a molded footbed covered in soft leather for your pretty feet. These vegan, ethical sandals are sure to throw you back to the early 2000s while making you summer-ready in 2022.

4. Women’s Huarache Sandal

summer sandals

When it comes to whether or not sandals are ethical, Nisolo gets a resounding yes! Their best-selling huarache sandals are among the best summer sandals, where sustainability meets artisanal craftsmanship. With water-resistant leather and slip-on comfort, these best sustainable sandals are ready to rule the season. In addition, they’re easygoing, one-of-a-kind, breathable, and stylish enough to keep you going through this summer and beyond.

5. Men’s Criss Cross Leather Sandal


Deux Mains, which has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, and Marie Claire, creates the best sustainable sandals using locally sourced and upcycled materials. We love the brand’s ethical footwear, made by artisan partners who are fairly compensated for their work. So the answer to your question, “Are these sandals ethical?” is yes. They are produced in a solar-powered factory using upcycled tire soles, inner tubes, and leather. However, the type of leather used is not specified, which is a bit ‘eh’ for us!

6. Anfibia Strap Sandal

summer sandals

Get ready to redefine your vegan, ethical sandals from Insecta, which features exclusive and inspiring creations on fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. You can now make your summer outfit stylish thanks to a handy removable back strap in these ridiculously comfortable velcro strap summer sandals. And, the fact that these made-in-Brazil unisex shoes have beehive-patterned insoles made from fabric scraps, got them in our shopping carts this summer.

7. Sarah Sandal

summer sandals

With ethical footwear as lovely as these Sarah sandals, get ready to stock up on one of ABLE’s best sustainable sandals for the summer and beyond. They’re the ideal pair to throw on when you need to look casually chic, with padded straps for added comfort. We’ve always admired the brand as it believes that investing in women leads to disruptive change; so get ready to adorn these beauties, handcrafted for women. Consider us hooked, ’cause we’ll take any pair by ABLE that comes our way.

8. Handmade Hemp Crossover Huarache Sandals Lace Edition

summer sandals

Liked the pair but wondering if it’s for you? Yes, these vegan and leather-free natural rubber sole huarache sandals are unisex. What we love most about these vegan, ethical sandals is that they hug your feet as you walk, providing all-day comfort whether you’re relaxing in the sun or getting ready for the perfect summer brunch. Made at Rawganique Atelier in Europe, you may increase your carbon footprint while getting them shipped to the States. However, stocking up on the brand’s best summer sandals is the best decision you can make this season.

Oh! And did we mention that these handcrafted sustainable shoes are sweatshop-free, biodegradable, and eco-friendly?

9. Sunny Vegan Rope Slide in Multi Rainbow

summer sandals

Kick your shoe game up a notch with the sunny multi-rainbow woven slide, vegan and ethical sandals. We’re sure these are the best sustainable sandals you’ll ever own as they’re from Salt and Umber, a woman-owned ethical footwear company, with products handmade in India. We couldn’t agree more with the brand’s motto, “eco-luxury for all,” with these colorful summer sandals proving that fashion and sustainability can coexist.

10. ASHAI Vegan Sandals

summer sandals

Matt and Natt is one of the best sustainable sandals brands that does not compromise on sustainability or style. Want proof? Check out these Ashai vegan sandals. These women’s water-resistant strap summer sandals are vegan, cruelty-free, and feature a natural footbed for ultra-comfort. So, you can literally pair these beauties, which come in olive and white colors, to get your summer outfit game going strong.

Let us know if these sandals were enough to get you through the sunny season. And if you’re looking for more vegan footwear like stylish flip-flops or sneakers, check these out!

Oh and wait. We also have sunscreen, skirts, and sundresses if you’re looking for more summer essentials.

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