10 Hemp Clothing Brands You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe Today

Hemp clothes - combine style with sustainability.

With the fashion industry accounting for 10% of yearly global carbon emissions, we know it’s time to switch to hemp clothes. And if you’re here, we know you already love the fabric, so choosing hemp clothing brands is a give-in for your green wardrobe. But first, let’s look at what makes hemp a sustainable fabric.

Why is hemp clothing a wise eco-friendly choice?

hemp clothing

According to the Stockholm Environment Institute, 1kg of hemp requires between 300 and 500 liters of water. In contrast, it takes whopping 10,000 liters to produce the same amount of cotton. Furthermore, hemp has no industrial waste byproducts since the entire plant can be used. Hemp clothing is also naturally antimicrobial; so it won’t smell bad after one wear (plus you just saved some water!) And guess what? Hemp doesn’t shrink either!

What are the benefits of hemp?

hemp clothing

Hemp is a breathable and thermo-regulating fabric, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s also quite durable; even though it’s not a stretchy fiber, it becomes softer and more comfortable with each wear. In addition to being biodegradable, hemp is also a sustainable fabric, making it an excellent choice for vegans and eco-conscious consumers!

So, here are some hemp clothing brands that you should get for your closet! Let’s go.

1. Toad & Co.

hemp clothing brands

Toad & Co is the brand to look out for if hemp clothing brands are your go-to! This US-based brand provides numerous hemp clothing benefits by using sustainable materials such as organic cotton. Toad & Co, a popular hemp clothing brand, offers everything like dresses, blouses, tees, face masks, jumpsuits, and skirts.

Our Pick: The one-of-a-kind classic lightweight better-than-linen jumpsuit is a smart hemp pick, and cool summer hit.

2. United By Blue

UnitedByBlue, a hemp clothing brand

Talk about sustainability, and we think of one of the best hemp clothing brands – United By Blue! This company is on a quest to clean up our country’s waterways and oceans by removing a pound of trash for every product sold through organized community clean-ups. Apart from being our favorite company, it’s now known for its stunning sustainable hemp clothing for men and women.

Our Pick: Meet your new best buddy, EcoKnit™ ribbed turtleneck, made from recycled polyester and hemp, which looks best under dresses or on its own!

3. Outerknown

Outerknown, a hemp clothing brand

Welcome to Outerknown, the world’s first brand built on a commitment to sustainability. This sustainable fabric brand is known for its everyday wear, from beaches and camping to brunches! But it is their hemp collection, made with a beautiful blend of organic cotton, draws our attention.

Our Pick: The Nomadic polo is incredibly light, flexible, and comfy, with no water waste, pesticides, or pollutants.

4. Patagonia

Patagonia, a hemp clothing brand

Patagonia’s B-Corp brand is always on the cutting edge of sustainable manufacturing, being among the first to use organic cotton and hemp fibers. It strives to achieve zero waste, lower emissions, and sustainable fabrics, including hemp clothes. As one of the most sought-after hemp clothing brands in the US, they provide apparel for men and women, including shorts, shirts, and overalls.

Our Pick: This pair of forge hemp® canvas bib overalls is perfect for everything from rigorous chores to a quick weekend getaway with pals.


ONNO, a hemp clothing brand

Being both Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified, you can be assured that ONNO’s garments are made with minimal to no chemicals. This US-based company sells high-quality organic cotton + hemp clothing for men and women that are must-buys! So, let your wardrobe take great pride in Onno’s clothes, free of toxic colors and bleaches. And the best part? You get free shipping in the United States!

Our Pick: This hemp t-shirt by ONNO is warm, durable, and gets softer over time. A must-have this warm season!


WAMA, a hemp clothing brand

You can’t forget what’s underneath your clothes. And that’s why WAMA, a hemp underwear brand for men and women, exists. They’re a Green America-certified business with vegan products and practices that focus on quality, sustainability, environmental, and social responsibility.

Our Pick: With these no-brainer hipster panties, you have the right blend of comfy coverage and sexy cheekiness.

7. Jungmaven

Jungmaven, a hemp clothing brand

The hemp clothing brand, Jungmaven, is both chic and affordable. Based in San Diego, this is a company you can trust for tees, jeans, sweaters, outerwear, and accessories for your whole family! They’re also a major hemp clothing producer in the United States, making them a natural addition to this list of sustainable hemp fabric options.

Our Pick: Inspired by electric sunsets and acid daydreams, the Agenta shirt is designed with a breezy, relaxed feel, just like a classic camp collar shirt.

8. Tentree

tentree, a hemp clothing brand

A sustainable clothing company based in Canada, Tentree plants “10 trees” for every item sold; hence, the name! The brand understands the need of the hour by offering hemp clothing for everyone, including men, women, and kids. We love this B-Corp business as it values and respects its employees, communities, and the environment.

Our Pick: This slim-fitting linen Lonsdale tank with 100% coconut buttons and a princess neckline will soon become your wardrobe staple for life!

9. Hempy’s

hempy's, a hemp clothing brand

This is one of the most popular hemp clothing brands, stylishly combining sustainable hemp fabrics with recycled materials. Hempy’s has been doing well since 1995, establishing itself as a pioneer in the hemp clothing market. Its unique take on hemp makes it a good reason you should introduce it to your closet!

Our Pick: The animal totem series t-shirts represent how all living creatures on this Earth are interconnected. Pair them with Hempy’s black hat series of caps; 20% of sales from this series are donated to organizations that assist community development and planet protection.

10. Recreator

Recreator, a hemp clothing brand

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular hemp clothing brands among American consumers. Recreator’s hemp clothing is hand-dyed, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles using low-impact dyes and sustainable practices. But unfortunately, most of the products from the sustainable hemp company are usually out of stock. So, keeping your eyes on Recreator’s collection is always a wise choice!

Our Pick: The tie-dye hemp v-neck tee is a breezy blend of organic cotton and hemp, giving this lightweight jersey crew the soft feel of your favorite t-shirt.

Shopping for hemp clothing will be good for you while also being great for the planet. So, with several conscious labels available, pick from any of the hemp clothing brands listed here for your wardrobe. You know the hempster in you is stepping out in style while stepping up your planet game!

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