15 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Carry In Your Handbag

Your new favorite travel must-haves!

Your phone charger, lip balm, and favorite coffee tumbler are the new must-have handbag essentials! We’ve grown so accustomed to them that we can even afford a trip back home if we forget any of them. But unfortunately, while some of these items are reusable, the vast majority are made of single-use plastic, resulting in daily waste. And these apparent essentials, including the drive back home, are bad for the planet. So, today we bring you this list of 15 must-have carry-on items that you can swap with your so-called bag essentials.

1. Reusable Coffee Sipper

We completely understand the coffee lover, who believes a cup of coffee is the most important part of their day (especially for longer travel times!) However, starting today, carrying a reusable coffee cup along will undoubtedly become one of your favorite eco-friendly travel products. Imagine taking a quick sip in that boring class or on a bad day at work while sipping from a travel-friendly reusable coffee sipper! This not only saves you a few dollars every time you get a fresh takeout cup, but it also prevents the garbage can from overflowing with such dreck.

2. Vegan Lip Balm

If a satiny finished moisturizing tinted lip balm isn’t one of the must-have carry-on items, we don’t know what is! Honest’s vegan, cruelty-free lip conditioners are about to become your all-time go-to must-have travel items, whether you’re making an impromptu weekend getaway plan with friends or going on a staycation date.

3. Sustainable Sugarcane Straws

Exploring the unexplored is the new unspoken norm. And the unspoken trend is a heap of plastic trash made of straws, spoons, bottles, and plates! As a result, carrying eco-friendly travel products like straws has surpassed carrying those cliched, unsustainable ones. And most of us often forget to carry one of the literal must-have carry-on items, eco-friendly straws! These ideal sugarcane straws, made from sugarcane fiber, can be easily dunked into your favorite drink while you travel.

4. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Concerned about your skin after a long day? Fret no more! Grab these easily accessible eco-friendly makeup remover pads by ProCIV designed to last for years of repeat usage. You’ll never have to use disposable wipes, sponges, or paper towels again! Also, because they are reusable and biodegradable, you can use them over and over again. You can easily wash these eco-travel products since they come in a laundry bag.

5. Menstrual Cups

Periods are no walk in the park. And we only want the best for you, including in your travel bag, which deserves some lovely must-have carry-on items for your next trip. OrganiCup’s menstrual cups are a Godsend as they are effortless to use, produce less waste in landfills, and are completely odorless. Of course, you can always keep two: one at home and one in your bag, as one of the best eco-travel products.

6. Reusable Swabs

If you’re as obsessed with travel as we are, these eco-friendly travel products will undeniably come in handy. Our favorite is LastObject for its best essential travel items, like their reusable cotton swabs, with so many brands going green these days! If you’re wondering why these swabs are our top pick, it’s roughly the same size as the disposable versions, but they are super-duper cute! They are 100% must-have carry-on items that you’d want to have in your lovely travel bag.

8. Natural Shampoo Bars

Isn’t it tempting to use those mini toiletries in hotel bathrooms? And while using these hygiene products may appear to be a cool thing, have you considered the environmental impact of those little harmful plastic bottles? So, it t’s time to ditch those plastic bottles and stock up on eco-friendly shampoo bars by Peach, which are about to become your favorite must-have carry-on items in your holiday tote bags!

9. Biodegradable Cutlery

This one is for all of you who love carrying oversized totes (like me!)

Let’s face it: carrying plastic cutlery along on a picnic is one of those must-have travel items (or so you think) that you can’t pass up. However, when discarded, they can harm the environment, including animals who may ingest them. To avoid this from happening n, switch to eco-friendly travel products like this biodegradable cutlery, while you’re having fun with your folks and need something handy. Look into brands like BAMBOODLERS, which are designed to make your picnic more enjoyable and guilt-free by filling your tote with these great must-have carry-on items.

10. Canvas Or Cloth Bag

A bag inside a bag makes the whole planet smile!

Plastic has become omnipresent in our lives today, but it’s time to say goodbye. Even if you think carrying extra plastic bags is the best travel essential, it can actually cause more harm than you can imagine. Instead, while out (even to shop), consider carrying your own cloth bag in your handbag. This, in turn, can help you support local businesses while carrying your essential travel items responsibly.

11. Reusable Water Bottle

Carrying a personal water bottle has become the new unspoken norm, thanks to recent positive changes in our habits. And, as people become more aware of the environmental damage that plastic can cause, yesterday’s convenience is no more today’s greatest threat. So, grab your tote and put in the reusable glass bottles as part of your must-have carry-on items and eco-travel products on your next trip. Stay hydrated with this all-time favorite handbag essential!

You can also check these eco-friendly bottles today!

12. Eco-Friendly Sleeping Bag

This one is for all the daring souls who enjoy hiking, trekking, and the wild outdoors! Include an eco-friendly sleeping bag in your carry-on essentials on your next camping trip. The bag’s recycled material is not only good for the environment, but it is also incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for carrying along. Look into brands like Coolzon for eco-friendly sleeping ba and sustainable bags to store all your super-useful essential travel items!

13. Solar Phone Charger

If you’ve read our beginner’s guide and tips for zero waste living, you’ll know that leaving the phone switched on without plugging it in is bad for the planet (and your wallet too!) So, start using a solar phone charger; this will help you avoid not being able to find charging points in the places you travel. In addition, it will also become one of the must-have carry-on items that you won’t be able to leave the house without! Since these chargers can be charged by sunlight and are portable, they’re about to become your favorite go-to travel essentials.

14. Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Case

We’re guessing you’re already on your way to buying a solar phone charger, so here is another great eco-friendly travel product you should get – an eco-friendly phone case! If you’ve done your part by purchasing a vegan handbag instead of a real leather one, it may be time to change what’s inside as well. We’ll now let your new favorite travel essentials by Wilma embellish your phone. Check out these eco-friendly phone cases we found right here!

15. Cruelty-Free Sunscreen

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Sunscreen!

Packing sunscreen for your vacation is a give-in, but carrying it with you everywhere you go is surely a hit. So, knowing you can’t afford to forget your sunscreen, one of the essential travel items for your next romantic getaway or day at the beach, we found this eco-travel product for you. We really like Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen, the best eco-travel product if you want something matte, light, and scentless!

Traveling is satisfying! However, it does not have to cost the planet or your handbag, both of which deserve guilt-free must-have carry-on items. So, let us know which of these eco-travel essentials persuaded you to stock up on them, before your next getaway!

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