8 Sustainable Travel Essentials For Your Next Summer Vacation

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Summers without a vacation (or vacations!) are incomplete. Whether you’re going camping, jetting off to far-off destinations, or planning a getaway close to home, all of us face the same scenario — what summer travel essentials do we carry with us when we’re on a vacation? The dilemma of packing is enough to drive anyone insane. Add when you’re concerned about the environment, it’s easy to understand the stress.

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After all, we can’t be living a conscious life while still carrying not so planet-friendly stuff around. So, coming from someone who loves a sustainable vacation more than anything else, here’s a list of sustainable travel essentials to add to your bag this summer without sacrificing your comfort! We tried including the most common eco-friendly travel products that are must-haves for your summer travel plans.

1. Ethical backpack

sustainable travel essentials - ethical backpack
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Be it your sunscreen, water bottle, or other summer travel essentials, you need a cute little backpack to carry them around while on a vacation. We all need something lightweight, durable, and weather-proof. But also, something that keeps all our sustainable travel essentials organized and makes us look super cool too! So, we found these 3 stylish, planet-friendly, and affordable options for an ethical backpack.

2. Reef-friendly sunscreen

sustainable summer essentials - reef-friendly sunscreen
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Studies show that sunscreens have harmful chemicals that are not at all good for coral reefs in the ocean. But, we can not really skip sunscreen on a beach day or otherwise. So, it is always best to add a good reef-friendly certified sunscreen to your list of sustainable travel essentials. We have listed 3 recommendations that you can check out.

Want to know more about why sunscreens are not so ocean-friendly? Check out our article: What makes sunscreen eco-friendly?

3. Sustainable sunglasses

sustainable travel essentials - sustainable sunglasses
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Just like it is important to shield your skin from the hot blazing sun, you should also protect your eyes. And what’s better than a stunning pair of sunglasses? However, before you pick one up for yourself, it’s best to know what it’s made of. To make your life easier, we have 3 super stylish brands that repurpose ocean waste into sunglasses or use planet-friendly materials like bamboo to make their sunglasses.

Looking for more options? Check out this article on eco-friendly sunglasses!

4. Zero-waste shampoo bars

sustainable travel essentials - shampoo bars
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Toiletries are amongst those travel essentials that are packed with plastic. Plus, there’s always a chance of shampoo leaking into your bag and causing a huge mess. You can easily avoid this by opting for shampoo bars. Zero-waste shampoo bars are readily available and are super easy to store after use. And of course, they are leak-proof too! Check out some of our favorite shampoo bars that are must-haves for travel lovers.

5. Sustainable swimwear

summer travel essentials - sustainable swimwear
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If you are a water baby (like us) and can’t wait up to take a dip in the sea, then swimwear should be at the top of your summer vacation packing list. Fortunately, there are a lot of brands out there that have some beautiful options of sustainable swimwear for you. Check out our top 3 favorite brands to buy sustainable swimwear for your sustainable summer vacation!

6. Multi-purpose beach towels

sustainable travel essentials - beach towels
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When you have limited space to pack your summer travel essentials, you can’t really pack in a bulky beach towel or blanket. A lot of brands out there heard this from travelers, and have remedied the problem. We found a number of brands that make super cozy, sand-repellent, multi-use, and easy-to-dry sustainable beach towels. Here are our top 3 picks to add to your summer vacation packing list.

7. Sustainable flip flops

sustainable travel essentials - sustainable flip flops
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Summers, beaches, and flip-flops go hand in hand (or should we say foot in foot 😛 ) But, instead of opting for cheap and flimsy plastic types, you can actually opt for sustainable flip flops. Many companies use recycled materials like old tires and wine corks to turn them into beautiful summer travel essentials aka flip-flops. These eco-friendly travel products are designed for your sheer comfort and for plastic-free oceans. Check out some of these amazing brands right here –

8. Reusable water bottle & travel mug

sustainable travel essentials - reusable bottles and travel mugs
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Hydration is really important when you are out in the sun. And the best way to stay hydrated in summer is to always have your water bottle and travel mug with you. Plus, carrying your own reusable bottle and mug also saves you from using plastic bottles and cups, which are again, a big threat to the oceans. So, why not check out some amazing reusable water bottles and eco-friendly travel mugs right away!

Don’t let travel planning get in the way of good vacation time, this summer. Use this easy guide to make sure you bring along all the sustainable travel essentials you need. Just pack up your bags and load up on these travel essentials. Get ready for your sustainable summer vacation. And have an amazing summer, without harming the planet.

Happy Summering! 🌻

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