10 Most Stylish And Sustainable Blouses Your Wardrobe Deserves This Summer

Blouses that will make you love the sun.

Summer essentials are a thing, and we couldn’t agree more. And if you thought we are talking about blouses for this sunny season, you’re absolutely right! Summer calls for everything nice and comfy. But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of all your lovely pre-owned pieces this season. Instead, it simply means taking a step toward sustainability by picking sustainable fashion brands that work tirelessly to make you look your best even during the warmer months! So, if you’ve been looking for cute and comfy clothing, such as sustainable blouses, here are some of our favorites!

Sustainable blouses you’d love to wear, this summer

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We all know that the best blouses are stylish, cute, and classy to make you look your best on sunny days without breaking the bank. So, in response to the season’s demand and your closet’s calling, here are ten elegant, floral, and sophisticated sustainable blouses recommended for you.

1. Janelle Black Swiss Dot Chiffon Blouse

white sustainable blouse

When it comes to sustainable fashion, we couldn’t think of a better brand to start than Flynn Skye. It is an American-made sustainable fashion brand that features a variety of trendy blouses and the best tops for women. The LA-based brand creates one-of-a-kind, versatile pieces that are comfortable and chic, and we couldn’t agree more! 

The Janelle is one of the brand’s most fashionable and sustainable blouses, with long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline that we can’t wait for this summer. But, since it’s made of 100% polyester, it’s left us a wee bit disappointed.

2. The Convertible Tee

convertible tee

Vetta Capsule is a sustainable fashion brand that creates mini capsule wardrobes, including some stylish blouses that can be mixed and matched with everything! Produced in the United States by responsible factories that pay their employees fairly, this is a brand you should add to your wardrobe right away. And our summer shopping list is almost ready with some of the most flattering sustainable blouses from the brand.

The convertible tee, which comes in four new colors and can be worn in five different ways, is one of the brand’s best-sellers. It’s one of the most versatile sustainable blouses you can wear this summer, with a hidden slit for tying a side knot.

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3. Will Oversized Linen Shirt

button-up sustainable blouses

Reformation creates women’s clothing that is both smart and sustainable. It has a large variety of casual, chic, and cute blouses in petite to extra-large sizes. This sustainable clothing brand creates effortless clothing in general (and stylish blouses in particular) while minimizing its social and environmental impact.

The Will is a button-down dress shirt and one of the best-colored sustainable blouses with a collar. It’s oversized for a more roomy fit and was made with no water at all. So, is it time to make this trendy blouse the star of your summer wardrobe right away? We believe it is!

4. The Faye Top

ChristyDawn's sustainable blouses

Christy Dawn is a sustainable fashion designer who creates boho-chic, timeless blouses from upcycled fabrics. So, this season, let your sustainable fashion speak for itself with a selection of LA-made, vintage-inspired pieces.

Despite being a little pricey, the Faye top is one of the most stylish, sustainable blouses you’ll ever own, with a button front and wrist ties. This delicate charming piece is made of organic cotton and is perfect for brunch or a summer getaway. 

5. Ellie Button-Up

sustainable blouses by Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House is a St. Paul-based sustainable fashion brand and design studio that strives to delight with the little details. Based in Minnesota, the clothing brand creates long-lasting, one-of-a-kind, versatile clothing. However, the sustainable fashion brand releases a limited edition design every week, which is a little overwhelming for us.

As much as we love bright summer colors, this cropped button-up collared shirt is a unique choice for the season. The Ellie button-up has a rounded hem and a front chest pocket.

6. Bena Linen Top


Amour Vert is the brand to go to, for gorgeously hued, eco-friendly blouses. To avoid waste, this sustainable fashion brand supplies smaller quantities in the US, sourcing fibers from all over the world but focusing on organic cotton and Tencel. Furthermore, the fashion label plants a tree for every top purchased, with over 350,000 trees planted so far.

Summer calls for groovy, comfortable clothing in refreshing colors. And this short-sleeved, trendy blouse with flutter sleeves made of 100% linen checks all the boxes!

7. Janelle Slither Skin Chiffon Blouse

long-sleeved chiffon sustainable blouses

We just couldn’t get enough of Flynn Skye. So, talking about super-pretty sustainable blouses, we knew we had to include one of this one-of-a-kind brand’s pieces again. With a commitment to sustainability, it employs limited-run manufacturing to ensure that each piece is as unique as you are. In addition, the sustainable fashion brand only makes a few pieces of each style, ensuring that your outfit is unique for every occasion.

And where do we even begin when it comes to this subtle and perfect summer blouse with long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline? This silk chiffon blouse is enough to keep us excited for the season!

8. Reversible Linen Blouse

Madetrade's sustainable blouses

Made Trade is a sustainable fashion brand that enjoys creating ethical goods for the modern yet environmentally conscious wardrobe. Keeping our personal bias aside for this super cool one-stop-shop for everything sustainable and fashionable, their stylish blouses are a must-have this summer.

This dreamy linen wrap top, which you can wear with the tie in the front or the back, exudes elegance from every angle. This is one of the best trendy blouses you should own this summer, simply because it is made with a low carbon footprint.

9. Balloon Sleeve Top

orange colored sustainable blouses

Cuyana is one of those timeless clothing brands that never ceases to amaze us with its classy clothing, including the best tops and most stylish blouses. However, the brand may not be your best friend when it comes to your pocket, despite being widely recognized as a hub for accessories and clothing. Their collection is well worth the money you’d pay for their elegant and ethical pieces.

The balloon sleeve top is a feminine scoop neck with exaggerated puffed sleeves, elastic cuffs, and a high-low hem. This is one of the most subtle, stylish blouses you’ll ever own, designed to complement your high-waisted trousers.

10. Lana Linen Knot Shirt

sustainable blouses

Edify is a curated marketplace of brands that prioritizes value in your shopping experience. Every brand on the site is either sustainably made, ethically sourced, BIPOC-owned, women-owned, toxic-free, or made in the USA. And what brought Edify here is BrunnaCo., an environmentally conscious clothing line based in the United States, for its most stunning summer blouses.

This breezy linen and sustainable blouse can be worn with almost anything and is perfect to wear all spring and summer long! Furthermore, this piece was purposefully handwoven by Balinese women in the comfort of their own homes. So, feel good knowing you’re wearing a sustainable fashion piece from Edify this sunny season.

You never have to wonder what to wear again! Also, don’t forget to tag us while you doll up in these super-pretty and trendy blouses this summer.

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