7 Planet Approved Flip-Flops To Walk The Sustainable Journey

Sustainable flip flops for your every adventure! 🩴

Summers are all about sunny days, barbeques, and long walks by the beach. But with beaches comes responsibility. And by responsibility, we mean flip flops. Flip flops are kind of the official footwear for summer – they’re comfortable and extremely durable. About 3 billion flip flops are manufactured every year and a lot of them get washed up into the oceans. To remedy this hazardous situation, there are a lot of brands making sustainable flip-flops.

why you need sustainable flip flops
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What makes these flip flops sustainable is the materials used to make them. Brands like Indosole are taking recycled rubber tires and turning them into summer flip flops. There are other brands that use recycled cork, bio-based soy, Bloom Algae Foam, Microplast (recycled blended plastic), etc. to make these sustainable flip flops. Check out a list of such amazing sustainable footwear brands and find the best fit for yourself!

The Best Flip Flops To Check Out This Summer

Here are our top picks for planet-approved, sustainable flip flops for you to check out this summer.

1. Indosole

sustainable flip flops - Indosole
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Discarded tires are a big problem for the planet as they do not decompose and burning them results in toxic fires that burn for hours. The B Corp certified brand, Indosole found a solution to this very problem. They use recycled tires to make soles of the most sustainable footwear you can get your hands on. From straps to soles, everything in these flip flops is not just planet-friendly but also designed to fit all that your feet need.

The sustainable flip flops by this wonderful brand come in an ergonomic design to give your feet the ultimate arch support. Plus, have natural rubber which makes them waterproof, slip-resistant, and all-terrain friendly. The straps too are made of ENVRO fibre which uses very little water and all-natural dyes making these summer flip flops our top pick.

2. Third Oak

sustainable flip flops - third oak
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This wonderful and sustainable footwear brand, Third Oak makes the most sustainable flip flops and sandals for everyday wear. Available in 9 beautiful colors (including metallic shades), these flip flops are perfect for a beach day or date night. They fit perfectly well on your feet and are super comfortable. Plus, they will go flawlessly with all your summer outfits. The brand also makes beautiful sustainable sandals, so you can check those out too!

What more? Well, these comfy beach flip flops are made of Microplast (TM), a specially developed, patented, and a recyclable blend of plastics that is a lot more durable than other materials. In addition, they are made in Georgia, so these flip flops need not travel long distances to reach you. Also, once your pair gets worn out you can easily send them back and the company will recycle these pieces into completely new footwear again. Now isn’t that amazing!

3. Gumbies

sustainable flip flops - gumbies
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If you ask us to describe this sustainable flip flops brand Gumbies in 3 simple words, we will say – comfortable, vibrant, and of course eco-friendly. The brand brings you 5 different options for summer flip flops including the island canvas, the duck bills, the cairns, the gumtree (which uses sustainably-sourced wood chippings in foot beds), and the corkers. The island canvas and duck bills are great options but they have EVA which is not biodegradable.

Of the three options, the corkers are our top pick. These eco-friendly flip flops are made with upcycled cork which gives them breathable, antimicrobial, and waterproof qualities. The outsoles are made of Gumtread™ recycled rubber making them shock absorbent and slip-resistant. Plus, they have recycled soft knit cotton straps and they plant a mangrove tree for every pair of Gumbies sold. This is another reason why we absolutely love these beach flip flops.

4. FEELGoodz

sustainable flip flops - feelgoodz
feelgoodz / Instagram

This beautiful brand makes shoes you can feel good about, hence FEELGoodz. The brand proudly works with artisans in Southeast Asia to make these wonderful fair-traded products. All their products are designed to strike a perfect balance between comfort, quality, and durability. You can check out 2 options of their stunning eco-friendly flip flops, the first one made with 100% natural rubber and the other ZensoleTM.

ZensoleTM is their premium product designed for the ultimate comfort. These sustainable flip flops come with great arch support, yoga mat cushioning, and soft vegan leather uppers. Plus, their outsoles have recycled rice husks for added traction along with natural rubber. This also helps support rice farming communities in Vietnam. Now isn’t that great!

5. Okabashi

sustainable flip flops - Okabashi
okabashishoes / Instagram

Okabashi is a brand that focuses on making shoes that are as eco-friendly as they are comfortable. The flip flops have a slip-resistant design with toe rest and gentle massage beads made specially keeping in mind the Japanese concept of reflexology and design. Not just this, Okabashi is one of the few brands left that are still Made-in-the-USA.

Moreover, these sustainable flip flops are made with bio-based material containing 45% soy by weight and are BPA, latex, rubber, and phthalate-free. The eco-friendly brand also follows a closed-loop manufacturing process by recycling its shoes. And don’t worry, no matter how many times you wash your pair of flip flops they won’t fade or shrink. So, buh-bye germs!


Sustainable flip flops - SOLE
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SOLE Supportive like the name suggests, brings you sustainable flip flops that fit perfectly on your feet and give your feet the ultimate support for your long beach walks. Within a few wears the sustainable footwear molds as per the shape of your foot giving you the best arch support there is. And they are water-friendly too!

The sustainable flip flops have Bloom Algae Foam or recycled wine cork as their top layer. But these beach flip flops also have an EVA midsole and straps made with chromium-free nubuck leather or synthetic nubuck microfibers which can be a dealbreaker for some people. While only some materials are planet-friendly, these vegan flip flops look extremely durable and hopefully will last for years.

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7. Waves

sustainable flip flops - waves
Waves / Pinterest

Keeping quality, durability, and sustainability in mind, Waves makes its sustainable flip flops with premium-grade natural rubber, tapped directly from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. If you love sober yet colorful beach looks, these summer flip flops are just the right fit for you!

Since these eco-friendly flip flops are made with natural rubber they are super spongy, extremely lightweight, and mold to your feet. In addition, these ethically made flip flops are super versatile so you can run on sand, in the ocean, and through the forest super comfortably. 

As long as you are willing to splurge just a bit, you can find an eco-friendly pair of flip flops that will serve you well for many years to come. With the questions above answered, you are now ready to step out in style on your next vacation. So don’t let the environment suffer; help keep our beaches clean and stylish in these sustainable flip flops!

Happy Summer!

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