10 Most Recommended Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men In 2022

Life's too short not to try these cool brands!

Whoever said, “men deserve it too,” we couldn’t agree more! Did you know that men popularized heels and that the first fashion magazine was aimed at men? But, if you thought there weren’t enough sustainable men’s clothing brands, this list will prove you wrong!

Most popular sustainable clothing brands for men

From joggers and comfy tees to hoodies, find everything fashionable in this list of men’s clothing brands that aren’t too good to be true; but they’re definitely too good to pass up!

1. Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tee by Quince

man wearing maroon colored tshirt by Quince, sustainable men's clothing brands

Quince is a name synonymous with affordable and sustainable men’s clothing. We like that this brand ships directly from factories, eliminating the middlemen and excessive packing. As one of the best sustainable clothing brands for men, it also uses eco-friendly materials to produce its garments, which is a big plus. Gentlemen, you need to check out this men’s clothing brand, that has everything from activewear to basics!

2. Jamison Men’s Anti-Stain V-Neck Tee by Ably

man wearing cream colored tshirt by Ably, sustainable men's clothing brands

Guys, check out Ably today if you’re searching for a brand you can rely on when it comes to sustainable fashion. The founders spent 40 years developing Filium®, a technology that makes natural fabrics repel liquids, stains, and odors without compromising on softness and breathability. This means that you can wear your Ably clothing repeatedly before washing them! Also, this men’s clothing brand never skimps on comfort or quality, whether it’s the non-conventional designs or odor-wicking fabrics. So, shop at Ably for T-shirts, hoodies, and polos today.

3. Men’s Natural Run Short by Allbirds

Hazel colored shorts for men

While we know Allbirds for their sustainable fashion in shoes, that doesn’t mean the brand is limited to just footwear. Allbirds is one of the best sustainable men’s clothing brands with great apparel options. Allbirds creates luxurious-to-touch clothes with natural materials, including Merino wool that is ethically sourced and Tencel Lyocell made from wood pulp. Given that it uses recycled packaging, this is one of the best clothing brands for anything from sweaters to activewear. Additionally, through its collaboration with Soles4Souls, Allbirds donates their gently worn or returned shoes to underserved communities.

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4. Unisex Hoodie by KNOWN SUPPLY

man wearing black hoodie

KNOWN SUPPLY is one of those trendy, sustainable clothing brands for men that offers a wide range of accessories like hats, scarves, and beanies. This sustainable fashion brand uses organic cotton for its dream-like ethical clothing, which is hand-signed by talented garment makers in India, Peru, and Uganda. The men’s clothing brand also offers pieces made of recycled nylon, acrylic, wool, and polyester. Since each item’s maker is listed on the tag, KNOWN SUPPLY is known as ‘The Most Human Brand™’ and lets you ‘meet the maker’ directly on their website.

5. Triblend Fleece Jogger by Threads 4 Thought


The fact that Threads 4 Thought is Fair Trade USA certified and encourages people to #wearthoughtfully makes it one of the best clothing brands for men. Despite being based in the fast fashion center of Los Angeles, this men’s clothing brand is constantly on the lookout for slow fashion. As a result, their men’s collection includes pullovers, shorts, zippers, and some seriously cool joggers!

6. Heavyweight Polo by Pact

pink polo tshirt by PACT, one of the best sustainable men's clothing brands

When it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion brands, Pact has always been our top choice. And this time is no exception. Born in Colorado, it specializes in high-quality basics created ethically in Fair Trade facilities. This sustainable men’s fashion brand, which sells everything from underwear to sportswear, undoubtedly has a cult following. So, we’re confident that the underwear and outerwear collections will become some of your favorite, softest, and most sustainable staples. Plus, Pact also launched the Give Back garment donation initiative, which you should try out!

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7. 505™ Regular Fit Men’s Shorts by Levi’s

levis sustainable fashion brand for men

Look no further than Levi’s if you’re searching for a brand-new or even secondhand pair of eco-friendly men’s jeans. This clothing brand prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendly production by reducing water use, recycling, and repurposing. We also love this brand for prioritizing inclusivity in sizing and ethical cotton and Tencel™ Lyocell sourcing. The company, synonymous with denim, and now with its sustainable range, had to be listed as the best men’s clothing brand.

8. Long Sleeve Crew Neck by The Classic T-shirt Company

man wearing full-sleeved tee by the classic tshisrt company, one of the sustainable men's clothing brands

If The Classic T-shirt Company is anything, it is classic! The brand makes every effort to reduce its environmental impact; its clothing is evidence that sustainability and fashion can coexist. The sustainable fashion label uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, which uses 70% less water than conventional cotton. This US-based sustainable clothing line for men offers hoodies, long and short-sleeved tees, and also some fun, comfy joggers!

9. Mother Knows Best by United By Blue

white back print tee by United By Blue, one of the sustainable men's clothing brands

United By Blue, a well-known sustainable clothing brand, is here today for its affordable yet trendy men’s clothing. Their business model is quite simple: for each product you purchase, the company removes one pound of plastic waste from the ocean. Over four million pounds of waste have been removed as a result; United by Blue has taken it a step further by being more than just eco-friendly. You can find sustainable fashion clothing pieces like jackets, bottoms, and tees that will instantly make you summer and fashion ready!

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10. Relaxed Slub-Knit Crew by KOTN

man wearing black joggers and basic black tee

KOTN was developed in 2014 as a solution for the fashion industry. This certified B-Corp makes affordable, sustainable men’s clothing, including all things fun; flannel shirts, crew tees, sweatshirts, and even robes! Their clothing is equally stylish and comfortable since it is made from Gossypium Barbadense, an ethically sourced Egyptian cotton. The best part? The clothes from KOTN are all entirely made of cotton!

Guys, with all these ethical men’s clothing brands that will make you stand out for the seasons to come, you no longer need to sacrifice style for sustainability.

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