Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Every Kind Of Dad Will Love

Because dads deserve it too.

Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 19 this year. And it is often an underrated celebration. Our fathers are notoriously known for saying they don’t need a present or a special day to celebrate their roles. But, we should get in the Father’s Day spirit by planning a fun and exciting day highlighting our favorite male role model.  

Our Father’s Day gift ideas for 2022 range from Father’s Day gifts for new dads and gift ideas for any manly figure in your life you want to thank for being an amazing dad. Here is our list of the best gifts for Father’s Day:

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Funny Dad

If your dad is quite the practical joker or enjoys making you (and the rest of your family) laugh, here are some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas to consider:

Funny mugs, one of the best nice Father's Day Gift Ideas
 Maustic Store / Amazon

  • A mug with a pun. While not everyone’s dad is the biggest on puns, the funny dad is likely making them constantly. So we love this Father’s Day gift that reads ‘Best Farter Ever.’
  • Get your dad a custom bobblehead with his face on it!
  • Print one of his favorite ‘Dad Jokes‘ onto a shirt.
  • Take your dad to a comedy club.
  • Spend the day watching funny movies at home.

Father’s Day is a great day to keep your dad laughing, especially if you know he loves a good joke. Take this opportunity to recruit your father on a minor scale prank mission. (And don’t be afraid to victimize a family member! Haha)  

Foodie Dad, This Father’s Day Gift Is For You!

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, elevate your dad’s culinary experience with these gifts for dad on Father’s Day:

Dad aprons,, one of the best Father's Day Gift Ideas
ApronDaddyUSA / Etsy

  • If he’s a fan of spicy cuisine, look for DIY Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kits that let him make his ideal hot sauce blend. Then, finally, he can enjoy as spicy food (or mild) as he wants.
  • If he’s big on grilling, this would be a great time to get him a funny apron, BBQ grill accessories, or special ingredients that heighten his marinating experience.
  • If your dad isn’t too big on the cooking, take your dad out to dinner or lunch! So, dad loves a particular food joint; pick the restaurant that lets your dad eat as comfortably as possible. Look for his favorite meals and cuisine. Don’t forget to ask him about the shenanigans he got up to when he was younger while you let him load up on a bit of alcohol and lotta tasty food!
  • If he’s not too big on stepping out for a meal, bring the experience to him. This would be a great time to order from his favorite takeout spots or splurge on a private chef to cook him a special meal at home.
  • Your dad may have a strong penchant for craft beer or high-end whiskey if he is more of a connoisseur of the finer things. Supposedly, buying him liquor may not feel like the best present, pick up some cool drinking accessories, including decanters, personalized ice cube molds, or beer sleeves.  
  • If your dad is not the biggest on alcohol consumption, this would be a great time to look out for monthly food subscription services. We love a good cheese of the month or sausage of the month club; your dad will too!

Cute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A New Dad 

If this is someone’s first Father’s Day gift, here’s a round-up of what we think would be the best gift for Father’s Day: 

The Dad Hoodie, one of the best Father's Day Gift Ideas

  • Buy him a dad hoodie! Dad hoodies are created with multiple pockets and compartments that work as a diaper bag without carrying one. The mesh pockets are great for fitting feeding bottles, diapers, wipes, and other baby accessories, without it getting too bulky.
  • If he’s into coffee, this would be a great time to invest in a new coffee maker or anything that would perk him up around ‘dad time activities.’
  • For dads trying to juggle their past life with their ‘dad life,’ buying him accessories such as a tablet holder or a Nintendo switch for some gaming on the go could help him transition into dad mode without feeling less like himself.
  • Do you know a dad who would love something customized, personalized, something he uses every day? This could be a personalized journal, a pocket watch, a personalized wireless charger, or something more sentimental like a photo puzzle.

Father’s Day gifts for first-time dads should help make their journey into fatherhood a little less confusing. Keep them faithful to the father’s personality, and don’t be afraid to get a little playful with it. Fatherhood is supposed to be exciting, not scary!

Unique Gifts For Father’s Day, For Tech-Savvy Dad

Dads and their gizmos – a tale as old as time. For the tech-savvy dad, here are some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas:

best Father's Day Gift Ideas
Sony Store / Amazon

  • The latest Apple/ Android anything. Depending on what team dad supports, picking up the newest phone or tablet from either company is a sure-shot win!
  • For the dads that always have the latest gadgets, complement the technology with the best possible accessories. For example, buy him some new cables, charger heads, or a customized case.
  • The gamer dad always has a list of games or accessories he could use. A gift card could work wonderfully here; then spend the Day learning how to play his favorite game with him.
  • Heighten his listening experience with a soundbar, wireless speaker, or headphones for the music-loving dad. On the other hand, if he’s more of an old-school music listener, look for a classic record player!
  • If this dad prefers to use tech in the kitchen, for fitness, or both, we’ve got some gift ideas for dad an electronic weighing scale, some fun kitchen appliances such as centrifugal juicers, or a fitness watch.

Tech-savvy dads are almost always the easiest to gift for Father’s Day. But, of course, you could always buy a gift card and accompany him to the shop. This could give you great insight into what to purchase for the next anniversary, birthday, or start planning for Father’s Day next year.

Super Fun Fathers’ Day Gifts For The Cool Dad

The cool dad is on top of all the trends. Our Father’s Day gift ideas for 2022 are a little out of the box; here’s what you should consider gifting that father figure in your life:

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Nuovoware Store / Amazon

  • Consider buying him a skincare set, beard grooming products, or even a home spa gift box if he’s big into grooming. Don’t forget to include a manicure, pedicure, and a relaxing massage.   
  • If he’s into experiencing new cultures without traveling, take him to a restaurant serving a cuisine he has never tried before or to a foreign film. The unique experience could give you an excellent opportunity to bond with your father.  
  • Consider taking him to an art gallery or a sip and paint event if he’s into the arts.   
  • For the dad that’s into fashion, take him sneaker shopping! (Interested about Nike’s sustainability plan? Here you go.) However, if this may be stretching your budget, consider taking him thrift shopping for some truly unique finds.   
  • For the sustainable warrior father, buy him a reusable water bottle, water bottle sleeve or metal straw kit. Even a dustbin that helps separate your recyclables can be a great addition.  
  • Another great gift for dads this Father’s Day with a green thumb is to pick up a terrarium or low-maintenance indoor plant option.   

The cool dad breaks the barriers around conventional Father’s Day gift ideas. This is a fun space to experiment with out-of-the-box gift ideas!

Father's Day Gift Ideas
GoodGuilt / Canva

While the gifting ideas aren’t limited to what’s on our list, consider the father (or father figure) you intend to gift before purchasing it. Remember that a father figure is not limited to your biological father. Gift any important man that has played a vital role in your life or someone important to you.

A quick assortment of Father’s Day gift ideas for men you may want to gift but are unsure of what to offer them? Include gift cards for a meal or a beer. You can even have a conversation with them for some real insight. Father’s Day is a great time to showcase the men who don’t get enough love and recognition for the role they play. Use this day to highlight your appreciation for the care and consideration the male figure in your life gives you. With a little more time at your disposal, start saving today for a meaningful gift for Father’s Day!

Well, if you’re looking for sustainable men’s fashion brands for your dad, here are some!  

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