10 Thoughtful Things You Can Do For Your Dad If He’s Not That Into Gifts

'Cause dads deserve to be pampered!

There’s practically no other word for him than dad – the man who has given selflessly without taking anything in return. So, this #FathersDay, which is on Sunday, June 19, it’s time to celebrate the superhero in your life. But as we all know, dads and gifts hardly ever go together. So, we put together these unique ways and thoughtful little things to do for Father’s Day that scream out loud: I love you, dad.❤️

Ten exceptional things to do for dad this Father’s Day

things to do for father's day
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We believe every man deserves the best! So we’ve got you covered with our best ideas, whether he’s your dad, granddad, husband, brother, mentor, or any father figure in life. Our consciously curated list is filled with amazing activities or things to do for dad this year – from little handmade personalized tees, cards, and aprons, to spa time and wine as a token of your love and gratitude.

1. Begin the day with breakfast in bed

things to do for father's day
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Breakfast in bed has always been a pretty good bet not only for Mother’s Day but also as something to do on Father’s Day! So, for the dad who has always started a ‘good morning’ with special pancakes, it’s time to make his day extra-sweet on his special weekend. Give his day a loving start by whipping his favorite pancakes or a delicious avocado toast! Isn’t that quite a thoughtful thing to do this Father’s Day?

Express your gratitude with these brekky gift ideas for dad

2. Treat him to a self-care kit or an in-house spa

things to do for father's day
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Who says a spa sesh is only for the moms? Father’s Day just got more special with the idea of an in-home pampering and spa. ‘Cause dads, too, deserve to be pampered! So this Father’s Day, grab the best reusable sheet masks and allow your dad to enjoy his much-deserved moment of pause. Light up his favorite eco-friendly candles, put on his favorite music, and there you go. We also have a few more cute ideas for you right below.

Best gift ideas for dad to pamper him at home

3. Organize a wine-tasting event with his buddies

things to do for father's day
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Is your father a wine lover? Invite his friends and other family members to participate in an at-home wine tasting session. In fact, you can DIY this yourself. Simply lay out a wine holder set with a variety of organic wine options along with some olives and cheese on a charcuterie board for the best presentation. To make things a bit more exciting, add in a scorecard for your dad and his friends to score their favorite wines.

Gift ideas for a wine-loving father

4. Host a picnic or barbecue in the backyard

things to do for father's day
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How about planning a cute picnic in the backyard, just like those good old ones that dad planned when you were a kid? You can curate a lovely eco-friendly basket with his favorite snacks, wine, and some board games. Since an outdoor picnic is one of the best things to do for dad on Father’s Day, don’t hesitate to set up one in your backyard with a good barbeque, this Father’s Day. Here are some other such gift ideas for dad that he’ll be grateful for.

Gift ideas for dad, who enjoys BBQs

5. Cook a meal or dessert with your father

things to do for father's day
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Tell us better things to do this Father’s Day than spending some time in the kitchen, cooking dad’s favorite meals with him. If cooking is something that both of you would rather stay away from, hire a private chef to let him enjoy his favorite dish of dessert. Or you can also order in his favorite foods, this Father’s Day!

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6. Take him out on a shopping spree

things to do for father's day
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Shopping and dads don’t always vibe; but if your dad is up for it, take him to his favorite ethical brand or a flea market. Since Father’s Day is about doing things you don’t do that often, make the day extra special by taking him out shopping to a local thrift store, to buy anything he’s ever wanted without making a negative impact on the planet. Don’t forget to check out these thrift stores if you’re in New York!

Super fun things to gift your dad

7. Celebrate the day with some gardening

things to do for father's day
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35% of participants found that gardening is a great activity for the whole family to engage in. For the dad who loves to spend his time in the garden, one of the best things to do for Father’s Day 2022 is to help him by getting your hands muddy and green together, in his little universe on a bright Sunday.

Gift ideas for dads who loves gardening

  1. Personalized Gardening Tools
  2. Father’s Day Wooden Plant Markers

8. Celebrate Father’s Day with a yoga session or a family workout

things to do for father's day
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You don’t even have to leave your house this Father’s Day to make your extraordinary dad feel extra-special. Rather than sitting on the couch with him on Sunday, go out and do things with him that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. A family workout or a yoga session can be super fun and relaxing, while also good for his health. Even better, you can take a walk out in the park, together!

Gift ideas for a fitness-obsessed dad or who enjoys healthy habits

9. Spend quality time in nature by camping or hiking

things to do for father's day
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The best thing about Father’s Day is it usually falls on the third weekend of June. So, plan a quick weekend getaway either camping or hiking, with your superhero dad to a warm location. If that’s not possible, set up a tent in your own yard to make things easy yet exciting for both of you.

Practical gifts for dad who lives and breathes traveling

10. Surprise your dad with the most thoughtful gifts

things to do for father's day
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And while you create these nostalgic memories for your dad, you can always add a thoughtful gift for your father to make him smile! From artisanal kits and personalized gifts to gardening equipment, planters, and car accessories, pick the most practical gifts for your dad to make his day even more special.

Some thoughtful things to gift your dad

Best personalized gift ideas for dads

After you’ve done your best to make your dad feel extra-special this Father’s Day, round up the day with a movie he’d enjoy. Don’t forget to end the beautiful day on a sweet note, with his favorite dessert. And just in case it’s a long-distance Father’s Day, an “I Love You, Dad” message can be the best gift ever!

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