15 Gift Ideas To Dazzle All The Conscious Potterheads You Know

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The 31st of July, aka Harry Potter’s birthday, is right around the corner, and just like some of the Harry Potter fans in your gang, we, too, cannot keep calm. While they are waiting eagerly for an owl to deliver their acceptance letter to Hogwarts and birthday gifts every year, here’s your chance to become their favorite muggle in the world. Just surprise them on Harry’s birthday with one of these Harry Potter gift ideas.

Harry Potter's Birthday cake
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These gifts for Harry Potter fans are not just unique collectibles but also planet-friendly. After receiving these sustainable gifts, (you never know), they might even tell you some of their magical secrets!

Sustainable gift ideas for Potterheads

With these sustainable gifts for Harry Potter fans, let’s dive into the world of witchcraft and wizardry. But wait! You must cast the spell to unlock these gifts. So, tap the lock with your wands and say… Alohmora ✨

1. Harry Potter Books Special Edition Boxed Set

2th anniversary edition book set - Harry potter gift ideas
Goodguilt / Canva

A special edition box set is the holy grail of gifts that every Potterhead will be thrilled to receive. This book set is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Of course, you can get the paperback or hardcover set. However, if your friends are amongst the conscious Harry Potter fans, then you can also gift them a kindle edition of this fantastic Harry Potter Books Special Edition Boxed Set.

2. Personalized Acceptance Letter

Personalized Acceptance Letter - Harry Potter gift ideas
MagicKateLV / Etsy

All the Harry Potter fans have one thing in common – the hope to receive an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. So, we had to put this Personalized Acceptance Letter on our list of gifts for Harry Potter fans as we simply couldn’t break their hearts. Make their Hogwarts dream come true (partially!) by presenting them with these beautiful acceptance letters with their name on them.

3. Hermione’s Time Turner

Time Turner - Harry potter gift ideas
The Noble Collection / Amazon

If you have seen the movies or read the books, then this precious collectible is by far the most popular one among Harry Potter fans. The 24-karat gold-plated replica of Hermione’s Time Turner is officially licensed by Warner Bros and is from the Noble Collection. It will definitely make one of the best Harry Potter gifts for any Potterhead out there.

4. Personalized Hand Crank Music Box

Personalized Hand Crank Music Box - Harry Potter gift ideas
WhatIsInTheBox / Etsy

This Personalized Hand Crank Music Box is one of the best Harry Potter gifts for the fans. The beautiful, hand-engraved music box plays Hedwig’s Theme when you crank the handle. In addition, the wood design features various sides of the Hogwarts castle, and you can add a personalized message on the lid to make it even more special for your favorite Harry Potter fans.

5. Lumos Nox Planter

Lumos Nox Planter - gifts for Harry Potter fans
CocainClouds / Etsy

This adorable concrete Lumos Nox Planter is one of our favorite Harry Potter gift ideas. This mini succulent planter is handmade with lots of love and says Lumos on one side while Nox on the other. The hand-painted design only makes it more unique and beautiful. Give this one to the Harry Potter fans, who are also new plant parents who love low-maintenance houseplants.

6. Espresso Patronum Wizard Mug

Espresso Patronum Wizard Mug - Harry Potter gift ideas
Almandol / Etsy

If you know Harry Potter fans who love a good espresso, then this Espresso Patronum Wizard Mug is best customized gift for them. All you got to do is find out whether they are a Hupplepuff, Griffindor, Slytherin, or a Ravenclaw and pick hair, scarf, and skin to create a magical image that resembles any Harry Potter fan you know. They will definitely love it.

7. Harry’s Sorting House Bath Bomb

Harry's Sorting Bath Bomb - Harry Potter gifts
BobaBathTime / Etsy

Even though Harry Potter fans cannot really have the sorting hat to sort them in different houses, you still can recreate the experience for them by gifting them Harry’s Sorting House Bath Bomb. You can easily choose the house color you want the bath bomb to show your friends and a scent of their choice to make it relaxing and smell good. Once the receivers add the vegan and cruelty-free bath bombs to the water, the color of the water will show them their house. Now, isn’t that amazing?

8. The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

The Official Harry Potter Baking Book - gift ideas
Joanna Farrow / Amazon

Throughout the films and books, we read and saw finger-licking good-looking food (’cause of course we couldn’t taste it!), be it Harry’s birthday cake or Butter Beer. So, here we present you the one and onlyOfficial Harry Potter Baking Book to help you bring all that magical deliciousness from the books and movies to your dining table. This book is one of the best Harry Potter gift ideas for the fans who have always wanted to try the Great Hall’s yummy feast someday.

9. I Solemnly Swear Ceramic Morphing Mug

Ceramic Morphing Mug - Harry Potter gift ideas
GrowingWildflowersAR / Etsy

This made-to-order Ceramic Morphing Mug makes for one of the most beautiful Harry Potter gift ideas. This fantastic mug reveals the Marauder’s Map with footsteps and names of your choice when you pour a hot beverage (and say, ‘I solemnly swear, that I am, up to no good!’ :P). The FDA-approved mug is one of the most magical Harry Potter gift ideas to surprise any fan.

10. The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook

Harry Potter Spellbook - gifts for Harry Potter fans
Media Lab Books / Amazon

When it comes to Harry Potter gift ideas, some items just can not be ignored. The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook is one such magical gift for Harry Potter fans. It comes with all the known spells from books, movies, games, and cards. Learn everything about each spell, including pronunciation, name, and etymology, a description of its effect, wand movements and vocalizations where applicable, explanatory notes, and fun facts. Gift the Potterheads, you know, the next best thing after going to Hogwarts, as rightly put by Kendra Nott.

11. Wizard World Air Plant and Moss Terrarium

Wizard World Air Plant and Moss Terrarium - gifts for Potter fans
Lovelyterrariums / Etsy

A terrarium from the wizarding world makes one of the coolest gifts for Harry Potter fans and we found this one to surprise them with. This amazing Wizard World Air Plant and Moss Terrarium comes with a glass globe terrarium measuring roughly 6″ in diameter, soil, live moss, a selection of air plants, a handmade wizard and owl as shown, a variety of items from nature as decor, tools, a mist bottle and a step-by-step assembly and care instructions with reference photo. It is the perfect setting for the witches and wizards you know to conjure up spells!

12. Vintage Dictionary Prints Set

Vintage Dictionary Prints for Potterheads
Footeprintsandmore / Etsy

The Vintage Dictionary Prints Set is a beautiful and unique gift for anyone who would love Harry Potter themed decor in their room. You can pair these print sets with frames or just put them up as it is; and they will become the highlight of the room in no time. The best part however is that the prints are made by recycling pages of old books which also the set a sustainable gift.

13. Divination Class Tea Box

Divination Class Tea Box - Harry Potter gift ideas
All Little Cute Things / Etsy

There’s nothing better than doing Harry Potter movie marathon for Harry’s birthday. Pair the movies with some hot pop corn and a cup or warm tea, and your weekend is sorted. But wait a minute! What if you could also learn the magical tea reading art too. Well, the Divination Class Tea Box will help you do just that. Surprise the Potterheads in your gang with this amazing Harry Potter gift idea that they will absolutely love.

14. Custom Wizard Inspired Family Illustration

Wizard Inspired Family Illustration - Harry Potter gift ideas
BitofMagicDesigns / Etsy

This is one of the perfect Harry Potter gift ideas for the Potterheads out there, who already have everything! These magical family portraits are handmade and can be received in digital formats. Get one made for your fam to make it an amazing wall art for your Harry Potter themed room. We are sure this Custom Wizard Inspired Family Illustration will be the talk of the town.

15. Harry Potter Inspired Hexagonal Coasters

Hexagonal Coasters - Harry Potter gift ideas
MatArtWood / Etsy

Last but not the least, these beautiful hand-carved Harry Potter Inspired Hexagonal Coasters will make a wonderful gift for the older witches and wizards; who have already received their diploma in wizardry from Hogwarts. These themed coasters are great for showing off their magical skills (like casting Wingardium Leviosa) while also keeping the surfaces stain-free and dust-free.

We hope this list of sustainable Harry Potter gift ideas will add a lot of magic and make great surprises for the Harry Potter fans you know.

Oh and yes! Happy Birthday Harry Potter ⚡️

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