10 Best Bra Alternatives For Ultimate Comfort

Ready to enter the world of good bra substitutes?

If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to take off your bra. And if you don’t, what is it about the underwire or an uncomfortable bra that’s keeping you from switching to alternatives to bras? Of course, bras aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, pun intended. It can be quite annoying when bands, buckles, or straps show from your dresses and blouses. But, thankfully, with so many bra alternatives (which already existed), you can finally put on that evening gown or favorite dress you’ve always wanted to wear without any worry!

In addition, many people celebrate National No Bra Day on October 13. Adding to the joy of those who hate bras, scientists have discovered that there is no compelling reason to wear them. In fact, according to research, not wearing a bra is more beneficial to women as it supports breast tissues. So, bra or no bra, nothing beats taking off a bra after a long day at work! But, for those who want to stay away from them entirely, here’s a list of the best sustainable bra alternatives.

Sustainable Bra Alternatives For Folks Who Are In Dire Need Of ‘Em

From backless bras and camisoles to bodysuits, this list of bra alternatives is curated to work for various body and breast types. So, no more fretting! Here are some great options for bra alternatives when you just want to leave that bra at home.

1. T-shirt bras

bra alternatives from Naja

T-shirt bras are the best gifts you can give yourself. They are an athleisure outfit’s best friend. These bra alternatives often provide proper coverage while keeping you comfortable and protected. With its supportive elastic band, natural lifting power, and varying thickness, the t-shirt bra is one of the most multitasking bra alternatives. You can now buy the most sustainable bra from Naja, which also has some fantastic t-shirt bras that you can wear to your favorite game or a stroll outside!

2. Camisoles

woman wearing a camisole, bra alternatives from Boody

Camisoles are one of the best bra alternatives. They are supersoft undergarments that provide full coverage for your torso. So if the wirings and cups bother you, many camisoles have built-in bra cups to support your breasts better. In addition, you can literally ditch your traditional bra and wear a camisole all day; it isn’t too tight, is ultra-comfortable, and is even suitable for laying. So, on your next no-brainer day, throw on a Boody camisole – a cool shirt to show off your cami’s neckline, and you’re ready to go!

3. Bandeaus

Woman wearing bandeau, one of the best bra alternatives

Bandeaus, like strapless bras, are typically less structured, often a pullover, tube-top style design. Both, however, give you the option to wear strapless clothing. But a bandeau is one of those bra alternatives that are incredibly comfortable and simple to throw on with a pair of jeans. They provide more support and form than camisoles as they’re more shaped, but our favorite bandeau is from Boody, hands-down!

4. Bodysuits

Bodysuits from Organic Basics are the best bra alteratives
US.Organic Basics

Bodysuits are the new black! They are your best choice for shapewear to conceal the bulge while letting your natural curves speak for themselves. These bra alternatives often include built-in bras, so support and coverage are typically not an issue. So, with brands like Organic Basics offering the best bodysuits, you don’t have to worry about getting the best bras available for your bust. Get ready to ditch both the bras and undies together by pairing a bodysuit with skirts or denim!

5. Bralettes

woman wearing oranged colored bralette from Organic Basics

A bralette can transport you back to your adolescent bra days. For us, a bralette is the younger sibling of a sustainable bra. However, bralettes are those alternatives to bras that do away with the clasps, underwires, buckles, and pads and typically have a midriff style. But fortunately, many bralettes come in bra-like shapes for those who can’t entirely give up their bras. So, you don’t need to cover your innerwear anymore, thanks to chic hues and feminine patterns like this one from Organic Basics.

6. Tank tops

Tank tops, bra alternatives from Organic Basics

The person who invented tank tops is a real godsend! They’re similar to camisoles in covering your entire torso, making them a great summer essential and one of the best bra alternatives. Like bralettes, they work best as low-support sustainable bra alternatives with a touch of coverage and compression. So, for your next beach day, slip on the Organic Basics tank top and pair it with shorts and some pretty sandals to create an ultimately cute outfit.

7. Nursing tank top

woman wearing nursing bra from Storq

First things first, wearing a nursing tank top isn’t just for moms who are pumping milk! These tops are ideal for basically anyone with larger breasts who needs more bust support. One of the best things about nursing tank tops is that they’re already layered; so there’s no need to worry about nipple outlines. Furthermore, with so many maternity clothing brands on the market today, you can also find nursing tank tops, as many women prefer them instead of many of the best bras out there.

8. Nipple pasties 

woman wearing nipple pasties, one of the best bra alternatives
Fashion Forms / Amazon

You were probably wrong if you thought we wouldn’t mention these angels in disguise, aka backless bras while talking about bra alternatives! Backless bras, also known as stick-on bras, are among the most popular options today. These stickers cover your nipples and can be worn under your favorite backless dress, elegant gown, or low-buttoned shirt. Fortunately, these wonderful pasties come in a variety of shades and shapes. However, we loved the U-plunge backless bra pasties, which free your chest from bands and straps; they can be worn with even the deepest neckline designs.

9. Silicone Covers

Niidor / Amazon

Silicone covers, like pasties, are for the nipples but are made of silicone gel. They often come in nude tones that blend well with your skin tone, giving you the best feel of a backless bra while still guarding your breasts. So, get yourself a pair of silicone breast covers to eliminate the fear of anything attracting attention from beneath your sheer clothing.

10. Gel Inserts

gel inserts, one of the best bra alternatives
HoneyCloudz / Amazon

If you’re bothered by bands and straps, gel inserts are the best options for you. Because of their seamless fit and built-in coverage, these cutlets can be best friends with your tops or dresses. In addition, gel inserts are strap-free, backless bra alternatives that provide more comfort than nipple stickers, as you can add them to your sustainable clothing piece without worrying about a nip slip.

Everyone has a particular set of preferences when it comes to bras. But, some individuals may not feel comfortable donning bras all the time. That’s where the bandeaus and backless bras come to the rescue. And if you can’t find the best bras for your evening gown, a stick-on bra can be your breast’s best friend. We hope with these bra alternatives; you will never have to wonder what to wear instead of a bra again.

If you want to let go of your old underwear and bras, remember that the trash is not the right destination. Here are five ways to re-love your old lingerie for you. And if you’re looking for some sustainable underwear to pair with your favorite brassieres, we’ve got you covered.

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