Clean Beauty Skincare: 20 Most Common Questions Answered

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Clean beauty, clean beauty, and clean beauty. In recent years, this term “Clean Beauty Skincare” has become quite the talk of the town. From affordable beauty brands to niche upmarket brands and everything in between, everyone has jumped onto the clean beauty bandwagon. 
But along with that, there comes a lot of doubts, confusion, and questions about clean beauty.

What exactly is clean beauty and clean beauty skincare?
Is it a marketing tactic?
Or has the beauty industry shifted its focus to more natural and safe products?  

The answer to these or all your other clean beauty skincare questions can be found below. But more importantly, it points to a larger shift happening in the beauty industry.  

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As we explore this new shift and discover its benefits, it is helpful to understand what makes clean beauty skincare stand apart. And since there are so many different types of products, brands, services, and more within this category, the specifics can get a little confusing at times.  

Here, we have answered some frequently asked questions about clean beauty skincare to help you get started on your clean beauty journey. 

1. What is Clean Beauty Skincare?

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Clean beauty refers to beauty products made without any toxic ingredients – better for our health and the environment. Unfortunately, the term clean beauty doesn’t have a straightforward definition. It depends on what ingredients are safe and ones that beauty users feel comfortable using, which can be different for every individual.

It is just a matter of a personal decision and preference on what ingredients you want to choose and which to avoid. 

2. Are Clean Beauty Skincare Brands Always Clean?

Not always. Be sure to check the ingredients of any brand that calls itself ‘clean.’ Always check if the label of the beauty product matches YOUR definition of what clean beauty should be.  

3. Are All Natural Ingredients Good?

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Not all “natural” ingredients are good for you, and not all “chemical” ingredients are bad for you! However, certain ingredients can be potentially harmful. This makes it necessary to avoid certain toxic ingredients in your beauty products. 

4. Is Clean Beauty Skincare Safe? 

If a product is free of proven toxins and side effects and is safer than the regular/ conventional one, then it is safe. Clean beauty focuses on harmless and safe ingredients, making it safe for you to use on your skin. 

5. Do Clean, Organic, and Non-Toxic Beauty Mean the Same Thing? 

Even though non-toxic beauty and clean beauty might seem similar, the term non-toxic is misleading. 

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The term non-toxic means the product is made without toxic ingredients. But this can be subjective. Clean, however, is a more forgiving term, meaning everyone responds differently to the ingredients and their toxicity level. 

On the other hand, organic beauty is exactly what it sounds like – beauty products made with organic ingredients. However, an organic beauty product may still contain ingredients that are unsafe for you. 

6. Are all Chemicals Unsafe? 

Not really. All chemicals are not equal. Even H2O is a chemical and is present in many products we use, for various purposes. Some chemicals are safe to use irrespective of their origin – natural or synthetic.  

7. What are the Benefits of Clean Beauty Skincare? 

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Clean beauty comes with numerous benefits when we talk about skincare: 

  • Clean beauty prioritizes safe ingredients 
  • Lowers the risk of irritation, redness, and sensitivity 
  • Reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals 
  • Keeps you healthy 
  • Works well on your skin 

8. Is Clean Beauty a Scam? 

Unfortunately, some clean beauty products are a scam. But how do you tell if your favorite/ a new brand is ethical or sustainable to avoid getting greenwashed?  

However, it’s not always the case! There are good clean beauty products out there, too. There are also clean beauty brands that live up to all the hype of being gentle, sustainable, and effective against issues. 

Our top picks in clean beauty brands are:  

  • ILIA 
  • Kosas 
  • W3ll People 
  • Saie  
  • RMS Beauty 
  • Tata Harper 

9. Are Clean Beauty Skincare Products Expensive? 

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Clean beauty products vary greatly. However, there are affordable clean beauty brands available, like Meow Meow Tweet, Kosas, Burt’s Bees, and Versed. 

10. Are Natural Products Always Clean? 

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Natural and clean are not the same. Natural products can be clean, but not always. In the same way, natural products are not always as safe as clean products. 

Usually, brands use the term “natural” only to attract buyers. However, it is not enough to trust a product label without doing additional research yourself.  

The FDA does not regulate natural or naturally derived, so brands can claim that their products are 100% natural when it is, in fact, not. 

11. Is Clean Beauty also Vegan and Cruelty-Free? 

A clean beauty product can be vegan and cruelty-free, but not always. A product being clean means it is formulated with safe ingredients. The same product being vegan or cruelty-free totally depends on the brand’s value and focus. 

Nowadays, many people interested in clean beauty are also interested in other values, such as vegan, cruelty-free, and even plastic-free products. That’s the case with many sustainable beauty brands too.  

So, brands that are doing good for the planet are trying to focus on more than one value. For example, brands like Versed and Ella + Mila make their products with clean, natural ingredients; their products are vegan and cruelty-free. 

12. Why is Clean Beauty Skincare so Popular Now? 

There is a shift in the beauty industry. With consumers becoming more conscious about what they are putting on their bodies, there’s a rise in demand for clean products.  

Clean beauty is becoming popular nowadays because it is free of toxins and harsh chemicals and safer to use on our skin. 

13. Is Clean Beauty the Same as Sustainable Beauty?

It is a myth that clean beauty is the same as sustainable beauty. Clean beauty doesn’t mean the product is made sustainably or the brand follows sustainable practices.  

Clean beauty simply means the products are made with clean, non-toxic, and safe-to-use ingredients. 

A product’s sustainability and environmental impact depends on the brand’s value and mission. However, many brands are both sustainable as well as clean. 

14. Where Can You Buy Clean Beauty Skincare Products Online?  

You can buy clean beauty products from online marketplaces like Credo Beauty, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and The Detox Market.  

You can also buy clean beauty products from the websites of clean beauty brands.  

15. What Does Clean Beauty Mean at Sephora?

Clean beauty at Sephora means all of their brands meet a certain criteria that’s focused on transparency in sourcing and avoiding toxic ingredients.

According to Sephora “clean at Sephora is a curation of the very best in clean. Since we launched, we’ve continued to improve our assortment with science-backed innovations and by eliminating even more unwanted ingredients. That means our Clean seal has the highest standards across the industry.”

16. What Are Some of The Cleanest Foundations? 

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We found some of the cleanest foundations for your clean makeup looks at: 

Check out our article 10 clean and natural foundations for flawless coverage.  

17. What Are the Best Non-Toxic Lipsticks? 

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Our best picks for best non-toxic lipsticks are: 

18. What Are the Cleanest Face Masks?

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Our best picks for the cleanest face masks are:

19. What Are Some of The Toxic Ingredients to Watch Out For? 

Some of the common notorious ingredients you should avoid are parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and petroleum jelly. 

We have listed more harmful ingredients in our article 7 Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Clean Beauty Products.

20. What Are Some of The Clean Ingredients That You Should Choose For Your Beauty Routine? 

Bentonite clay, chamomile, ethyl macadamiate, and glycerin are some of the safest ingredients to use in your clean beauty routine.  

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You should also read 10 clean ingredients you should look for in your cosmetics

And with that, it’s a wrap on questions about clean beauty.  
As you read through these answers, you will see where clean beauty comes into play and how it can benefit you. 

While clean beauty is all the rage, there are many aspects to the clean beauty movement that people are not entirely aware of. We hope this article with clean beauty questions helped you to start your clean beauty journey, on the right note.  

While the concept of clean beauty is nothing new, the term itself has recently gained popularity and, in turn, has become more accessible than ever.  

It is about personal care; taking care of yourself and your skin, hair, and body naturally, without harmful products. It is about being aware of what is good for you and how to indulge in self-care. And mostly, it is all about having fun while doing so!  

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