10 Ways To Go Eco-friendly On A Budget

One step closer to sustainable lifestyle!

There is a common myth that a sustainable lifestyle is for the rich. But this is not the case. Reusing certain things and swapping some products with their alternatives can save you some money. So if you are a newbie to this sustainable world and bemused where to and how to start, plus with a budget, look no further. You have landed at the right place, where the Good Guilt team has compiled ways to live sustainably on a budget! So let’s get started.

 1. Make Your Own Shampoo, Lotion, Or Cleaning Products

You can use the scraps of things littering around your house and turn them into something new. This way, you will lengthen many objects’ lives, and eventually, you will ease off a little bit of land waste. Also, making your products will allow you to add your ingredients and scent to the product. You can make a lot of things at home, like your shampoo, lotions, cleaning products, vegetable broth, etc.

2. Always Carry Your Own Bags And Cups

To prevent the use of plastic, carry your own bag and cups wherever you go shopping or take away a coffee on the go. Some places like Target, Whole Foods, and Kroger give you a discount for bringing your own bags. In addition, you can toss your plastic water bottle with a reusable bottle and make sure to carry them around. That way you will save some money. Here are our favorite tote bagreusable coffee mug, and reusable water bottle.

3. Ride A Bike Or Use A Public Transportation

According to bts.dot.gov., on average, an American spent approximately $9,737 on transportation in the year 2017. By riding your bike or traveling through public transportation, you are actually cutting down on CO2 emissions and also on your pocket. 

4. Go Minimal On Your Wardrobe

Select your clothes consciously. Purchase less, and if possible, look for second-hand clothes or from where you can borrow them. This is obviously going to save you money. Also, sustainable clothes last longer. In that case, you don’t have to buy them again and again.

5. Cook At Home

By cooking at home, you will know how your food was made. By eating at home, you will save money. An average American spends $300 each year eating out. Guess the amount of money you will be saving!

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6. Switch To Solar Energy

The most efficient way to save both energy and money is to switch to solar energy. If your home doesn’t already have eco-friendly equipment, don’t worry, you can install them by yourself. Solar energy is more inexpensive than traditional power and can help you save up to 30% of your electricity expense.

7. Grow Your Own Vegetables

If you are growing plants and herbs in your garden, you will be more inclined to eat vegetables than meat. That is going to reduce so much impact and save some money. Also, this way, you will know precisely how your tasty greens were handled.

8. Compost Your Food Scrap

Composting your food scrap, papers, and other compostable products will save many products from going to the landfill. Hey, compost yield is a natural fertilizer for your garden, so you don’t have to worry about buying fertilizers anymore. It’s a win-win!

9. Air Dry Your Clothes

Did you know that the energy it takes to dry your clothes in a dry is equal to the energy it takes to power your refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine combined?

Isn’t that a lot of energy plus a lot of bills(each load costs $0.36)? By air drying your clothes, you can save both of them. Also this way, your clothes will last longer as dryers burn your clothes’ material, hence decreasing the longevity.

10. Save Your Water Consumption

Only 1% of the earth’s water is freshwater, which is suitable for our use. Imagine using up all the 1%. That will make survival pretty hard. By saving water, you will lower your footprint on this issue. Not only that, your water bill goes down by saving water. 

Voila, with these ten tips you are now one step closer to a sustainable lifestyle.

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