What Is Minimalist Lifestyle? A Guide To Living A Minimal Life

Minimalism: A choice to be more intentional.

Are you seeking a lifestyle change? Do you want to quit the rat race, get rid of your debt, and still have time and money to enjoy lying in bed rather than checking up on your stocks and investments? Are you tired of living in a cluttered place, surrounded by things that you don’t use anymore? If you nodded to all the above questions, it’s time to introduce yourself to a’ minimalism’ tool.

Some people believe that there is no such thing as having too many things and that you can never have enough of anything. But minimalism (or living a minimalist lifestyle) is completely the opposite of that. To understand what all this fuss is about, let us further explore what minimalism is all about.

What exactly is minimalism?

According to the minimalists, “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

Many might be under the impression that a minimalist lifestyle means giving up relationships, luxurious materials, living in a studio apartment, can’t own a car or television, and must live with less than 100 things. In other words, living the life of a monk (which is not a bad lifestyle). Well, minimalism is the opposite of restricting. Minimalism is freeing yourself of worry, overwhelm, guilt, and from the traps of consumerism culture.

Living a minimal life comes with numerous advantages. One of the major benefits of a minimalist lifestyle is time.

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Stephanie Seferian, the host of The Sustainable Minimalists podcast says, “Minimalism is the intentional choice to live with less” She further adds, “For example, while I keep my home and life clutter-free, I apply minimalism to my social calendar too as I find joy in doing less. The result is more free time to do the things I truly love with the people I love being around.”

Less clutter means less time spent organizing and cleaning and spending more hours doing the things that you love.

The clutter-free environment also allows you to increase your focus and productivity on your priorities. Not just that, there’s a 2009 study done by Darby Saxbe and Rena Repetti, which found that clutter can actually increase your stress hormone. So, getting rid of unnecessary stuff from your life may help you get rid of stress.

Another benefit that comes with minimalism is that you save money. A minimalist lifestyle means living with things that are necessary. So this lifestyle makes you spend less and save more.

Starting a minimalist lifestyle? Here’s a complete guide on it.

Now that you have decided to be a minimalist, here is a guideline to achieve that.

1. Shop intentionally

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can never go shopping. It just means that you have to shop more intentionally. If you want to buy something, then give it at least a day or two before making the purchase. Give yourself time to process and clarify if you need it or want it.

2. Cut down on things

This is one of the most important steps to go minimal – decluttering. First, identify things that don’t serve your purpose anymore. Then, try to find ways to reuse or recycle them. If it doesn’t, then get rid of them entirely.

3. Simplify your routine

minimalist routine
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Is your home always messy? When you clean your home, does it take you hours because you use so many different products? Try to simplify your daily routines. Also, cutting down on things will make all your routines simpler. For example, you don’t need to have more than 6 different cleaning products in your cabinet. One really working, multi-purpose cleaning products are more than enough. Or you can make one at home. Nor do you need a long skincare routine. Just a few awesome products will work wonders on your skin.

4. Buy once but buy in quality

This hack will save you both money and time. Buying quality pieces will last you a long time. You might be getting it at higher prices, but you’ll likely going save money in the long run. Not just that, you will cut down on waste too.

5. Don’t give in to your triggers

woman holding credit card to rethink her subscription
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We are surrounded by advertisements, Pinterest boards, Instagram stories, and magazines that make us believe that we need new things or need to go on that lavish vacation. Whatever it is, you have to recognize the triggers that let you into the trap of impulse spending. Knowing your triggers will help you realize if you are buying out of need or impulsively.

6. Rethink your subscriptions

We live in a world where we can’t imagine our lives without Netflix and Prime. Yet, until and unless we look at our recurring bills, we don’t realize that we are paying for more than three ott platforms, and we don’t even need those. For example, we have been paying for Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Crunchyroll, etc., for months; however, we’ve been using Prime and Netflix only. Maybe, now it’s time to rethink all our subscriptions. Are you making full use of your Spotify premium, or is it just for a shower playlist? Do you need your monthly grocery subscription with so many veggies that only sit inside your refrigerator?

7. Have realistic goals

sticky note with pencils

Write down your goals, and narrow them down to one or two practical and easy-to-start goals. Setting too many goals can over-complicate your life. And minimalism is all about simplifying, not the opposite.

If you feel like you’re drowning in your own possessions, and you’re never satisfied with what you have, or if your home is constantly a mess just because it’s so cluttered with things that you aren’t even using, then perhaps a minimalist lifestyle is right for you! And if you are looking for some inspiration to start your minimal lifestyle, then here are a few minimalist lifestyle influencers that you should follow: @theminimalists@madeleineolivia, and @rachelaust.

Minimalism is a choice. It is an easy, conscious, and natural way to live an abundant life. No matter what your budget is, you can start living more simply TODAY!

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