8 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Beautiful Zero-Waste Home

Making the best out of waste ☘️

Home decor is a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit tricky. You want your personal space to look good, but you also want it to resonate with the idea of a zero-waste lifestyle. This can be a tough balance to strike! However, these DIY decor ideas are great for any room in your zero-waste home. They’re simple enough that even the most novice DIYer can pull them off, but they still have some amazing elements that will make them stand out.

The best part about these DIY decor ideas? Most of them are free! That’s right — you don’t have to look for sustainable home decor brands for now! Since all of these ideas are zero-waste, so they’re either free or cost very little to create yourself. So, let’s have a look at them right away.

1. Teacup planters and mini terrariums

home decor ideas - teacup planters

While this DIY is excellent as party favors, you can easily use it to spruce up your work desk or a shelf in the living room. You can also add a couple of these next to a window as cute mini terrariums. These beautiful teacup planters have succulents, which are low-maintenance houseplants, and these are perfect for new plant parents. These will not only add more green to your zero-waste home but will also add more life to your space. All you need to do for this amazing DIY decor idea is to find some old teacups from your kitchen cabinet.

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2. Old cardboard frames

diy decor ideas - old cardboard frames

If you are confused about what to do with old cardboard boxes, then this home decor idea is the perfect fit for you. Use this DIY to decorate your personal space by creating your photo wall. This sustainable home decor hack will not only help you to repurpose old cardboards; but it will also be a great space to display your own or your kid’s artwork in your zero-waste home.

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3. Frame art

Diy home decor - calendar wall art

Who doesn’t like a Pinterest-worthy corner in their homes? This DIY decor idea will give you exactly that, without spending any money. All you need is an old calendar, double-sided tape, and frames. You can even skip the frames if you want. Instead, arrange and paste the pages after removing the dates, and voila! Your beautiful frame corner is ready.

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4. Herb mason jar candle holders

herb mason jar candle holders - zero waste home decor ideas

This is one of the simplest DIY decor ideas you can ever have. We all have old empty jars in the pantry. Find yours, twine some herbs with a jute rope, and light candles. Make sure the herbs don’t come in contact with the flame. Add various sizes of jars on your work desk or in your bedroom. And here’s a pro tip; coat the insides of the jar with some nonstick spray to prevent melted wax from sticking at the bottom of the jar.

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5. Stacked recycled shoe boxes

shoe box storage - diy home decor ideas

If you’re already practicing sustainable living, we are sure you wouldn’t want to throw away any kind of packaging boxes. This home decor idea is not just great for decor but also for storing your stuff using all the packaging boxes you receive through deliveries. Skip the leather straps and use fabric straps instead for the boxes, to make this hack truly zero waste for your home. You can also label the boxes for your convenience. Store makeup, craft supplies, toys, and much more with a beautiful twist. Now isn’t that great for your zero-waste home?

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6. Tree branch chandelier

Tree branch chandelier - diy zero waste home decor

When it comes to pretty lights with a natural twist to them, these top our list of favorite home decor ideas. This DIY might require spending a little bit, but it’s all worth it when you look at this amazing sustainable home decor idea. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. All you need is a tree branch, some sandpaper, woodworm prevention, and some hanging lights. Give it a try for your living room. We are sure you will absolutely love this zero-waste home decor.

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7. Upcycled vintage suitcases nightstand

vintage suitcase nightstand - decor ideas zero waste

If you have old suitcases lying around, don’t give them away or store them. Instead, turn them into a vintage nightstand by stacking them one above the other. You can cover them with fabrics to add a pop of color. It will not only save you storage space but add a rustic element to your zero-waste home. In case you loved this hack but do not have the suitcases, you can always check out your nearest thrift stores to find some.

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8. Blanket ladder

diy home decor ideas - blanket ladder
Emily Fazio / hgtv.com

Last but not least, talking about adding another natural-looking element to your sustainable home, here is a blanket ladder. If you still haven’t given away your Christmas tree, then you can get your tools out and try out this sustainable home decor idea. Turn the bark into this amazing and useful ladder which you can use to hang blankets or do your own thing with it.

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We hope that these DIY decor ideas have inspired you to get creative with your zero-waste home. Whether you’re staying in your home or preparing to move, there’s always room for some DIY decor ideas. Your home might be a reflection of your lifestyle, but it’s also an extension of yourself. So make it a source of happiness by making it beautiful!

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