7 Zero-Waste Bloggers You Should Follow On Instagram Right Away

Who are making zero waste simple and doable ☘️

A zero-waste lifestyle is becoming more popular by the day. There’s a lot of buzz about it on social media, too; whether there’s talk about fitting your trash in a jar or simple tips and tricks to do your bit for the planet. There are some amazing, passionate zero-waste bloggers inspiring a whole deal of people to live more sustainably.

And what better place to build a community than on Instagram?

If you, too, are looking to learn more but don’t want to read books about zero waste, here’s a list of zero-waste bloggers on Instagram that you should follow right away.

1. Megean Weldon – @zerowastenerd

Megean Weldon - zero-waste bloggers on Instagram
zerowastenerd / Instagram

Zero Waste Nerd, aka Megean, is the author of the book An (Almost) Zero Waste Life. She started her zero-waste journey a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. What started as a planet-friendly ritual for Earth Day soon turned into a reality check for both Megean and her husband.

They were picking trash from the neighborhood and found large amounts that were beyond belief. This incident was a wake-up call for them to turn to a more sustainable lifestyle. Or, in this case, a zero-waste lifestyle!

Through @zerowastenerd, the zero-waste blogger brings you her progress, experiences, and tricks from the day she started her zero-waste journey.

2. Kathryn Kellogg – @going.zero.waste

Kathryn Kellogg - zero waste bloggers
going.zero.waste / Instagram

Meet Kathryn Kellogg, the author of the book 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste. We are pretty sure if you ever googled zero waste, her blog will definitely be a part of the results. Kathryn is a spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic, and she’s also the Chief Sustainability Officer at One Movement.

Surprisingly enough, one of the most popular zero-waste bloggers did not choose zero-waste living ’cause of her love for the planet. It became a part of her life, mainly due to health reasons and financial necessities. She had a major hormonal imbalance in college. Besides that, she was just starting her career as an actor, and making sustainable choices helped save her quite a bit of money.

With her Instagram blog @going.zero.waste, Kathryn makes the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle easy and fun. Her ideas will help you save money, and become healthier while living a low-waste life.

3. Lauren Singer – @trashisfortossers

Lauren Singer - Trash is for tossers
trashisfortossers / Instagram

Yes, it’s the girl with the trash jar, (a name given to Lauren by her community) who first went viral for fitting one year’s trash into a 16 oz mason jar. Lauren Singer, who goes by the Instagram handle @trashisfortossers, is the CEO and founder of the Package Free Shop and The Simply Co.

She started her zero-waste journey back in 2012 and has been making the world a better place for everyone since. Lauren started this blog as a personal documentation of her zero-waste journey. However, now, her blog has become a resource for many to start a zero-waste lifestyle.

On her Instagram feed, @trashisfortossers, you will find daily zero-waste inspirations like swaps and tips, environmental education along with day-to-day actions that can really have a positive impact.

4. Shia Su – @_wastelandrebel_

Shia su - wasteland rebel
_wastelandrebel_ / Instagram

Shia Su is the author of the book Zero Waste: Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash. She strongly believes that living a vegan zero-waste life doesn’t need to be exhausting. Following this lifestyle herself, she found ways to make it interesting and fun. Sustainability is a big part of Shia’s life, both personally and professionally.

She is a freelancer who produces a lot of digital content (which you can easily see on her feed!) around a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, she also hosts a podcast called Wasteland Rebels (well, that explains the username) and a report series on WDR called Shia Su for Future.

The zero-waste blogger shares practical and simple recipes for home remedies, hacks, tricks, facts as well as information through @_wastelandrebel_ her Instagram blog.

5. Bea Johnson – @zerowastehome

bae johnson - zero-waste home
zerowastehome / Instagram

The author of the book Zero Waste Home and zero-waste blogger, Bea Johnson, started her zero-waste journey in 2008. In addition to being an influencer and a speaker, she is also the founder of Bulk Finder, a web-based app that allows you to find bulk stores around you.

Bea and her family successfully live a low-waste, minimalistic lifestyle. They also store their trash in a mason jar which sounds impossible to most of us. So far, Bea has influenced a whole community of zero-wasters to come together and join the waste-free living movement.

Just like her book, her Instagram blog @zerowastehome also talks about ways, tips and tricks, hacks, and DIYs to live a wholesome yet minimalist life with little to no trash.

6. Anne-Marie Bonneau – @zerowastechef

zero waste chef - zero waste bloggers

While a zero-waste home still seems like a possibility, having a zero-waste kitchen can sometimes be a struggle. But Anne-Marie Bonneau, the author of the book Zero Waste Chef might be someone we know who’s pretty close to decoding this mystery.

One of the most talented zero-waste bloggers and chef Anne-Marrie went plastic-free back in 2011 and has now slowly transitioned to a more zero-waste lifestyle. She believes zero waste to be an intention and not a hard-and-fast rule. One of her best secrets is, ‘If it’s a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.‘ just like Michael Pollan said.

You should definitely check out @zerowastechef on Instagram for delicious plant-based recipes along with various shopping tips and hacks for a waste-free kitchen.

7. Dr. Anita Vandyke – @rocket_science

Dr. Anita Vandyke - zero-waste bloggers
rocket_science / Instagram

Dr. Anita Vandyke is a rocket scientist and the author of the book, A Zero Waste Life: In Thirty Days. She started her zero-waste journey in July 2015 after she faced a quarter-life crisis. Even though she had a successful, high-paying, corporate position, something did not feel right.

She decided to take a step back and rethink what actually makes her happy. After finding out about minimalists like Bea Johnson, she too turned towards a more sustainable lifestyle. For her, it’s all about doing your best to help the planet; it can be anything from eating sustainably to opting for slow fashion. It’s all about – You do you!

With her blog @rocket_science, Anita takes you through her journey and discoveries to live a zero-waste lifestyle; whether it is buying in bulk stores or shopping secondhand.

These are just a few of the zero-waste bloggers on Instagram that you can follow to get useful tips and tricks, hacks, and recipes to help you live a zero-waste lifestyle.

And hey! Don’t leave just yet. If you’re looking for more tips to follow a zero-waste lifestyle, check out 50 Simple Tips For Zero-Waste Living.

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