What Is Beeswax Food Wrap? Is It Really Eco-Friendly?

The best alternative to cling film.

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  1. What exactly is beeswax food wrap?
  2. How are beeswax wraps made?
  3. What is the purpose of beeswax wraps?
  4. What did we like about bee’s wrap?
  5. So, how does it work? 

Are you on a mission to find a way to extend your food’s life naturally without any plastic? Meet the sustainable alternative to plastic food wraps – Beeswax Food Wrap. This eco-friendly, reusable food wrap not only helps you store leftovers but also keeps food fresh for a long time so that there’s minimal food waste. So, let’s dig into it more.

What exactly is beeswax food wrap?

We use cling film or aluminum foil for many reasons, whether for storing food or poofing. And unfortunately, using cling film is harmful to the environment. So we have been on the lookout for eco-friendly, reusable wraps that save the environment and work and cling film or an aluminum wrap. And after tons of research, we found Bees wax food wrap.

Beeswax food wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to other food storage wraps. It can be washed, reused, and, lastly, recycled—a perfect product for those who are living a zero-waste lifestyle.

It is made of bee wax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and organic cotton. You can use this reusable food wrap as the lid to cover plates or bowls of food, wrap fruit, veggies, herbs, and baked goods, or wrap any food on the go.

How are beeswax wraps made?

As the name suggests, beeswax wraps are mainly made from beeswax. Beeswax is a natural product made by the bees while building their hive. Beeswax is used to make the cells in the hive and to cap the cells with the beeswax when they are filled with honey or pollen. Then the beeswax is collected from the hive, melted, and filtered to clean it off from the impurities.

Beeswax wrap is made from organic cotton that’s been infused with beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. And the rest of the materials in this reusable food wrap are sustainably sourced. And the main key ingredient, beeswax, is known to have antibacterial properties that will keep your food fresh.  

And because it is made from all-natural ingredients, this beeswax paper is 100% biodegradable. So you can either recycle it or cut it down into strips and add them to your compost pile.  

What is the purpose of beeswax wraps?

The main purpose of beeswax wrap is to store food and keep it fresh for longer (all while replacing plastic). Beeswax wraps are so much better than the other clingy stuff that pollutes your food and our planet. These plastic-free food storage wraps are breathable. That’s how it keeps your food away from sogging. There’s so much these eco-friendly wraps can do. Below are a few ways to use them👇

  1. Keep your bread wrapped and fresh.
  2. Fold the wrap into a pocket to store snacks.
  3. Use beeswax wrap to cover mason jars.
  4. Use it to wrap a halved lemon, apple, or avocado.
  5. Wrap around a soap bar or shampoo bar when on the go.

What did we like about bee’s wrap?

First of all, this beeswax wrap’s designs are so cute that you will want to buy a variety of packs. Their stylish prints look incredibly trendy, and we loved each one of them. Bee’s Wrap comes in an assortment of a three-pack set with an option of choosing different sizes.  

Or you can buy a variety pack that has all of the three sizes – the smallest size is about 7 x 8 inches, the medium measures around 10 x 11 inches, and the large size is around 13 x 14 inches. We recommend medium and large sizes to wrap bread, larger bowls, and veggies.  

We liked a couple of things about this brand, but what caught our eye is how well they understand and listen to their customers. So, for example, there’s an extra-large reusable beeswax wrap for people who want to store fresh bread. And just in case, if you’re going to be able to choose the size of the beeswax paper like the conventional aluminum foil, then there’s an option for that too.  

The brand also realized that vegans wouldn’t buy this product as the key ingredient is beeswax, so they have made a vegan option too. They substituted candelilla wax which works just as well.  

And oh, Bee’s Wrap is also offering special wraps for sandwiches. It is customized to wrap it up neatly and tie it well so that it doesn’t turn into mush.  

So, how does it work? 

It works a tad bit different than your standard wraps. This reusable food wrap becomes pliable with the warmth of your hands as you press and wrap the sheet around the bowl or food. And once you are done wrapping, it sets solid. You don’t have to worry about any spills. It may take a few tries to perfect the method, but it’s pretty darn good.  

Over a year, this beeswax wrap will get softer and softer till the time it just doesn’t stick anymore. 

In short, we consider Bee’s Wrap to be the best beeswax wrap. The small pieces were amazing for wrapping half-eaten/cut fruits or vegetables. The first time you use this food wrapper, you will be able to smell the beeswax. It’s faint and not over the top. It took us the first few tries to get used to the wrapping style, but we soon found reaching for Bee’s Wrap rather than cling film. It kept the food fresh much longer than we anticipated.  

And oh, a note: The brand doesn’t recommend using the Wrap for raw meat. So, do keep that in mind.  

When it comes to cleaning beeswax wrap, it’s pretty much effortless. You just have to be gentle and use a tiny bit of soap and wipe the sheet with a sponge. USE COLD WATER. If you wash this wrap with hot water, it will decrease the wrap’s effectiveness. After a few months of usage, you will feel the wrap getting a bit softer, but they still seal up tightly.

So, in all, this aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly food wrap is an excellent switch from disposable plastics. We would recommend you give this one a try.  

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