7 Sustainable Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Right Now

Make your kitchen more sustainable than ever before!

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  3. How To Decorate A Kitchen Sustainably
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Decorating your home using eco-friendly decor items can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when designing a kitchen. However, decorating your kitchen in a sustainable way has become easier than ever before. To help with this, we have put together some awesome sustainable kitchen decor kitchen theme ideas for you, below. We have also compiled a list of sustainable kitchen decor ideas and home decor brands, which you can read within this article. So, let’s discover brilliant ways you can revamp your kitchen sustainably.

What Is A Sustainable Kitchen Design?

We get it if you are bemused about how to decorate a kitchen sustainably! You might ask yourself, what exactly is a sustainable design? Well, sustainable design is any design that is created using sustainably sourced materials, in a way that has less of a negative impact on the environment. Not everyone may know this, but our conventional kitchen decor harms not only the environment but also us in many ways.

How Does Regular Kitchen Decor Harm Us?

Many building materials that we use for designing our kitchen contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Once these materials are installed in your kitchen or in any corner of your house, they start emitting VOC gases, which in the long run, can harm our central nervous system. This issue definitely calls for a sustainable kitchen. However, you can decorate your kitchen in sustainable ways to reduce the negative impact on both the environment and yourself.

How To Decorate A Kitchen Sustainably

How to decorate my kitchen? Finally, you’ve got some answers below. Here are just a few ideas on how you can make your kitchen more sustainable. By being conscious of the 3 R’s, you can help make a difference in the world and create a beautiful kitchen at the same time. So keep reading to know-how.

1. Design your kitchen with eco-friendly materials

The first step of decorating a house is designing the floors and the walls. If you are revamping your kitchen from scratch, then it’s a good opportunity to go for eco-friendly flooring materials, like bamboo and engineered boards made from sustainably sourced timber. Resin is a good option too. It contains no VOCs, BPA, or heavy materials and is water-proof and heat-proof.

2. Opt for more energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Energy-efficient appliances, aka GreenTech, are a win-win for the planet and us. A sustainable kitchen is incomplete without GreenTech. Energy-efficient kitchen appliances like dishwashers or a boiling water tap can streamline your tasks, while not wasting an excessive amount of energy.

3. Thrift your kitchen products

Thrifting isn’t only limited to clothes. In fact, thrifted kitchenware will give your kitchen a vintage style, which is trending these days. However, you should generally avoid thrifting a few kitchen items like coffee makers, seasonal platters and dishes, metal baking pans, etc. And the best place to go thrifting for the kitchen? EBTH is the best place to thrift kitchen items and houseware.

4. Upcycle and recycle

Starting a sustainable journey means ditching many habits and swapping many products with eco-friendly alternatives. In the same way, revamping your kitchen sustainably can also lead to discarding many old kitchen items. Which in a way contributes to landfills! So, before your start revamping your kitchen, look around at what you can reuse or upcycle into something brilliant. You can even give your unwanted kitchen products a new house by selling them on online platforms like 5miles, Offerup, Decluttr, and Poshmark.

5. Paint your kitchen walls with eco-friendly paint

Regular paints contain VOCs. Remember the smell of a freshly painted room? That’s VOC you are smelling, and now you already know that it has adverse effects on your health. The sustainable alternative to regular paints is eco-friendly paint. Eco-friendly paints have a very low amount of VOCs present in them and are made of natural materials like clay, citrus, balsam, milk, etc.

6. Change your light bulbs

Are you still using incandescent light bulbs? Did you know that energy-efficient bulbs use up to 80% less energy? Not just that, they can save up to $198 on your electric bill annually! How great is that? Switch to LED bulbs to make your kitchen more sustainable. You can also add a dimmer switch to reduce the waste of energy.

7. Use an induction cooktop

Research shows that induction cooktops are 84% energy-efficient. They also reduce cooking time! It’s both a win-win for the planet and for us. They are totally safe and are easier to clean, than a regular cooktop. Oh! And they look pretty classy as well.

That’s a wrap on our sustainable kitchen decor ideas. To help you decorate your kitchen sustainably, we have listed some sustainable home and kitchen decor brands below, with our favorite products from each of them. We have also suggested some great sustainable kitchen decor kitchen theme ideas below, which will complement these products.

5 Sustainable Kitchen Decor Brands For Your Conscious Home

1. The Joinery

Are you looking for some sustainable products made of wood for your eco-conscious home? Look no further! The Joinery designs and handcrafts hardwood furniture using traditional woodworking techniques. They source their hardwood from sustainable forest resources that are proudly made in Portland, Oregon. They even offer a lifetime warranty on all their residential furniture.

This live-edge breadboard is made with western walnuts that are sourced locally. Each piece is selected from the off-fall wood to create a gorgeous, functional piece for your sustainable kitchen.

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Theme Ideas That Can Go With This Product:
Place this breadboard at a corner of your kitchen counter (you can even place a plant next to it) to give your kitchen a farmhouse style or a rustic effect (if your house’s overall interior follows a rustic style decor).

2. Viva Terra

Viva Terra translates from Portuguese as “living Earth.” That’s what inspired the vision of Viva Terra to create globally-inspired, modern designs with sustainability in mind. Today, this California-based home decor brand is the go-to place for recycled glass accents, reclaimed wood furnishings, and block-printed textiles.

These Javanese baskets are hand-woven with banana bark fibers over metal frames, allowing each of them to hold up to 200 lbs. They are perfect for a pantry, garage, or mudroom. You can store your veggies, recyclables, or pet accessories in them.

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Theme Ideas That Can Go With This Product:
Baskets are now the new fun wall decor. You can hang these baskets anywhere, either in your kitchen (with green leafy veggies in it), garage, mudroom, or even in your bathroom (throwing some towels into them) to give the space a bohemian look.

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than a store. They are a market-to-market place, addressing economic injustice. With every purchase you make from Ten Thousand Villages, you are directly impacting the lives of its maker. The brand ensures that makers are earning a fair living wage in safe working conditions, invests in partnerships that empower women, and ensures that all of their products are made from ethically sourced materials while celebrating craft and culture.

We love this gorgeous, colorful tray! The design on this tray is made with reverse glass painting style (a technique that dates back to the middle ages), where the design is silkscreened onto the reverse side of the glass. The painting is done from “back to front.” The details are painted first, then the largest color areas, and then, the background is colored last. Not only will this tray add charm to your dining area, but it will also make for a great gift.

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Theme Ideas That Can Go With This Product:
If you love art, and your place is all decked up with gorgeous art and craft style, then this item is for you. Place this tray on your dining table as a centerpiece or on the countertop of your kitchen. Either way, this piece of art will charm your kitchen and be a topic of much discussion with your guests.

4. Obakki

All the gorgeous collections in Obakki are handmade by their artisan partners in small batches. Obakki connects with artisan groups from all corners of the world to preserve and honor traditional artistry. They bring products that are limited and made in small batches, ethically and sustainably.

These serving bowls are handcrafted and glazed using century-old traditions. These bowls are made from pure, high-quality materials, and their design is inspired by colors and shapes that are reminiscent of the ceramic aesthetics of the 1970s.

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Theme Ideas That Can Go With This Product:
These serving bowls will go well with any minimalist style kitchen and mid-century modern design kitchen. We suggest going for the color milk for a minimalist design and the color ocher tan for a modern kitchen design.

5. Shades Of Green

Shades of Green‘s mission is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle and contribute to a more sustainable planet. The brand sources and sells only non-toxic, eco-friendly products. They even provide green design consultation and the latest information on green building products and practices. With Shades Of Green, you will always have smart choices and transparent details about the toxic chemicals that we’re exposed to, through many of our daily use products.

This wastebasket is named after the design technique: Myto, which combines the cultural traditions of Colombia with quality craftsmanship. This basket is crafted from Iraca palm fibers and is perfect to fit any room of your house.

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Theme Ideas That Can Go With This Product:
You can deck up your kitchen in a bohemian style with this wastebasket. You can also add more wooden decor or furniture around this basket to give your kitchen a complete bohemian theme.

Let’s end your search on ‘how to decorate a kitchen sustainably,’ right here. We hope you loved these sustainable kitchen decor ideas, and that our product guide has made it easy for you, to create your own green kitchen!

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