What Is Slow Fashion? And Why Should You Choose It?

Take the planet a long way by choosing sustainability!

If there’s one thing constant about the fashion industry, it is the trends. Every six months, your favorite online or offline store comes up with new fabrics, designs, colors, and styles. However, these clothing items and their manufacturing processes can be broadly categorized into sustainable and unsustainable – fast fashion and slow fashion. But hey, we’re not here to lecture you about the adverse effects of fast fashion on both the environment and you. Instead, we’re here to explain the benefits of sustainable fashion, also known as slow fashion.

What is slow fashion?

Kate Fletcher was the first to use the phrase ‘slow fashion.’ But what exactly is it? It is something that goes beyond seasonal trends and Instagram reels by promoting sustainable fashion most ethically! By following ethical production, transparent practices, and eco-friendly fabrics, fortunately, several slow fashion brands have taken matters into their own hands for the love of the planet.

What is the slow fashion movement?

The slow fashion movement, as the name implies, seeks to slow down the pace at which the fashion industry operates. Rather than producing an infinite number of subpar clothing, the movement focuses on the entire manufacturing, design, and consumption process by emphasizing sustainability. In the slow fashion movement, the clothing is remade from durable, premium, and eco-friendly materials. Not to mention that this movement, which is here to stay, places a high priority on social and environmental impact.

What are the characteristics of slow fashion?

characteristics of sustainable fashion brands

Slow fashion differs from fast fashion in significant ways. First, as clothing produced using these methods can last for many years or even a lifetime, sustainable fashion is about quality rather than quantity. The materials used can range from linen, organic hemp, Tencel, organic cotton, pinatex, and even vegan leather (though that is debatable). In addition, it encourages handmade and fairtrade clothing where workers are fairly paid, and of course, does not support child labor, making it holistic and intentional.

What are the benefits of slow fashion?

benefits of sustainable fashion brands
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The fact that sustainably made clothes are limited and don’t just follow current trends is one of the main advantages of slow fashion. This makes them wearable for seasons, and in some cases, even for life. The benefits of slow fashion also include that it uses limited resources, offers unique styles, and boosts the local economy. Therefore, it is impossible to compare the two. Of course, you could argue that sustainable clothing lacks style and can be pricey, but many myths about slow fashion need to be dispelled.

Considering the materials and the production process of slow fashion clothing, the environmental impact of slow fashion is quite minimal. However, even if some slow fashion brands could claim that their products are entirely ethical, you should check the labels for authenticity and origins before making a purchase.

What are the cons of slow fashion?

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Slow fashion has a few drawbacks compared to fast fashion. However, the slow fashion cons are less dramatic, but they do exist. One is that the collection doesn’t release often enough to keep you engaged in the brand or its designs. Also, some brands use proper labor practices and high-quality materials, but, regrettably, charge a high price as well. In reality, it is the price it deserves; but sustainable fashion brands can be overwhelming for some people. This one-of-a-kind, limited-edition clothing can sometimes leave you helpless, due to which you may end up purchasing from a fast-fashion brand.

If your budget is tight, you can also browse for vintage apparel. In addition, you can find new or secondhand pieces in thrift stores in your area.

How to buy slow fashion?

Your shopping decisions do have an impact on the planet. But, now is the moment to make wise choices for the environment, from living a zero-waste lifestyle to choosing sustainable brands. To begin, make sure the things you purchase from regional artisans are made from certified sustainable materials with a low carbon footprint. If you want to order online, visit the brand’s website to learn more about their transparency, sourcing, and practices that confirm their claims.

Our advice still stands: choose eco-friendly fabrics or look for certifications, including SANE.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

Sustainable clothing brands aim to transform the state of the planet that the fashion industry has caused. It, unfortunately, includes a world with child labor, poor working conditions, and the usage of toxic chemicals, as well as landfills full of used clothing. But fortunately, a lot of well-known brands are now slow fashion brands, allowing you to shop for everything sustainable under one roof.

The five best slow fashion brands you need

These brands are – Sustainable. Ethical. Eco-friendly.

The slow fashion brands, highlighted below, are about to become your go-to for trends, styles, and sustainability. We promise!

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a slow clothing brand that can make all your ethical wardrobe wishes come true. It has eco-friendly essentials, swimwear, beachwear, dresses, and other items created in the USA. Feeling well, looking good, and doing good are the three main ideas of this sustainable clothing brand.

2. Vetta Capsule

Speaking of sustainable clothing brands that are strikingly different, Vetta Capsule is one. It produces mini capsule wardrobes with five items for 30 different looks, that can be mixed and matched to create incredibly fashionable outfits.

3. Made Trade

Made Trade is a sustainable clothing brand that offers ethical products for the modern house and you, while always considering the environment! They feature reasonably priced, organic, and Fair Trade clothing that anyone will simply love.

4. Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill is one of those eco-friendly sleepwear and loungewear brands that, once you get used to it, you won’t be able to switch to another! For people seeking sustainable clothing, their soft hoodies and sweatpants are made from 100% organic cotton grown in the United States.

5. Amour Vert

Amour Vert, one of the most affordable sustainable apparel brands, creates cute and classic basics for women in the United States that you’d want to own right now!

The conclusion

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You must pay close attention to the little details, such as a garment’s label, or know all about the brand’s supply chain. However, we know there is a lot of greenwashing, but the key is to avoid falling prey to it. Second, adopting slow fashion does not mean buying more clothes from these brands. Instead, it is about loving what you already have and making the most of it. Last but not least, do everything you can to help the planet.

Buying secondhand or from thrift stores is actually rather simple. You can also choose to have a capsule wardrobe or a minimalist lifestyle!

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