15 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products Your Cooking Space Deserves

The best kitchen essentials in one place!

Cooking and eating (along with a glass of wine) can be therapeutic! It brings people together, lifts the mood, and makes it evident that better things are yet to come – the FOOD!
But hey! A healthy cooking experience includes not only healthy ingredients and vegan dishes, but also ensures that you’ve done your part by switching to eco kitchen products or essentials! So, whether you’re an amateur cook or a master chef, these eco kitchen pieces are what your kitchen deserves. So, here are fifteen such eco kitchen pieces that are killing it as non-toxic kitchen essentials, and rightly so! But before you get to them, first get to know what an eco-friendly kitchen means?

What Is An Eco-Friendly Kitchen?

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Going green is easier than you think, whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building one from scratch. As the heart of any sustainable home, an eco-friendly kitchen uses environmentally conscious materials and energy-efficient appliances to make your daily life as green as possible. So, prepare to have your kitchen adorned with the best eco kitchen products, ever?

1. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Some of the most delectable sauces call for more care than a newborn baby. But the taste’s totally worth it, and it may occasionally need continuous stirring, involving the use of an automatic stirrer which is as great as this Pan Stirrer With Timer! So, place this eco-friendly kitchen product in a pan with any simmering or low-heat liquid, set the timer; then do the million other things you have to do. Get your hands on one of the most time-saving eco kitchen products, right now!

2. Cheese & Tapas Board

Every eco-conscious person wishes for maximum spread with a minimal footprint. And this collapsible cheese board does just that. With special sockets for ceramic serving bowls, a groove to keep your favorite crackers contained, and a hidden drawer with three cheese knives, this one will stand out as your favorite eco kitchen product! So, what’s the best part? One of the most attractive sustainable kitchen products folds down to half its size while still making the rudités and savory treats look irresistible. We’re gonna let the food flow on this Cheese And Tapas Board now, BRB!

3. The Kitchen Utensils Set

When we say you can have it all with Equal Parts, we mean it. Equal Parts’ eco-friendly products for the kitchen are among the best available, thanks to their appealing designs, natural nonstick coating, and responsibly sourced materials. Their nonstick coating is free of lead, Teflon, and other chemicals; so you can be sure that your food is truly healthy. With their super good sustainable kitchen products, you can transform your eco kitchen into a space you’d cherish. But it’s these bad boys who have piqued our interest today. This utensil set is silicone-free and has long-lasting fiberglass handles. In addition, the Utensils Set is rugged and made with responsibly sourced materials to withstand the toughest kitchens.

4. Stoneware Casserole & Platter Lid

No kitchen is complete without a casserole. This eco-friendly kitchen product is freezer, microwave, oven, broiler, and dishwasher safe. It has a classic mid-century design that will look great on your dinner table. The versatile platter lid sits atop a classic rectangular stoneware casserole, which delivers even temperatures and prevents scorching for cooked food. In addition, with its triple-ring detailing marks, this eco kitchen product helps block moisture to prevent cracking. The Stoneware Casserole And Platter Lid are also pretty simple to clean up.

5. Air Fryer Oven

If your loved one is trying to eat healthier and is conscious of what they are cooking, then these eco-friendly kitchen products are the best you get your hands on. COSORI Premium Air Fryer, designed in California, has an improved angled display that allows for better viewing without bending over. It is also one of the slim eco-friendly kitchen products that fit your countertop and saves space! In addition, the air fryer uses up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying methods while maintaining the same delicious taste. It produces crispy results in less than half the time of a conventional oven, and includes a shake reminder function.

6. Cookware Set

Caraway creates sustainable kitchen products that are not only visually appealing but also designed to help you cook a nutritious meal, while staying organized. What we like best about Caraway because all of their cookware is extremely simple to clean after use. If you’re in the market for a new set of utensils or want to replace your old ones, this Ceramic-Coated Cookware Set is a steal! It is made of nonstick ceramic with an aluminum core and stainless steel handles. With this set of 1 frypan, one saucepan, 1 saute pan, and one dutch oven, you can transform your cooking space into an eco kitchen.

7. Sushi Maker

Want to make restaurant-style sushi at home? Enhance your kitchen with these pretty cool eco-friendly kitchen products that will roll out the perfect tight sushi roll in one go. This Sushi Maker Roller is very elegant and designed to suit almost all kitchens, whether modern or vintage! It is ideal for large parties and is too simple to use. We absolutely love Haworth’s eco-friendly kitchen products because they are just right, small, and functional! A true bargain for your kitchen space.

8. A 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

If avocado toast is your go-to breakfast, this adorable and reasonably priced eco-friendly kitchen product must be added to your shopping cart right now. With the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, you can safely and effectively split, pit, slice, and scoop avocados. It’s about to become your go-to kitchen tool, with a comfortable, non-slip grip and a blade that does all the work. So get this avocado slicer, which is also dishwasher safe!

9. Kitchen Food Scale

The Escali Primo Digital Scales are multifunctional and feature an easy-to-use two-button operation. It has been named the best value by a leading independent consumer magazine twice. In addition, this simple, easy-to-use tool is available in various colors to best suit your kitchen aesthetics and ensure quick and efficient use! This food scale is an excellent eco-friendly kitchen buy for all professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, who want to measure ingredients for some delectable meals. We’re on our way to measuring our love for this product; how about you?

10. Oval Dutch Oven

The first thing that jumps out at us and makes us smile is that Emile Henry is a family-owned business that began its cookware brand in France. Burgundy clay products are the brand’s staples. Their eco-friendly products for the kitchen are free of harmful chemicals and have an extremely long shelf life. The Oval Dutch Oven, which has a sustainably sourced enamel interior that’s easy to clean, is about to become an exceptionally perfect element in your kitchen!

11. Stemless Wine Glasses

These stunning Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect for almost any occasion. They’re hand-blown and slightly larger in size than standard stemless wine glasses; 18 oz versus 16 oz. With no hidden ingredients, Public Good’s eco kitchen products are not purchases you will regret! The glasses are so versatile and sleek, that you’ll find yourself in awe, whether you’re sipping water or wine.

12. Frying Pan Set

When it comes to nonstick and eco-friendly products for the kitchen, GreenPan is without a doubt one of the pioneers. They use Thermolon, a silicon-based coating that makes the cookware scratch-resistant and reduces the risk of harmful chemicals present in your food. They have a wide variety to choose from for non-toxic grill pans. But we have gravitated towards the Frying Pan Set of two whose diamond-reinforced coating is extremely durable.

13. Recycled Bamboo Plate Set

These plates, made of biodegradable bamboo fiber, a highly renewable natural resource, have our eyes and hearts without a doubt! So how can a set of plates be both durable and suitable for everyday use? Answers EKOBO’s exceptionally fine tableware, which is a pretty impressive feat of engineering. With fair wages and the safe working conditions of its artisans, you can be confident that these eco-friendly products for kitchens have done their part for the planet. Now, it’s your turn by picking these beauties for your kitchen!

14. Ceramic Mug

These eco-friendly kitchen products – a beautiful set of Ceramic Mugs with a handpainted daisy or checked pattern – will brighten up your morning routine. Anne Gates’ kitchen products, made with buff clay and finished with a white, shiny glaze, make them stand out. This beautiful label, Anne Gates Studio, is based in CA and is a woman-owned company. It makes eco kitchen products that are so good, they will last many lifetimes!

15. Built-In Dishwasher

It would be an injustice to bring up some fantastic eco-friendly kitchen products without mentioning an eco-friendly dishwasher. You can’t thank this heated drying system enough for letting your dishes dry after a long day at work. The eco-friendly dishwasher has simple cleaning cycle options for your various cleaning needs, such as Energy Saver, Heavy Wash, and Rinse Only. According to Ranker, a community survey website, consumers have ranked the Frigidaire dishwasher as the best kitchen appliance brand by a wide margin.

So, those were some superb choices for your deserving kitchen, as well as for the guests you’re about to entertain this weekend. Do let us know what your next eco kitchen products will be.

And, if you’re a vegan, just like most of us, make sure to check out the recipes of these 10 healthy vegan dishes that we recommend you try!

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