8 Sustainable Bed Sheet Brands To Give Your Bedroom A Green Makeover

Hello peaceful sleep!πŸ’€

We spend our entire day working tirelessly for a better future. So then, why sleep in toxin-laced bed sheets that are only adding chemicals to your skin? How about going to bed in a comfortable, safe space that wraps you in a warm, comforting hug?

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle has never been easier than now. The planet is full of hope as we see so many sustainable brands emerging in the market. From using ethically sourced fabrics to opting for eco-friendly fabric alternatives, you can get a wide range of choices for sustainable sheets right away. Think about it – from organic cotton to hemp bed sheets, and you can sleep like a baby, knowing that you and the planet are safe. So, shop right and sleep well!

Sustainable sheets for green bedroom makeover
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Greenwash Alert!

When it comes to ‘organic textiles,’ there are no official regulations, only voluntary certifications. The only global certification that checks the list is – GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It is internationally recognized as the strictest organic textile standard – products must contain at least 95% organic fiber, use non-toxic dyes, and should not have been treated with bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances. You can also look for ‘Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX‘, a third-party certification system that checks textile products at all stages of production. 

8 Sustainable Bed Sheet Brands To Help You Sleep Better

So, here’s a list of sustainable bed sheet brands you should check out if you are looking for planet-friendly options for your green bedroom!

1. SOL Organics

Sustainable Sheets - SOL Organix
Solorganix / Instagram

The principle of sustainability drives SOL Organics, and it’s pretty evident when you check out their products. The sustainable brand makes its beddings from 100% organic cotton because regular cotton has high water wastage. They are so meticulous that they ensure the cotton is grown without synthetic agricultural fertilizers or pesticides.

Standard cotton sheets differ from organic bed sheets like night and day. Free from any harmful chemicals and dyes, your sustainable sheets from SOL Organics will feel luxurious. 

Plus, with every purchase, they donate $7.50 towards four charities: Children’s Defense Fund, water4, Hope for Justice, and The Fund for Animals.

We are obsessed with their Sateen and Percale organic bed sheets collection.

Good Tip:  Don’t use fabric softeners because they usually contain toxic chemicals and common allergens. Instead, opt for laundry detergent approved by EWG (Environmental Working Group)

2. West Elm

Sustainable Sheets - Westelm
West Elm

Decor enthusiasts sure love West Elm. It is very well known for its modern furniture and stylish home decor products. But did you know that West Elm also offers 100% organic cotton and linen bedding? Their ultra-soft, high-quality, and durable bedding has no harmful chemicals!

You won’t like to get up and move out of your bed. They are that good. Netflix and chill for the win. Also, each time you make a purchase, a certain percentage of the price goes to the workers’ fund. So they help the local artisans pay for their essential needs. 

We love their Organic Multi Stripe Sheet Set and European Flax Linen Pom Pom Sheet Set & Pillowcases.

Good Tip: Wash your sustainable sheets on the gentle or delicate cycle. It will last longer.

3. Coyuchi

Sustainable Sheets - Coyuchi
Coyuchi / Instagram

This summer, build your organic home and layer up your bedroom with Coyuchi’s bedroom basics, sustainable sheets, and eco-friendly linen. Each minimalist piece is made in factories that recycle 98% of their wastewater using “zero discharge” textile processing units.

Coyuchi’s organic cotton growth impacts the environment by saving 1101 acres of land from pesticides and 506208475 days of drinking water on the planet. In addition, their ‘2nd Home Take Back‘ offers customers the option to send their old Coyuchi products and get 15% off on their next purchase. 

Our current favorites? Pacific Grove Organic Duvet Cover & 300 Thread Count Organic Percale Duvet Cover.

Good Tip: Your bedding does not need to be washed in hot water to get clean. New laundry soaps and detergents, even plant-based ones, are designed to work well with lower-temperature water. 

4. Boll & Branch

Sustainable Sheets - Boll and Branch
Bollandbranch / Instagram

Boll & Branch bedding products are made from the finest organic cotton available, and you can easily distinguish it by the feel and the drape. In addition, they have got the most comfortable organic bed sheets for every kind of sleeper and every bedroom style.

Additionally, they highly regard sustainability, and that’s why they saved 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions! Their sustainable sheets, duvets, and comforters are made of the highest quality, and just in case you can’t sleep in them – Boll & Branch offers a 30-night guarantee.

We love their Percale Dot Blossom Sheet Set & Signature Botanical Sheet Set.

5. Ettitude

Sustainable Sheets - Ettitude
Ettitudestore / Instagram

If you are in search of sustainable sheets that are made from silky-soft fabric, are free from chemicals, and have cooling properties, then look no further. Ettitude makes its bedding products using Clean Bamboo sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests.

Bamboo is right now termed as ‘the fabric of the future.’ It is a highly breathable fabric that has antibacterial and sweat-absorbing properties. It’s perfect for all age groups, especially those with extremely sensitive skin. The bamboo fabric is made in a closed-loop system that recycles 98% of water.

In fact, in comparison to organic cotton, clean bamboo uses 500x less water. To ensure that their process remains sustainable, Ettitude ships the products in reusable packaging. Additionally, they donate 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits. 

We love their Sateen+ Sheet Set & Down Alternative Comforter.

6. Pact

Sustainable Sheets - Pact

The eco-friendly brand Pact literally promises “sweet dreams” with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. As for the planet, the brand has partnered with an eco-tech company that allows a shopper to nullify their product’s carbon footprint. 

They also use cardboard boxes that are made with 98% post-consumer recycled materials. The paper used is also made from 100% recycled paperboard. To make a slight difference regarding cloth wastage, Pact has created a clothing donation program.

We love their Room Service Sateen Sheet Set & Cool-Air Percale Pillowcase 2-Pack.

7. Buffy

Sustainable Sheets - Buffy

When it comes to sustainable experimenting, Buffy is all about using pro-planet materials and creating sustainable sheets and pillows for a ‘lifetime of chill.’ The fluff in their pillows comes from recycled plastic, their signature fabric is made of eucalyptus, and flax linen comes from Hemp, which absorbs 5X more CO2 from the air than the trees.

Even the buttons are made of Corozo nuts, and that’s how pretty serious this sustainable bed sheet brand is all about making the planet & you comfortable. 

Try their Eucalyptus Sheets– they are hypoallergenic and soft to touch.

8. Under The Canopy

Sustainable Sheets - Under the Canopy
UnderTheCanopy / Instagram

One of the unfortunate things about using sustainable products is that they can be a bit expensive. But ‘Under The Canopy’ believes that sustainability should be affordable. And we don’t want you to purchase these sheets because they are affordable, no, no. On the contrary, they ensure that the beddings have no dangerous chemicals, toxins, or pesticides in every production stage. 

But it doesn’t mean that their beddings are basic; you can get beautiful products that make your home safer. You can also buy a range of organic bed sheets, organic towels, and organic loungewear too. And they have some fantastic options for you to choose from!

You can buy their Organic Jersey Sheet Set.

Good Tip: As your organic bed sheets are not pre-shrunk in chemicals, wash them before using them to get an ideal fit. 

Sustainable sheets for peaceful sleep
Goodguilt / Canva

With this rising interest in sustainable living, it is no wonder that more and more brands producing eco-friendly beddings are springing up. It is also lovely to see that these brands show us more variety and help us reduce the number of chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our lives with each passing year. With so many options available, there really is something for everyone.

When you don’t have to pick between comfort and the environment, it becomes easier to shop with a clear conscience. From start to finish, all these options from sustainable bed sheet brands are designed with care and integrity, which means a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone. So, go on and have your pick from these sustainable sheets for your bedroom!

If you are looking for more sustainability-minded ideas for your green home, do check out our Home & Living section!

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