We Found A Plant-Based Beauty Blender With Rave Reviews On The Internet

One tool for every step of your clean makeup routine 💚

A beauty blender sponge is a classic and beloved product that has been around for decades. It’s so versatile that it can be used for all kinds of makeup looks, from foundation and blush to bronzer, or just blending your hair before you go out. And it can be reused and recycled, too.

beauty blender bio pure makeup sponge
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But, what if we tell you we found a new plant-based beauty blender sponge that actually takes sustainability up a notch? You read that right. So, all the clean beauty lovers out there, meet the Beautyblender Bio-Pure makeup sponge. This beautiful makeup sponge is not just recyclable but is also made with renewable sugarcane. Check out more details below!

What do we love about the Bio-Pure beauty blender?

The Bio-Pure makeup sponge is designed to give you a beautiful airbrush second-skin finish, no matter what formula you use. Just use the wet-to-prep method, soaking the makeup sponge in running water for a bit. Then, squeeze it to remove excess water, and it will almost double up in size. Plus, it becomes even softer (and bouncier) than it already is.

Beauty blender sponge - wet to prep

The plant-based beauty blender is handcrafted to mimic the pores of your skin when wet. This makes it easier than ever for the product to melt into your skin. And if you prep the beauty blender sponge right, it will not absorb the product and push it gently to your skin. This allows you to get a flawless, dewy makeup look in no time.

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What makes Beautyblender Bio-Pure makeup sponge sustainable?

Usually, sugarcane waste goes to the landfill. But thanks to Beautyblender, this waste is getting repurposed into makeup sponges. The Beautyblender Bio-Pure is made up of BioPlush™ foam, which is 60% sugarcane. It’s a greener alternative to the conventional sponge that changed the industry, with the same soft bounce.

The majority of materials used in making this makeup sponge are plant-based. This translates to taking up less water and results in lesser carbon emissions during the production processes. To add to the list of good things about this super soft and cute beauty blender sponge, Bio-Pure is made in the USA. So, there is less to no air shipping. In other words, it again lowers the carbon footprint of this amazing product.

Talking about the packaging of Bio-Pure, you get a really handy canister made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The good thing about PCR is that it requires very little water and reduces single-use plastics. So, rest assured, you can pop the Beautyblender Bio-Pure sponge for recycling along with the packaging (Tada!)

Beautyblender Recycling Program

Did you know you can recycle your beauty blender sponges (not just Bio-Pure) into energy? Yes, you can! Beautyblender has partnered with Top Rock Renewables to recycle the beauty blender sponge using a 22 MegaWatt waste-to-energy power plant.

This way, they keep their unique products out of landfills and generate energy that powers approximately 14,000 homes annually. This also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 249,100 tons per year (the equivalent of 48,000 passenger cars per year). Now isn’t that amazing?

Beauty blender sponge Beautyblender Recycling Program
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Here’s what you will have to do to recycle your Beautyblender sponge –

  • Collect at least 3 Beautyblender® sponges.
  • Leave out the canister and pack only the sponges. The best part is you can even send not-so-clean beauty blender sponges.
  • Print a label, and the company will take care of the rest!

Voila! Your beauty blender sponges are ready to recycle. Remember only to send Beautyblender products for recycling.

Final Verdict

Beautyblender Bio-Pure sponge is a fantastic product for everyone looking to make their vanity cleaner. It’s soft and bouncy, gentle on the skin, does a great job with all your makeup looks, and most of all, ticks all the boxes for the eco-warriors out there! So, this product is definitely a win-win for everyone.

beauty blender sponge
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And another thing we love about Beautyblender Bio-Pure makeup sponges is that you don’t have to pay extra to choose sustainable (What?) The company wants to promote clean and planet-friendly options. So, the cost for the original beauty blender and the Bio-Pure beauty blender is the same, just $20 (Yay!)

So what are you waiting for? Get yours right away!

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