The Ultimate Vegan Beauty Gift Guide For The Holidays

Gifting options for your entire clan

There’s a good chance we all know someone who swears by only vegan beauty products and just can’t imagine a day without ’em! With the holiday season around the corner, no, we aren’t asking about making your Christmas menu vegan. Instead, we’re referring to vegan Christmas gifts you’d want to treat yourself with (which we totally support) or to spoil your loved ones with for the holidays. 

If you’re looking for amazing vegan beauty products for skin, hair, bath, and body, you’ve come to the right place! Shopping for people you work with, good friends, or even family can sometimes get tricky. This holiday gift guide will help you with some great vegan cosmetics and skincare that are right on the money!

Vegan Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones

Christmas gifts
Artem Kniaz / Unsplash

These vegan skincare and beauty products have been a hit with vegan folks everywhere; so, it’s time you gave them a try as well.

1. For the friend who is obsessed with makeup

Let’s face it, we all have a friend who is just obsessed with trending makeup inspos and beauty products. They can’t step out without their favorite lipstick or sunscreen. If your friends are animal lovers (which we hope they are), surprise them with the perfect vegan Christmas gifts this holiday season.

vegan makeup gifts for christmas by Credo
Westman Atelier / Credo Beauty
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Youth To The People Facial Cleanser – Kale and

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Opt for makeup products with ingredients that are skin (and animal) friendly, like squalene, bakuchiol, honey, and hyaluronic acid. Some of our favorite vegan beauty brands are Tower 28, Milk Makeup, Hour Glass Cosmetics, and Credo. Your makeup-obsessed eco-conscious friend will definitely cherish their mascara, lipsticks, foundations, and eye makeup. 

If they can’t stop gushing over trending makeup inspos by famous pop stars like Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, or Selena Gomez, here’s some good news. These celebrities have their personal line of planet-friendly makeup at pocket-friendly prices.

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. MakeWaves Lengthening + Curling Mascara – Tower 28                                              
  2. Lip + Cheek Tint – Milk Makeup 
  3. Ambient Soft Glow Foundation – Hour Glass Cosmetics
  4. Eye Pods Single – Credo

2. For the coworker who needs some self-care 

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for your worker-bee friends? Opt for a gift that is fun but not too personal (Coworker, alert!)

woman wearing eye mask
Pacifica Beauty / Instagram

You can now pamper your work buddies with amazing skincare experiences, without breaking the bank. There are some fantastic clean beauty brands that offer skincare, makeup, and self-pampering hampers for the ultimate holiday relaxation and comfort.

Pacifica and 7th Heaven are ideal brands for skincare products like serums, lip care, eye masks, and mists. At Billy Jealousy, get the best shave, tattoo, skin, and hair products that come in handy after your male coworker’s nine-to-five. Find the perfect beard routine and the right hair care products using this brand’s quick and easy Q&A. 

If scouting for ‘that perfect product’ is not your strong suit, just log on to Etsy to find the best self-pampering kits. You will come across organic stress-relief spa sets, and vegan candle + soap sets there.

Our Good Recommendations:

1. Organic Spa Gift Set – Etsy
2. Reusbale Masks For Undereye – Pacifica Beauty 
3. Rose Gold Easy Peel Off – 7th Heaven
4. Beard Quencher Nourishing Beard Moisturizer – Billy Jealousy

3. For the sibling who loves vegan skincare

What better way to thank your siblings for everything they do for you than with some good skincare products? Even better, if your sibling follows a skincare routine they can’t miss (no matter what), vegan beauty products are a fantastic idea.

woman wearing facial oil
TheMaraBeauty / Instagram

For your brothers or sisters who follow an animal and planet-friendly skincare regimen, gift them a basket full of natural products! Introduce them to brands like Herbivore Botanicals, Versed, Pai Skincare, and Mara by filling this basket full of their best beauty bundles. Many customers swear by their plant-based survival serums, facial oils, cleaning serums, and resurfacing masks. 

As a reminder to your siblings to take care of their skin during winter, don’t forget to add some hand creams and body creams from 100% PURE and Josie Maran.

Our Good Recommendations:

  1. Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil – Herbivore Botanicals
  2. Instant Resurfacing Mask – Versed
  3. Rosehip Bioregenerate – Pai
  4. Sea the Glow® Radiance Duo – Mara

4. For the mom who wants to manage her hair during winters

Whether it’s a stay-at-home mum, a working mom, or a new mother, they often don’t have (or make) enough time to focus on themselves. But it’s important to remind them that their skin and hair need some TLC too!

vegan Christmas gifts for curly hair
Eden Bodyworks

As winter comes with hair concerns like dry scalp, dandruff, and frizziness, you can gift her tangle sprays, mimosa shampoos, or jojoba deep conditioners. Affordable brands like ACURE, Eden Bodyworks, Lush, and Drunk Elephant can do the trick for her. There’s no need to dig deep into your pockets with expensive salon treatments. 

These brands have some a-mazing vegan hair products that are loaded with nourishing oils, coconut shea, and everything good for her tresses!

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo – ACURE 
  2. JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner – Eden Bodyworks 
  3. Angel Hair Shampoo Bar – LUSH 
  4. Wild Marula Tangle Spray – Drunk Elephant

5. For the dad who needs some pampering

If you’re looking for vegan gift ideas for dad, we already love you! Be it your dad, your partner in parenthood, or even a father figure in your life; all pops deserve the best when it comes to holiday gifts. And, of course, we aren’t talking about mugs or ties.

grooming vegan christmas gifts for men
Katari Beauty

This festive season, we’re celebrating all kinds of dads — the stay-at-home, self-care enthusiasts, and even the outdoorsy types. Every man needs the right skincare products and a good self-care routine that best fits their lifestyle. 

Come on; dads love to be pampered too! What better time than Christmas to spoil them with some skincare gifts from Sephora and Credo? These marketplaces offer some of the best self-care kits, serums, and face balms that papa will just love. Katari Beauty, our cult-favorite beauty brand, also offers super soothing moisturizing oil, masques, and self-care gift boxes!

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum – Juice Beauty 
  2. Stop Being So Sensitive Set – Sephora 
  3. Fortifying Face Balm – Ursa Major 
  4. 3 Staples For Men – Katari Beauty

6. For the teen who is looking for vegan beauty products

Buying vegan Christmas gifts for teens need not be a challenge anymore, this holiday season. It’s all about finding some vegan products they (and their skin) will absolutely get hooked on, in no time!

woman wearing face mist by beauty counter

With TikTok and Instagram reels taking over our social media, teens are more conscious than ever about what they put on their skin. When looking for the perfect Christmas gift for teens, make sure to choose only vegan beauty products, since they’re specific about their skincare regimen and the products they use. 

As the holidays approach, do a quick, simple Q&A to understand the teenager’s favorite skincare brands. Check Herbivore Botanicals for their skincare items like gift-worthy lip scrubs, bakuchiol collections, cleansers, moisturizers, and skin tints. 

For the best in makeup, nail polish, and accessories, check out Ella + Mila, a cute little brand that has always been on our shopping radar. Also, look into Honest Beauty and Beauty Counter for makeup products that are kinder-to-the-skin and better-for-the-planet!

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. French Vanilla Lip Scrub – Ella + Mila 
  2. Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream – Herbivore Botanicals 
  3. CounterControl Instant Matte Toner – BeautyCounter 
  4. Calm & Go Face Mist – Honest Beauty 

​7. For the kid who needs to be introduced to vegan beauty products

Parents, if you think kids don’t really need vegan beauty products, think again!

vegan christmas gifts for kids
Katari Beauty

Sure, any kid will always love finding a teddy bear, mug, or box of chocolates under the Christmas tree. But, secretly, what a vegan Christmas gift can do, other presents cannot! 

While a child’s skin is already quite delicate, winter can make it more sensitive or dry. This is the best time for parents to introduce their kids to vegan skincare. Children don’t really know to follow a skincare regimen; so one (or two) kid-friendly beauty products would work best on their tender skin. 

Check out Katari Beauty for its entire range of skin-friendly products for kids, like shower gels, moisturizers, and creams.

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. 100% Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil Cleanser & Moisturizer – Katari Beauty 
  2. Mommy & Me Kit – Katari Beauty 

8. For the one who loves handmade vegan products

The most thoughtful gifts are handmade with love, effort, and veganism!

woman wearing scrub

Anyone who enjoys vegan beauty handmade pieces would love the detailing and packaging that such handmade products come in. Fortunately, shops on Etsy and brands like Florapothecarie provide a variety of vegan gift ideas. 

Florapothecarie is our go-to for their face, bath, and body products that are handcrafted by a herbalist and are 100% vegan-certified. For the men in your life obsessed with handmade items, you can find grooming and beauty products at their cute store! 

Pro Tip: You can curate your own vegan gift basket by picking handmade hair and skin care products from their favorite brands.

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. Aloe Vera & Hyaluronic Acid Hand Cream – Handmade Beauty 
  2. Enzymic Facial Exfoliator – Lush US 
  3. Coconut Hair & Body Mist – Florapothecarie 
  4. Organic Face Glow Oil – Skin By Lunar 

9. For the vegan who can’t say no to bath and body products

Everybody deserves a stress-relieving bubble bath or a spa experience during the holidays, that can revitalize them.

woman using shampoo bar by ethique
Ethique / Instagram

Someone who’s really into bath and body products can be gifted cute bath bombs or handmade soaps. You can find amazing vegan Christmas gifts at brands like Ethique and Meow Meow Tweet. 

Ethique is a brand that offers zero-waste soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars that you’d want to add to your carts RN! And Meow Meow Tweet has forever been our favorite for their face mists, deodorant creams, and hand + body washes. The only animals in their beauty and bath products are the drawings on their cute packaging. 

This festive season, give them the gift of detachment from reality and let them emerge from the bathroom soothed, calm and vegan!

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. Pink Grapefruit Lip Care Duo – NCLA Beauty 
  2. Rose Geranium Conditioner Powder – Meow Meow Tweet 
  3. Sweet Orange and Vanilla Cream Body Cleanser – Ethique 
  4. Tea Tree Deodorant Cream – Meow Meow Tweet 

10. For the one who can’t resist DIY vegan beauty products

For those who believe in making beauty products for just a dollar or two instead of shelling out $40 for a face mask, we see you!

vegan diy beauty products
Kimia Zarifi / Unsplash

We all have a friend, colleague, or neighbor who’s always looking for DIY vegan beauty products. What if we told you that you could make beauty products at home for your loved ones this holiday?! Sounds interesting, right? Trust us, making them is even more exciting.

Hair masks, lip products, bath salts, and body scrubs are some of the many vegan Christmas gifts you can make at home. (Check out the DIY tutorials below). Pick cute glass jars or bottles, or upcycle the ones you already have, and begin with the DIY.

Don’t forget to add a cute customized sticker on these bottles, wishing them a luxurious beauty and skincare experience.

Our Good Recommendations: 

  1. Vegan DIY Hair Masks – Vegamour 
  2. Vegan DIY Lip Scrub – Ecco Bella 
  3. DIY Vegan Bath Salts – Cheap Vegan Chick 
  4. Vegan DIY Body Scrubs – Live Kindly 

We hope with this gift guide, you’re ready to splurge some love and vegan joy all around, this holiday season! Let us know which vegan gift idea made it into an Instagram post of you and your treasured ones. 

If you’re looking to gift some amazing vegan body and face scrubs in particular, we’ve curated an incredible list for you. On your way out, check it out to indulge in an amazing spa-like experience!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What to gift a vegan girlfriend? 

A vegan girlfriend would cherish everything from organic beauty products to animal-friendly makeup. Find clean lipsticks at Kjaer Weis, soothing face masks at Tata Harper, and makeup at Credo for your special gal.

2. What’s a good Christmas present for a vegan? 

Clean makeup, slow beauty products, and organic skincare make for the best vegan Christmas gifts. Cult Beauty has clean beauty brands that are 100% vegan, including Vieve and Suede Pony. The Compassionate Chick’s Guide To DIY Beauty, on Amazon, is a book you can give to the vegan in your life. 

3. What should I put in a healthy gift basket? 

To curate a healthy gift basket for the wellness fanatic in your life, begin by asking these questions:
What is their hair and skin type? Which beauty products do they use? Know the beauty regimen they swear by. Then, add products like nourishing hair oils, leave-in conditioners, and serums. Also, add exfoliators, moisturizers, foot creams, and face masks for skin care. 

4. What are the best luxury vegan gifts? 

Beauty products that are vegan can be affordable but also luxurious, with high-quality ingredients and formulations. The best luxury vegan gifts can be a stylish yoga set by Nordstorm, a perfect pampering set by Anjou, or a vegan haircare set by Meow Meow Tweet. 

We hope you love the products we recommend! All products featured on GoodGuilt are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn a commission on the sale. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

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