15 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Women Who Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

The best handpicked, eco-friendly gifts to surprise her, this Women's Day.

Be it your mom, sister, daughter, wife, or partner; every special woman in your life deserves the absolute best. But when it’s Women’s Day, finding the perfect gift for someone who means the world to you can be a bit difficult. This is exactly where our out-of-the-box Women’s Day gifts come in, to help you find the best gift ideas for the best women in your life.

Eco Gifts for women
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Our list of 15 thoughtful gift ideas for women will help you find some unique presents that will make her feel exactly what you have in mind. And what’s better, these gifts are thoughtfully curated & created by people who care for the planet! From an eco-friendly tote bag to beautiful coffee mugs, to subscriptions that come with a gift of love & well-being, there is something in here for every kind of woman, and yourself too. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add a personalized hand-written note ’cause, words speak louder than any gift on the planet!

1. Handmade Silk Scrunchy
For a woman whose hair is her crowning glory

Gift ideas for women - Handmade silk scrunchie
RaieAtelier / Etsy

If you are looking for gift ideas for women that say cute and lovely, then you should definitely check out these Handmade Silk Scrunchies. These are super chic and great for everyday wear. They are handmade with 100% silk and are great for natural hair too. The best part is that you can customize these to your choice of colors and style. All you need to do is connect with the seller. These will make an adorable token of love this International Women’s Day for the women in your life.

2. Eco Tote Bag & Laptop Sleeve
For the workaholic ones who want to save the planet

gift ideas for women Eco Tote Bag & Laptop Sleeve
Kyklos Project / Instagram

This beautiful Eco Tote Bag and Laptop Sleeve Combo is made with 100% recycled PET plastic. This is a lovely upcycled gift idea for women unconditionally in love with their work. The tote bag and laptop sleeve are great for her to carry her things around. The fabric for both products is super durable, and you can quickly home wash them as per need. This Eco Tote Bag and Laptop Sleeve combo is one of our fav Women’s Day gifts for this year.

3. Bambooware Coffee Mug
For the woman who deserves poetry, love, and coffee

Gift ideas for women Bambooware Coffee Mug
Bambooware / Amazon

Do you know a woman who simply can not function without coffee? If yes, then this Bambooware Coffee Mug is one of the most useful eco gifts for her. This dishwasher-safe ceramic mug comes with a multi-purpose lid designed to keep her coffee warm for longer and can also be used as a coaster. It also has a bamboo handle for a steady grip. We are sure the caffeine addict, you know, will absolutely love flaunting this eco gift at home and during her coffee breaks at work!

4. Sweat App Subscription
For the well-being ninja of your life

Sweat / Instagram

Post the pandemic, fitness has become an actual cakewalk for some women, while others might not be on the same page. Whichever category she falls into, encourage her to pay attention to her fitness regime. The Sweat App is a great fitness app for women to work out anywhere, without any equipment. The app will allow her to join training sessions, track her day-to-day progress, and the community feature will motivate her to push harder. It is one of the best well-being gifts for her to celebrate Women’s Day.

5. Bamboo Tumbler Gift Set
For the woman who drinks water & minds her business

gift ideas for women Bamboo Tumbler Gift Set
Coco soul bowls / Amazon

With all the hustle at work and home, there’s a good chance that the women you care for might not pay much attention to their own health. So whether she is at work or working out, this Women’s Day, remind her to stay hydrated with this cute little eco gift for her. The Bamboo Tumbler Gift Set comes with 2 eco-friendly bamboo tumblers and straws. This stylish and thoughtful gift set is perfect for healthy smoothies, iced teas, and juice.

6. Alo Moves Subscription
For the woman with a clean heart and clear mind

Alomoves / Instagram

A nice warmup yoga session before a long day at work and a stretching routine to loosen up before going to bed sounds great, doesn’t it? Gift her Alo Moves Subscription this Women’s Day to support her hectic schedule while keeping her health in mind. From power yoga to relaxing meditation techniques, open a whole new world to fitness with this well-being gift for her.

7. Luxury Tea Gift Set
For the woman who likes her tea warm and life chilled out

Gift Ideas For Women Vahdam Assorted Tea Gift Set
Vadham / Amazon

If you are searching for gift ideas for women who love tea, this Luxury Tea Gift Set is a fantastic eco-friendly woman’s day gift for them. Tea is one of the best well-being gifts for her to stay healthy and enjoy a delicious mix of fresh flavors. This tea set by Vahdam is completely ethical, comes in plastic-free packaging, and has three flavorful teas.

8. Calm App Subscription
For the woman who is the busiest bee you have ever known

Calm / Instagram

A Calm App Subscription is a beautiful eco gift for her to adapt to a healthier lifestyle quickly. The app will help her work on various health goals like improving sleep quality, reducing stress or anxiety, improving focus, etc. This Women’s Day, you can encourage her to focus on her mental well-being as well with this sustainable gift idea.

9. Spa Gift Set
For the woman who is your skincare superhero

gift ideas for women - spa gift set
The little flower soap co / Instagram

Every woman loves a relaxing day at the spa. How about you recreate the same experience for her to the comfort of her home with this Handmade Spa Gift Set. This gift set comes with Lavender Lemongrass Soap, Vanilla lip balm, Pink Grapefruit bath salt, Muscle Rescue Balm Tin, and Skin Rescue Balm Tin. You can also customize the flavor of the lip balm and scent for the soap as per her preferences. Now isn’t that amazing?

10. Natural SOY Wax Candle
To remind her to take time off for herself because she is soy special!

Gift ideas for women Natural Soy Wax Candle
GSPY Store / Amazon

Here’s a unique gift idea for women in your life to tell them that they’re awesome. It’s one of the best sustainable gifts for her as the Natural SOY Wax Candle is made with soy wax which is good for the environment and can burn for up to 50 hours. (slightly more than paraffin) It is a cute eco-friendly gift to appreciate her for all the things she does for you. Oh, and yes! The candle is infused with Lavender which promotes good sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, and can be kept anywhere in the house.

11. Stress Fighting Vegan Supplement
For the woman who takes care of everyone

gift ideas for women Stress Fighter Vegan Supplement
Well Told Store / Amazon

This makes a perfect gift for your mom, sister, or partner to help them fight stress and fatigue due to all the hard work they put in every day. The Stress Fighting Vegan Supplement is certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified, so you don’t have to worry about any dairy, soy, or synthetic ingredients. The herbal formula will not only help boost her immunity but will also improve her cognitive function and memory.

12. Eco-Friendly Planner
For the woman who has everything planned

Gift ideas for women Ecofriendly Planner
DeborahHofer / Etsy

This Eco-Friendly Planner makes one of the best sustainable gifts for women who love beautiful stationery. Besides the lovely looks and handpainted designs, the planner is an excellent way for her to manage her tasks for the week in an efficient manner. This will not only help her find time for herself but also help her be more productive and stress-free.

13. White Ceramic Vase Set
For the woman loves to spruce up her surroundings

gift ideas for women White Ceramic Vase Set
Anding Store / Amazon

This chic White Ceramic Vase Set will fit right in with her cozy yet modern home. The handmade set has 3 designer vases that perfectly align with her exquisite coffee table or side table. She can easily pair some dry flowers or fresh ones to add a pop of color. We are sure she will love this beautiful gift set as a Women’s Day gift.

14. Herb Garden Starter Kit
For the woman who loves to cook for herself

gift ideas for women organic herb garden gift set
SPADE TO FORK / Instagram

If she loves to cook, we are sure she will absolutely love this Herb Garden Starter Kit. You can never go wrong with a set of herbs around the house. These herb plants will bring her kitchen garden to life and will surely add a dash of freshness to everything she cooks. The USDA organic certified gift set is GMO-free and has five herb seeds – Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme.

15. Bamboo Cheeseboard
For the woman who is always hosting

Gift ideas for women Bamboo Cheeseboard
Smirly / Amazon

This lovely Bamboo Cheeseboard by SMIRLY is one of the best eco gifts for women who love to party like a pro. The eco-friendly gift set comes in a unique design and a slide-out drawer with accessories including stainless steel knives, serving tools, stylish slate labels, and white chalk markers. It also has 2 ceramic bowls for delicious dipping sauce. Now, who’s ready for a wine and cheese afternoon?

So, this was our list of eco-friendly gift ideas for women to celebrate International Women’s Day. If you are looking for more gift recommendations for women, here are some fantastic gifts for skincare lovers to buy from Amazon.

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