10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Shower Gifts To Surprise Your Best Friend / Bride-To-Be

Gifts celebrating love, friendship, happiness & the bride-to-be! 💖

Your best friend/ soul sister is going to get married soon. And you’re probably neck-deep, planning her surprise bachelorette party, helping her pick out the perfect dress, and all of those wonderful (but sometimes stressful) tasks to make her big day perfect! Along with all this, you probably want to find the perfect wedding shower gifts for your bride-to-be best friend.

Eco-friendly Wedding shower gifts for the bride to be
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It’s easy to get lost in the sea of trinkets, gifts, and party favors available for such a special occasion. Instead, how about you give her something she’ll love, and also something that will last much longer than just a few months to a year? Even better: if you go green with your gifts, you can help the planet, too!

Here are a few ideas for special eco-friendly wedding shower gifts for the bride-to-be that she’ll absolutely love!

1. Wedding Shower Self Care Box

Wedding shower gifts - self care set for bride
Self Care by Marty / Etsy

Before your bestie gets into planning her big day and the demands start pouring in, spend a relaxing self-care day at home with her. Gift this fantastic self-care box to her and help her to relax, unwind, and feel like the best version of herself, before the big day!

2. ‘Look At You Getting Married & Shit’ Soy Candle

Wedding shower gifts - scented soy candles
TALC Designs / Etsy

This scented soy candle expressing exactly how proud you are of your soul sister (humorously, of course) is the perfect wedding shower gift. We are sure this cute little thing will make her smile and miss you even more every time she looks at it.

3. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Bridal Shower gifts - emergency kit
The Dodgy Fox Boutique / Etsy

Just as the name suggests, the wedding day emergency kit is the wedding shower gift that is a must-have, not just for your bestie but for every bride! This will not only help calm her nerves but will also come in handy when the emotions start to flow on the wedding day.

4. Little Bag Of Wedding Day Wishes

Wedding Shower Gifts - Bag of Wishes
That Little Bag Shop / Etsy

This happiness-filled little bag of wedding day wishes is our favorite from this list of wedding shower gifts. This special wedding keepsake is filled with wedding day wishes. Perfect for your best friend & her partner when celebrating their special day!

5. Bride And Groom Planters

Wedding shower gifts - bride and groom planters
poshpotsparlor / Instagram

We simply couldn’t keep these adorable-looking bride and groom planters out of this list. This probably is the cutest wedding shower gift that will remind the happy couple to press pause, breathe, and enjoy every moment together, every time they look at these planters.

6. Stress Relief Wedding Shower Gift Set

Wedding Shower Gifts - Stress Relief Gift Set
Self Care By 3D Success / Etsy

With all the hustle & bustle going on right before the wedding, any bride would need a day or two to relax and unwind. So give her this amazing stress relief gift set for such a day, for some pampering and me-time, so she can calmly forget all that’s going on around here.

7. Wifey EST 2022 Sweatshirt

Wedding shower gifts - wifey sweatshirt
typically vulgar / Etsy

Now that your bestie is officially taken, she will most definitely love a sweatshirt that says so! Gift her this beautiful wifey EST 2022 sweatshirt. This will remind her that you will always love her the most, no matter what. 💖

8. Bride-To-Be Slippers

Wedding Shower Gifts - Bride Slippers
Mod Party / Etsy

These Instagram-worthy bride-to-be Slippers make the perfect wedding shower gift for the bride to get ready on her wedding day. Gift a pair to the bride, and she can use them during the engagement days, wedding days, and the honeymoon too!

9. Mrs. Tote Bag

Wedding Shower gifts - mrs. tote bag
Mod Party / Etsy

This tote bag lettered with the word “Mrs” on the front makes a lovely gift bag to wrap your wedding shower gift in for the bride-to-be. Gift this fabulous honeymoon tote bag made with jute to your best friend, along with loads of happiness and love for her married life ahead.

10. Personalized Wedding Enamel Mug

Wedding shower gifts - Personalized enamel mug set
Modish Outdoors / Etsy

If your best friend is a sucker for adventure trips and camping, this personalized wedding enamel mug will make her love you even more. It features a hand-drawn line illustration of a wedding couple set against a majestic mountain backdrop. This mug will remind your best friend of all the adventures you have taken together and of all the ones that she is yet to enjoy.

Of course, the right gift will depend on your friendship with the bride-to-be. But hopefully, this collection of wedding shower gifts has given you a jumping-off point to create the perfect wedding gift for your best friend. After all, wedding shower gifts are supposed to be thoughtful and memorable.

For more such amazing eco-friendly gift ideas, do check out the Good Gifts section of our website!

Happy Gifting! 🎁

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