10 Beautiful Gifts To Support And Celebrate Your LGBTQ Friends This Pride Month

Happy pride month to all! 🌈

Pride Month is all about celebrating our differences and reminding us that being different is being beautiful. Plus, we should take pride in who we are! So, this pride month, let’s support and celebrate our LGBTQ buddies by gifting them one of these beautiful pride gifts. We are sure they will absolutely love these thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts.

1. ‘I choose to be me’ t-shirt

pride gifts - i choose to be me tshirt
FreeWillShirts / Etsy

If it’s something you feel super strongly about – what better way to express it than to put it on a t-shirt! This GOTS-certified organic cotton t-shirt comes with a beautiful and really important message – ‘I choose to be me.’ It’s one of the best pride gifts to buy for yourself and your friends.

2. Pride lips tote bag

eco tote bag - pride gifts
Snagllc / Etsy

This cute little eco tote bag is perfect for your LGBTQ friends who love the planet. It’s best for carrying around groceries, books, and anything in between. Plus, the rainbow-painted lips look super cool! It’s a small yet cute gesture to tell your friends you love them for who they are. No questions asked, period.

3. Rob’s rainbow tea box

Pride gifts - rainbow tea set
CultivateTasteTea / Etsy

There’s nothing that a warm cup of tea can’t fix. So, gift your friends this therapeutic rainbow tea box and spend some quality time with them over tea. Hear them out and let them know that you are here for them. Moreover, by choosing this box you will also be supporting gay issues as for every box sold, $5 is donated to Pride And Less Prejudice.

Each box of this wonderful pride gift contains an ounce of each Wild Tree Purple Black, Sapphire Moon Mist, Fukamushicha, and Red Pearls with loads of love and of course, the brewing instructions!

4. Happy pride month – scented soy candles

soy candles - pride gifts
ScentNationAustralia / Etsy

These scented soy candles are a perfect gift for your friends to start pride month. It’s a small yet important reminder for them to pause and unwind. Since these candles are made with soy wax they are completely vegan and planet-friendly too. In addition, you can choose from 12 sweet-smelling scents including coconut lime, caramel vanilla, and fresh coffee.

5. Upcycled rainbow earrings

Pride gifts - upcycled soda can rainbow earrings
FabshedDesigns / Etsy

If your friends love to jazz up their pride parade look with a few rainbow colors, we have just the right pride gift for them. These beautiful earrings are made by upcycling soda cans into wonderful rainbow-colored pride jewelry. So, you not only find a stylish piece of jewelry to gift your friends but also help recycle soda cans. Now isn’t that amazing!

6. Rainbow statement necklace

pride gifts - rainbow statement necklace
GalapagosTagua / Etsy

This stunning rainbow-colored statement necklace is hand-carved, dyed (with only organic ingredients), and polished till it reaches a beautiful shine. Plus, it’s a versatile piece of jewelry that is a perfect accessory to add to any pride parade outfit and give it some extra character and edge. We are sure your friends would love absolutely love it!

Looking for more such statement pieces to jazz up your pride look? Check out – Pride Accessories To Style Your Perfect Pride Parade Outfit 🌈

7. Celebrate pride rainbow moon journal

pride gifts - rainbow moon journal
nomadmoonmagic / Etsy

If you have one of those creative friends who never run out of ideas, then this beautiful rainbow moon journal will make the perfect eco-friendly gift for them. First off, the journal looks absolutely beautiful, and secondly, it’s handcrafted in small batches with eco-friendly ink. Even the binding material for this eco journal is planet-friendly. Now, isn’t that great?!

8. Dye your own – pride flag t-shirts

pride gifts - dye your own pride flag t-shirt
KazahanaDyehouse / Etsy

This super easy dry your own pride flag t-shirt set is one of our favorite pride gifts from this list. As with this gift, you can literally have some fun time with your friends. In fact, you can use these vegan, non-toxic dyes to make a tshirt each for your gang and rock the pride parade look altogether. You will be surprised how wonderful the final t-shirts come out to be. Don’t believe us? Then we say try and see for yourself!

9. Hand-illustrated ‘celebrate pride’ card

Hand-illustrated 'celebrate pride' card - pride gifts
nomadmoonmagic / Etsy

Make your friends smile this pride month by gifting them this eco-friendly hand-illustrated card. Made in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, this beautiful card is printed on white linen cardstock with eco-friendly ink and comes in a brown kraft paper envelope. The card comes blank, so you can pen down a cute little message to show your support for your friends and their wonderful community too!

10. Mystery pride crate

MyHobbiStore / Etsy

If you still can’t pick a gift for your friends, then we are sure this mystery pride crate will be the best option for you. Just choose a name for your box from options like Pride Passion Box, Pride Love Box, etc. with your friend’s pronouns and a mystery crate will be sent your way. Isn’t that amazing?

The pride flag has become a symbol of inclusiveness and diversity, and it’s important to make sure that our friends know that we’re an ally. We hope that these eco-friendly gifts will help you do just that!

If you are looking for more ways to support the pride, here’s a list of pride-owned brands that you should definitely check out!

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